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It’s girl power galore with this year’s must-watch heist movie. Featuring a star-studded, all-female cast breaking into the Met gala to steal some jewels, you just know that the movie will be packed with amazing ensembles and makeup looks that we can’t wait to emulate. Without further ado, here are a couple of our favourite looks throughout the movie:

1. Debbie Ocean



Debbie Ocean— played by the charming Sandra Bullock— sure experiments with a bunch of hairstyles and looks throughout the movie, but what remains consistent is definitely that subtle yet piercing smoky eye that we love.

2. Lou



Cate Blanchett pulls off the coolly charismatic Lou with choppy bangs, barely there lipstick, and a perfectly smudged liner. We can’t decide what we like better, her tousled bob or her crisp contour.

3. Nineball



Honestly, only queen RiRi is able to pull off Nineball’s eccentric and laidback style. She opts for minimal makeup throughout the film, sticking with a enviably glowing complexion and just a hint of eyeliner.

4. Rose Weil



No one does over-the-top quite like Helena Bonham Carter. With her fanciful updos and bold lip shades, Rose is definitely not one to shy from the spotlight.

5. Daphne Kluger



Anne Hathaway is all about old school Hollywood glamour as Daphne Kluger— think windswept curls, bright lip shades, and a classic cat eye along with dramatic falsies.

6. Amita


Channeling the sweet girl next door look with a hint of bold is Mindy Kaling’s character, Amita. We love the peeks of red throughout her wardrobe and makeup choices — from her dresses to her lips.

7. Constance



We love Awkwafina’s playful and casual look when it comes to Constance. Pin-straight hair, liner, and a bright accessory or two is all she needs to stand out from the rest of the star-studded cast.

8. Tammy



Playing suburban mom slash profiteer Tammy is Sarah Paulson. She keeps her makeup minimal and sweet throughout the film, going for classic shades of pink when it comes to lipstick and loose curls all the way.