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With the pandemic seemingly not going away anytime soon, you may be wondering where your rainbow after this storm is. You may feel a little gloomy (and who could blame you?), but your nails don’t have to look how you feel! The best antidote? Delightful rainbow nails.

Rainbow nails have become a Spring trend staple over the last few years, and it’s back in 2021 with a flourish. So go on, dip your digits in the proverbial rainbow pot and chase those storm clouds away.

It’s no wonder really, seeing just how palatable this multi-coloured palette is! This year, the rainbows are back in many different forms. From understated neutrals to in-your-face holographics, there’s something for everyone.

Without further ado, we present these 15 gorgeous rainbows that will remind you of happier days ahead. Instagram is awash with them, with variations aplenty. Hue could resist them?

Rainbow nails: Spring 2021 edition

1. Sunrise to sunset

rainbow nails sunrise sunset

Credit: @thegelbottlenz on Instagram

The colour gradients of the magical hours of sunrise and sunset are naturally breathtaking in themselves, with fiery hues that blend into each other on the horizon. So why not take a leaf out of nature’s very own sketchbook and paint these fiery rainbows on your nails?

2. Pretty in pastels

rainbow nails pastels

Credit: @aemiliafay on Instagram

This pretty party on your nails unequivocally heralds the arrival of spring. Think yellow buttercups, baby blue bellflowers and soft pink tulips. So pretty, so perfect!

3. Natural neutrals

rainbow nails neutrals

Credit: @betina_goldstein on Instagram

Love your neutrals but also want in on the rainbow nails trend? Try this: paint a gradient of calming neutral shades. Start with a delicate cream and work your way through a gradient of rosy peach, sandy beige, mink brown, and dusky mauve, and you’ll have the chicest rainbow you ever set your eyes on.

4. Tie-dye surprise

Credit: @overglowedit on Instagram

One thing we love most about the 60s making a comeback has to be the re-emergence of tie-dye in all its swirly whirly glory! These psychedelic rainbow nails will put you in the grooviest of moods to bop your way through your dreary workday at home.

5. Stone tones

Credit: @oliveandjune on Instagram

Who said that monotone is unequivocally boring or depressing? These gorgeous tones of grey are reminiscent of a cloudy, soothing day; perfect for lounging (and working) at home.

6. French dips

rainbow nails dips

Credit: @oliveandjune on Instagram

The classic French transforms from elegant to adorable with a wash of rainbow colours. Just seeing those colourful tips will put a smile on your face for sure! Jazz them up with a dual-tone tip or some gem stick-ons for double the fun; the possibilities are endless, really.

7. Ombré rainbows

Credit: @oliveandjune on Instagram

If you love watching colours blend into each other like a smooth symphony, you’ll definitely want to give this a try: rainbow ombré nails. That’s double the gradient in colour for you to feast your eyes on. Rainbow ombré nails are blended sideways, with the magic working from the pinky through all the rest of the fingers. So. Pretty.

8. Juicy skittles

Credit: @bycheznails on Instagram

Everyone’s favourite candy that comes in those vivid ultra-recognisable hues makes for a fun set of rainbow nails this spring. We particularly love this set of slightly muted hues that still immediately call to mind a packet of juicy Skittles!

9. Metallic magic

rainbow nails metallic

Credit: @themaniclub on Instagram

There’s gold at the end of this rainbow for sure, or you could choose to paint it right in the middle on your third finger too. Daubing your nails in these luxe metallic hues puts a decidedly glamorous touch on your rainbow nails.

10. Blank space

rainbow nails blank space

Credit: @thehotblend on Instagram

Sometimes, it’s not about how much colour there is on your nails but what you do with it. Painting little rainbow-coloured strokes on translucent or nude bases is a cute way to wear this happy rainbow nail trend.

11. Pixel perfect

rainbow nails pixel perfect

Credit: @iolapallade_beauty on Instagram

Why not go down the rainbow road as you serving up more nostalgic vibes with digital pixel art on your rainbow digits? We heart this set of rainbow pixel hearts but really, you could try drawing anything in this style. We think a set of pixel rainbow Pac-Mans would be absolutely pixel perfect.

12. Holographic hues

rainbow nails holographic hues

Credit: @sognanails on Instagram

If you ever imagined what kind of nails intergalactic royalty would sport, these would probably be it: fantastical, out-of-this-world nails that are gorgeous beyond belief. Sleek, shiny and pretty, these holographic rainbow nails are the stuff of your galactical dreams!

13. Cotton candy

rainbow nails cotton candy

Credit: @nailsbymei on Instagram

Amp up the sweet factor this homebound spring with this set of rainbow nails that call to mind fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy in a cascading wash of colours from pinky to thumb.

14. All that glitters

rainbow nails glitter

Credit: @livelovepolish on Instagram

The only thing prettier than a set of rainbow nails has to be a glittery, sparkly rainbow on them. Every flick of your fingers will catch the light so beautifully that you’ll find it hard not to be mesmerised by your own hands.

15. Woodland wonder

rainbow nails woodland wonder

Credit: @betina_goldstein on Instagram

Pay homage to spring and summer, Singapore’s seasons du jour, with these verdant green gradient nails that have a particularly ethereal woodland quality about them. This colour palette is particularly soothing to the eye, we think it’s great for bringing down the pressure from being cooped up at home all day.

Featured image credit: @betina_goldstein/Instagram (left), @aemiliafay/Instagram (centre), @nailsbymei/Instagram (right) 

Credits: @betina_goldstein @aemiliafay @nailsbymei on Instagram