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If you were into Korean makeup and Youtube, there is no way you would not have heard of Pony. A Youtube powerhouse and beauty guru, she has a 3.1 million strong fanbase. Her videos have enjoyed great popularity, especially her makeup tutorials which bring viewers step by step through various makeup looks. Fun fact: she is also the celebrity makeup artist for CL, formerly from Kpop girl group 2NE1.

Her transformation video tutorials, however, have gone viral – you’ve probably seen her uncanny transformations into Kylie Jenner and even Taylor Swift by now.

With her stellar experience with makeup and beauty, it was a no brainer when she eventually released her own line of makeup. And thus, Pony Effect came into being!

We trawled the world wide web (think: Reddit forums) to find out what are the 5 Pony Effect products you need to have, and where you can get them.

1. Pony Effect Seamless Foundation SPF30 PA++

pony effect seamless foundation

The Pony Effect Seamless Foundation was a veritable hit among Pony fans and beauty lovers alike.

The foundation has a texture designed to be more lightweight and sheer, so that you can easily create a more natural finish without the cakiness.

pony effect seamless foundation 1

Source: Liah Yoo

The foundation has earned props from users for its ultra lightweight, matte medium coverage and 6 hour long lasting power. Even Liah Yoo, another popular Korean beauty guru Youtuber, has raved about its lightweight quality.

Most Korean brands focus on creating a dewy look on the skin which may not fly with Singaporeans in our climate, so the matte formula from Pony Effect is a welcome change in the Korean beauty scene.

pony effect seamless foundation 2

Source: Liah Yoo

Bonus: We can’t resist this luxurious and sleek rose gold packaging.

Pony Effect Seamless Foundation retails for about SGD 37 at Lazada. Alternatively you can place an Airfrov listing and see if any Seoul travellers would be keen to pick up your request.

2. Pony Effect Pebble Blender

pony effect pebble blender

Source: The Misufix

Lovers of makeup sponges, rejoice! The Pebble Blender allows the wearer to achieve a versatile coverage: If used dry, the blender claims to give maximum coverage with smooth matte finish. Looking for a more natural, dewy finish? Wet the blender, squeeze out excess water and blend away.

pony effect pebble blender 1

Reviewers have even called it a good dupe for the much more expensive Beauty Blender.

Christina of ChristinaHello was at first skeptical but after trying it out, she even goes as far as to think it is an “upgrade” from the famous sponge. She provided a detailed comparison review on how the Pebble Blender holds up against the Beauty Blender.

Pony Effect Pebble Blender retails for around SGD16 at Shopee and Qoo10.

3. Pony Effect Contouring Master Palette

The Contouring Master Palette comes in four different powder products: brightening, highlighting, blush, and contour powders. You can choose between two variations of the combination, although the differences are generally minor.

Brenda of Swordbeauty thinks that this could double up as a great starter eyeshadow palette for beginners. Meanwhile, Nkauj Hli is a fan of the staying power afforded by the powders in this palette, after witnessing how it clung on with determination to her lids despite a hot and sweaty day.

However, do note that this palette does not have the greatest colour pay-off, so you may have to go in with a heavier hand, layer on the pigment, or use wet brushes to intensify the colour.

Reviewers have reported that you will need to apply the powder three times for the colour and shade to show up prominently.

From another perspective, this added effort helps to ensure that beginners wouldn’t accidentally end up looking like Pikachu. Whether as training wheels, or as an option for those who enjoy a no-makeup look, this palette certainly has its value as an addition to your stash.

Pony Effect Contouring Master Palette retails at around SGD47 on Qoo10.

4. Pony Effect Matte Master Palette

The Pony Effect Matte Master Palette is notable for its versatility: it contains four neutral and four bold shades, all of which are warm-toned, allowing for eyeshadow looks ranging from bold and vibrant, to muted and natural.

The shadows in themselves do not have intense colour pay-offs so reviewers have recommended using an eye shadow primer beneath to help intensify the pigment.

The powders themselves have a velvety-soft texture and it glides on smoothly onto the lid, making it easy to blend out with your fingers as well.

Edward Avila, a beauty YouTuber, loves how travel-friendly the palette is, but he also mentions that they don’t last all day on his oily lids.

Pro-tip: Avila uses the darker brown shade as a nose contouring powder. If you are into multi-functional makeup, this palette can be used not only as eyeshadows, but also for blush and nose contouring.

Pony Effect Matte Master Palette retails at SGD45 from Lazada.

5. Pony Effect Favorite Lip Fluid Tint

The Pony Effect Favorite Lip Fluid Tint is a huge hit with her fans and beauty lovers all around the world. It is a glossy liquid lipstick that eventually leaves a gorgeous long-lasting stain.

When you first apply it, the pigment from this gloss looks striking and intense on the lips. Over time, the colour wears off into a long-lasting and transfer-proof stain.

You might be thinking: won’t lip tints dry out my lips? Luckily, the formula has been reported to be non-sticky and moisturising.

Even a reviewer with persistent dry lips was surprised by the product. Not only did it go on smoothly, but the lip tint did not wrinkle up her lips, nor cause her lips to crack even after many hours of wear. Sounds like a dream to us!

Pony Effect Favourite Fluid Lip Tint retails at SGD21.90 on Qoo10.