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Nose contouring is a life-saver for those of us who prefer our noses to look sharper and more defined.

While there are many expert techniques and crazy makeup hacks that you can use to shape this most distinct feature on your face, there’s one easy method, in particular, that’s trending hard on the Chinese TikTok counterpart, Kuaishou.

All it takes is one contour stick, two swipes on the nose, and about three dabs to blend the lines out. Your nose will appear much sharper in under a minute.

If there’s a makeup hack that’ll help us speed things up in the morning, we’re down, which is why we tried this viral nose contouring hack for ourselves!

How to do this nose contouring hack


The first step is to dip your index finger onto your contour stick to pick up the cream pigment. Then, rub your two index fingers together to get pigment on both.

With your fingers, draw a V-shape on the tip of your nose. Follow this step by pressing down on the top area of the nose, right under the brow bones, with your fingers.

Lastly, use your clean fingers to connect the contour lines together, and blend them out so that you get rid of the harsh lines.

My experience with this nose contouring hack


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I followed these steps exactly, using Fenty Beauty’s Match Stix Contour Skinstick in Amber. The contour picked up easily on my fingers and transferred smoothly onto my nose too.

It’s not all that crazy a makeup hack, since nose contouring defines the tip of the nose, nose bridge, and area under the brow bones using shadows.

tiktok nose contouring hack (1)

That’s what this viral makeup hack does. Drawing a V-shape at the tip of the nose helps to sculpt it, by highlighting the high point of the nose tip. Creating shadows in the area under the brow bones helps give a more chiselled look too.

The great thing about this hack is that it relies on the natural curves of the face to help you map your contour lines. The V-shape and the contour below the brow bones were easy to create using my fingers – more so than with a bulky contour stick.

nose contouring

If you follow the hack exactly and connect the top and bottom contour lines all the way through the length of your nose, it would elongate your nose and face.

Our tip for those who want to sculpt their nose without elongating their face is to blend out the contour lines at the top and tip of the nose, without bringing them together.

That’s it! It’s another “TikTok” nose contouring hack to save for your rushed mornings!

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