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We’ve heard about the “it” colour that was all the rage in 2019. We’re talking about the red bean paste shade that is on everyone’s lips and their Instagram feed.

In 2021, this shade is on the radar again – but instead of lip colour (which is still rather popular, by the way), it has creeped its way onto everyone’s nails, making it one of the hottest nail colour trends of the moment.

And if you’re ready to hop on this colour trend, read on to see 15 red bean paste nail inspirations you can take to your manicurist during your next visit.

Red bean paste nail looks to try

Red Bean Paste Nails 14

Source: @love23nails

Go for something fuss-free and simple – that’s also likely to be more affordable, all while looking ultra chic. We love how this look flatters short nails too.

Red Bean Paste Nails 7

Source: Moonvely

Sweater weather or not, this knit-sweater inspired look can be neat all year round.

Red Bean Paste Nails 9

Source: Ikuma Nails

If you’d like to incorporate some embellishment without going OTT, the red bean paste nail look above will be totally up your alley.

Red Bean Paste Nails 11

Source: @fang_nail_studio

We love how this look uses the red bean paste shade as an accent instead and is wearable whether it’s for work or a date.

Red Bean Paste Nails 12

Source: @daydayisland_nails

Can’t have enough of the marbled print look? Add the red bean paste shade as an accent to make it look 2021.

Red Bean Paste Nails 15

Source: @waffle_nail

This sweet look is intricate without going OTT. You can certainly pull it off.

Red Bean Paste Nails 8

Source: @moonvely

Prefer something more artistic? We love this watercolour-inspired nail look that incorporates the red bean paste shade perfectly.

Red Bean Paste Nails 4

Source: @mmic0717

This red bean paste nail design looks like you’ve got actual red bean paste smeared within your nails, giving it an interesting design that people won’t be able to turn their heads away from.

Red Bean Paste Nails 13

Source: @mii3_nailart

For something pretty that you can wear to any occasion, this is your go-to look.

Red Bean Paste Nails 10

Source: @idy_beauty

Prefer a gel-like look? This is certainly up your alley.

Red Bean Paste Nails 2

Source: @gelato_nail

Matte nails work for the red bean paste nail shade too! We’re loving how cohesive this design looks.

Red Bean Paste Nails 3

Source: @mmic0717

For something with a playful edge, consider adding leopard prints as an accent.

Red Bean Paste Nails 5

Source: @ttl.nails

This gorgeous floral nail design is definitely one of our favourites in this list. You should certainly opt for this if your manicurist is great at freehand drawing.

Red Bean Paste Nails 6

Source: @nailalamode

For an understated design that will never go out of style, this will be the red bean paste nail look to go for.