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Marble-anything is still trendy, and marble nails are popular on Instagram. But let’s share with you what’s our new favourite and we think is going to take over from marble as the most sought after looks soon – the rose quartz nail look.

1. Classy Rose Quartz

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This is the basic Rose Quartz design that excels in its simplicity and feminity. Simple but pretty, this look would be great for ladies who prefer softer nail art and work in a corporate environment.

2. Marble Rose Quartz

If you’re still holding on to your love for the marble look, consider this one that mixes both up. Be sure to stick to softer pastel colours to maintain the peaceful and calm look.

3. Rose Quartz with Gold Specks

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The gold specks may be subtle but they make the biggest difference when under the sunlight. Try using nail glitter flakes of different colours for a more fun and upbeat look!

4. Rose Quartz with Simple Nail Jewels

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Want a touch of opulent? Consider embellishing rose quartz nails with jewels. Align the jewels in different patterns, according to your creativity. Remember to apply sufficient nail glue so that the jewels remain intact.

5. Half and Half

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You don’t necessarily have to wear the design in every nail. This look can be achieved by using duct tape to get the perfect partition and nail dotting tools for the glitter and pearl parts.

6. Rose Quartz with Ring

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This is perfect if you want to create a look that last for longer – it won’t look weird even when your nails start to grow out, so you can still look great before your next manicure.

7. Flowers and French Tips

French tips are a classic way for an effortlessly chic look. This isn’t just great for everyday wear, brides-to-be can also consider it for their nail design on their big day.

8. Regal quartz

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If you’ve got a big high-table event or a 1920s-inspired theme party coming up, this look is definitely a must-have. Pair this nail design with a cream maxi dress and a flapper headpiece for the 1920s’ flapper look.

Want to do it yourself?

Here’s a video tutorial you can follow: