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Colour theory has been popular in Korea for several years, and we’ve recently seen a surge of brands releasing colour-correcting concealer palettes.

While coloured setting powders are not a new invention, and cult favourites like the Givenchy Prisme Libre Setting & Finishing Loose Powder have been on the market for a long time, one distinct colour appears to have pulled ahead.

Led by the makeup artist of the latest K-pop sensation, NewJeans, purple setting powders, particularly the I’M MEME Purple Cotton Tone Control Pact, have become the new hype boy in town, and we’re here to find out why it has gotten everyone’s attention!

Why purple setting powders?

purple setting powder

Credits: @newjeans_official/Instagram, @효진조 Hyojin Cho/YouTube

It’s no secret that Korea is in love with NewJeans, and the members’ fresh visuals have set the tone of an era in which natural beauty is the new standard.

So it’s no surprise that when a popular K-beauty YouTuber went to NewJeans’ makeup artist, Lee Nakyuem, to get her makeup done and shared the makeup tips worn by NewJeans, the video went viral.

One of the most important takeaways from the video was that Lee Nakyuem uses a purple setting powder on the NewJeans members to achieve their bright skin.

Purple cancels out yellow, sallow undertones, which is why purple setting powders are popular among Koreans who prefer the translucent, soft skin look.

I’M MEME Purple Cotton Tone Control Pact

purple setting powder

Credits: I’M MEME

This purple setting powder is one of the most affordable on the market, and we highly recommend it for those who want to try out the trend but are unsure whether it will suit their skin tone.

Its slightly smaller size also makes it ideal for those who want to use purple setting powder for cool tone makeup looks despite having a warm skin tone.

Despite its low price, IM’ MEME spared no expense in terms of packaging, which has a cute purple casing and a mirror inside, despite its small and compact size. We particularly like the separate casing for the puff and powder, which adds to the product’s ease of use!

The colour payoff and finish

purple setting powder

Credits: @frances/Lemonade

This pink and blue pearl powder combination instantly corrects dull skin tone by neutralising any yellow tint, resulting in a brighter and more transparent appearance, as seen on @Frances on Lemonade, who commented that the purple setting powder mattifies and smoothes her skin without caking up her makeup or sitting in her creases.

Beauty YouTuber @葛瑞絲Gracee also describes the formula as super fine, with a matte airy cotton finish that adheres thinly to her skin without creasing. The purple setting powder naturally brightened her skin without looking overdone, and her face tone still matches the rest of her body.

When compared to the right side of her face without the I’M MEME Purple Cotton Tone Control Pact, the left side of her face is definitely more translucent and soft looking, with no sallowness.

Still not convinced? Watch @Gracee’s video below to see the comparison for yourself!

It’s still too early to be impressed by this purple setting powder, because it also contains a purple berry complex (blueberry, acai berry, and juniper berry) to help brighten your skin tone from within over time!

The longevity

purple setting powder

Credits: I’M MEME

This purple setting powder also contains ingredients that help control oil production, such as Cotton Seed Extract and Cotton Fruit Water, which remove excess oil and keep the skin matte and bright without darkening over time.

Using this purple setting powder in Singapore’s sweltering weather is a good alternative to regular setting powders as it to fix your makeup for a long time while brightening your skin tone simultaneously.

One user on Shopee commented that her makeup lasts for up to four hours after using the powder, which is considerably long given how hot and sweaty it can get in Singapore.

Meanwhile, another user has used this pact for the past two years as the purple setting powder “smooths out lines on oily skin well” and “didn’t cause any breakouts”.

Here’s a pro tip: don’t smear the powder all over your face because it’s not meant to be a purple blush, but rather to even out dull skin tone! Simply take a small amount of the powder and pat it all over your face to achieve that radiant glow.

I’M MEME Purple Cotton Tone Control Pact (9.5g) retails for S$12.37 and is available on Shopee.

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