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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – timeless, elegant, what’s not to love? But we think that other colourful crystals should also take their rightful place in fashion’s spotlight; the stones exude an aura that’s so in step with the modern woman’s taste since their assortment of hues lets every individual’s personality shine through.

From the limpid pinks in rose quartz, the nebulous deep purples in amethyst, to the calming greens-white swirls in emerald, these special stones’ marbled colours create whole ethereal moods that can easily bring unique charisma to your look.

But whilst we’d love to drape a different stone around our necks each time we’re in a fresh phase of life, changing crystal jewellery like we do clothes might not be a tenable option for all.

Enter: quartz nails.

What are “quartz nails”?

quartz nails

Quartz nails display ribbons of white that shoot through translucent, glass-like shades of pastel pinks, purples and blues.

Think a self-proclaimed mood ring: these manicure designs will let you wear your heart on your sleeve (or should we say digits) each distinct season. You won’t need to cart out a new piece of jewellery with every shift in mood.

So, sync your “crystal accessories” up with your mood with our round-up of these glassy, marbled “quartz” nail designs, below!

Rose quartz

The rosy tones of rose quartz make this stone an ever-green symbol of unconditional love. So, whether you need to be kinder to yourself or desire to pour out more love to those around you, why not wear these ethereal pink marbled designs on your fingers as a gentle reminder?

Classic quartz manicure

quartz nails

Photo source: 不负如来不负卿/ Xiao Hong Shu

This simple but elegant piece features frosty ripples of white amidst a light pink base – it’s the perfect set to wear on a date or to celebrate an anniversary with your long-time love.

Shimmering quartz manicure

quartz nails

Photo source: 不负如来不负卿/ Xiao Hong Shu

Just a dash of strategically-placed glitter will really up the ante on a classy and expensive style. These shine-speckled quartz nails are sure to effortlessly elevate any outfit.

Pearly quartz manicure

quartz nails

Photo source: 十六/ Xiao Hong Shu

Add just a few simple gemstone accessories to your quartz manicure to make the design pop. Even two small stones wedged into the “rose crystal” on a single nail are enough to make a stylish statement.

Gold streak quartz manicure

quartz nails

Photo source: @n.dear_yun/Instagram

The smudged patterns on each of these nails are unique, just like the different cross sections of rose quartz.

Some of the nails feature more evident white marbled cracks whilst others are clad in diffused frosty-pink swirls – plus, the manicure’s smooth and glassy sheen makes it seem like you’re wearing real rose quartz on your digits.

Long rose quartz nails

quartz nails

Photo source: LI STUDIOS福州美甲美睫/Xiao Hong Shu

These rose quartz almond nails lend extra length to your fingers and make them look super slender, especially thanks to the soft nude and pinkish hues in the design.


The colour blue is the rarest in nature – you’d be hard-pressed to find blue plants, feathers, or even gemstones, which is why sapphire crystals, precious as they are, have long been associated with royalty.

For this reason, we think that sapphire manicures are especially fitting for when you’re in need of a boost of confidence – let them be a secret note to self: you’re ever so special!

Deep sapphire nails

quartz nails

Photo source: 谁啊鱼/Xiao Hong Shu

These sapphire nails, with their deep, mysterious blues, will breathe sophistication into your being as you don them through the special seasons in your life.

Tulip sapphire nails

quartz nails

Photo source: zhuanazhuan/Xiao Hong Shu

Deep sapphire hues might clash with a vibrant, patterned Y2K fit, which is why you might want to match the mood, instead, with a lighter, chromatic blue.

The opaque (rather than glassy) blue shades will let you sync up your marbled sapphire design with cuter, more light-hearted motifs like the blue tulip featured in this particular manicure style.

Two-toned sapphire nails

quartz nails

Photo source: 简夕/Xiao Hong Shu

This manicure is a bold and abstract take on an elegant sapphire stone nail design: the cacophony of deep blue and white creates a chunkier style compared to the delicate swirls in a regular quartz nail look.


Amethyst comes from the Greek word amethystos, which translates directly to “not intoxicated”. The stone is, thus, thought to represent groundedness, protection, and sincerity – ideal for when you’re going through a particularly tumultuous phase in your life.

Glow amethyst nails

quartz nails

Photo source: 安安安酱~/ Xiao Hong Shu

The frosty whites in this light purple manicure design are just like the ones we witness in Hailey Bieber’s trending glazed donut nails. Painted strategically in the middle of the soft lavender nails, they seem to emit a glow that’s from within.

Embedded amethyst nails

quartz nails

Photo source: 李等等/Xiao Hong Shu

The violet-white amethyst designs are featured only in scattered sections on the nails, against a milky white base. These ones recall the precious purple stones lodged in rocks – a treasured find any day.


Emeralds’ flourishing greens can be seen as a nod to and celebration of life. So, whether you’re in a smooth-going season or a tough one that needs you to learn to be humbly thankful for the little things, there’s no wrong time to wear emerald’s piercing white-green patterns on your talons.

Heart emerald manicure

quartz nails

Photo source: 西瓜瓜瓜瓜儿/Xiao Hong Shu

Combine a pastel light green with a deep forest hue for a textured emerald nail design. We love how the heart on the ring finger is a two-toned mix of fairer and intense greens, pairing perfectly with the other full-on emerald digits.

Floral emerald nails

quartz nails

Photo source: 西瓜瓜瓜瓜儿/Xiao Hong Shu

Since emerald greens can be a symbol of life, what better motifs to pair the washes of green-white, than with nature’s flowers and leaves?


Imagine liquid sun rays in crystallised form, and citrine comes to mind. Thanks to its cheerful yellow hues, the golden brown quartz is associated with joy and abundance – in our words, #goodvibesonly.

Coffee quartz nails

quartz nails

Photo source: 桐Nail Studio张小赖的赖/Xiao Hong Shu

Fragrant milky shots of coffee – that’s what these nails recall, just as much as they do citrine. So, if you don’t relate to the happiness that people often attach to the citrine stone, then think of the creamy cups of coffee that make a positive start to all your mornings.

Crystalline citrine nails

quartz nails

Photo source: Elvin-C’s Nails

The distinct cool shimmering whites that overlap with the citrine browns make the quartz design come right to life.

Colourful crystals

Last but certainly not least, we’re introducing these manicure sets that are a mystical mix of a plethora of hues.

Although no particular quartz comes to mind when we look at these ethereal nail designs, many precious stones flaunt a kaleidoscopic shift in colours at various angles, which is why we’re including these dreamy designs in our list.

If you’re one to go with the flow, courageously embracing the varying seasons in your life, then these colourful crystal manis are just right for you.

Sunset quartz manicure

quartz nails

Photo source: MissCandy/Xiao Hong Shu

The astounding sweeping shades of pinks, yellows, and purples remind us of a tearfully twilit sky, and the beauty of ends and new beginnings.

Beaming quartz manicure

quartz nails

Photo source: 十六/Xiao Hong Shu

The nebulous purple, pinks, yellows, and greens give off a soft psychedelic glow. They’ll pair with any of your moods – no problem at all.

Nail salons to get a “quartz” manicure 

EA Nail

quartz nails

Offering a wide assortment of colours to choose from, EA Nail will let you flaunt a “quartz” manicure that perfectly expresses your mood for the season. From brown-beige stone designs to crystal blue sets, the “quartz” styles that the salon has created include simple, chic, or extra elegant, so it’s not just your mood that they mirror, but your fit as well.

quartz nails

Address: 8 Enggor Street, #01-01, Singapore 079718
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Tue to Sat) | Closed on Mon & Sun
Contact: Call or WhatsApp 9278 8891
Website | Facebook

Summer Nail Services

quartz nails

Summer Nail Services is known not just for its stunning nail art designs but also for the nail artists’ thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

The “quartz” manicure sets that the salon has designed include citrine browns paired with milky ways of shimmery whites, and oxidised oranges coupled with a sprinkle of glitter and crystalline streaks for added texture.

Gel Manicure is priced at S$73 and Gel Pedicure at S$78 at this nail salon. You can also get a Gel Manicure + Gel Pedicure for S$151.

Address: 79 Anson Road, Core Collective, Level 21, Singapore 079906
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) | 11am – 7pm (Sun)
Contact: 8837 8668, or email [email protected]
Website | Facebook

Queen’s Market

quartz nails

Tucked away at Tanjong Pagar, Queen’s Market is a Japanese salon that boasts an ultra-comfy interior, clad with beautiful rocking chairs, tall windows, and a peppering of plants.

You’ll be treated to an authentic Japanese experience at this salon since all the staff here are Japanese and the materials used, including nail extensions and polishes, are imported directly from Japan.

quartz nails

Don unconventional, creative “quartz” manicure sets when you visit Queen’s Market, such as this pink, purple, and blue crystal set that’s shot through with streams of silver.

Address: 81B Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088502
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: 9858 6458, or email [email protected]
Website | Facebook

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