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There’s no doubt about it: rose gold is here to stay. With this new hue adorning everything from iPhones to jewelry, it’s only a matter of time before it hits the beauty market too.

The shelves are filled with our favourite highlighters and eyeshadows in this warm, rosy shade that is not only flattering to most skin tones, but also works well with virtually every other colour.

Want to jump onto the bandwagon, but don’t want to fully immerse yourself into this trend just yet? Try out these rose gold nail looks instead that are sure to get heads turning!

1. Pink with rose gold tips

10 Rose Gold Nail Looks Rose Gold Tips

Source: Lulus

Soft shades of pink and white go amazingly well with rose gold, giving a sweet, romantic look with a modern twist. Perfect for date night, or a fun day out with your girls!

2. Holographic rose gold

10 Rose Gold Nail Looks Rose Gold Holographic

Source: Trend2Wear


Nervous about dipping your toes into the rose gold pool? Try out statement pops of rose gold instead! A holographic rose gold shade on a nail or two coupled with other subtle rose gold elements works just as well.

3. Chrome rose gold

Get the best of both worlds with this chrome nail look: warm, classy rose gold paired with a high metallic sheen that is both elegant and on-trend, Gigi Hadid style!

4. Rose gold and marble

Update the marble nail trend by adding accents of rose gold to them. Trust us, this hint of colour is going to pop against whatever surface you choose when you inevitably snap a shot of your hands for Instagram.

5. Rose gold ombre

10 Rose Gold Nail Looks Rose Gold Ombre

Source: Pinterest

This ombre rose gold nail look was a hit all over the Spring 2018 runway. Emulate the look with a pearly shade that transitions slowly from gold, to pink, and finally rose gold.

6. Rose gold drips

Think artsy drips of rose gold sliding down your fingertips for a fun, unforgettable look that will have everyone asking where you got them done.

7. Rose gold nail art

10 Rose Gold Nail Looks Rose Gold Nail Art

Source: Sonailicious

Paint cute, quirky patterns in rose gold for a surprising touch of chic! Stripes and polka dots are a safe bet, or go for elaborate geometric patterns and designs to make a statement.

8. Reverse rose gold French manicure

This new take on the classic French manicure is made even better by the addition of rose gold. Plus, the combination of these versatile shades means they’ll probably complement a large part of your wardrobe. Score!

9. Rose gold and sparkles

10 Rose Gold Nail Looks Rose Gold With Sparkle

Source: Lackfein

Want something simple, but also with a little sparkle? This rose gold hue tends to work with most colours, so don’t be afraid to grab a glitter polish in a standout shade for that extra oomph.

10. Rose gold stripe

Another trend spotted over at the Spring 2018 runway was a single stripe painted vertically or across nails, so why not try it out with the hippest shade of the moment?

You can also experiment alternating the single vertical and horizontal stripe for a standout look!

Intrigued yet? A quick visit to the nail salon should help you make up your mind, or perhaps a few of our favourite rose gold polishes will, if you’d rather do it yourself. These are a couple of our faves:

1. Marc Jacobs Enamored Nail Glaze in Gatsby

Rose Gold Nails Marc Jacobs Enamored Nail Glaze In Gatsby

A metallic rose gold like this champagne-like shade goes with just about everything and also comes with a little shimmer for that added glam factor. Sounds ideal to us!

The Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Nail Glaze retails at SGD30 and is available at all Sephora outlets and Sephora.sg.

2. Essie Gel Couture Holiday Collection in Penny Talk

Rose Gold Nails Essie Gel Couture Holiday Collection In Penny Talk

This lustrous shade of rose gold has a metallic finish and provides a great pop of colour in just one to two coats.

3. Cutex Care + Colour in Pop The Prosecco

10 Rose Gold Nail Looks Cutex In Pop The Prosecco

This molten rose gold lacquer has the perfect blend of gold and pink that is sure to complement just about every skin tone! This one from Cutex even comes with vitamin B, which is known to aid in building strong, healthy nails.

The Cutex Care + Colour retails at SGD13.90 and is available at selected Watsons outlets.

4. Sephora Original Nail Colour Hit Nail Polish in Precious Dawn

Rose Gold Nails Sephora Original Nail Colour Hit Nail Polish In Precious Dawn

Guaranteed to make you feel like a million bucks, try out this high coverage shade that delivers the exact rose gold hue you want in one stroke.

The Sephora Original Colour Hit Nail Polish retails at SGD4 and is available at all Sephora outlets and Sephora.sg.

5. Butter London Glazen Nail Lacquer in Sea Shell

Rose Gold Nails Butter London Glazen Nail Lacquer In Sea Shell

This iridescent shade comes with a little sparkle that will make just about everyone sit up and take notice.

The Butter London Glazen Nail Lacquer retails at SGD14 and is available at all Sephora outlets and Sephora.sg.