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Balayage is a style that we’re still loving for its natural-looking gradient effect on the tresses, but there’s a new way to give a refreshing splash of colour to your hair, sans the ombré – and it’s “skirt dyeing”.

What is “skirt dyeing”?

Maybe it’s because the colour almost skirts the hair, or because it creates an illusion of a gradually widening A-shape that’s much like a skirt. This dye style is simple but brings a whole new texture and optical illusion to the mane.

hair tail dyeing singapore - (17)

Photo source: Pinterest

Also known as “hair tail dye” or “two-colour dye”, “skirt dyeing” introduces a surprising tease of colour at the very ends of the hair – unlike balayage which boasts natural gradient colour. And, it’s often in hues that are bright and vibrant, or, at least, contrasting with the rest of the mane.

If you’re as excited as we are to dip your toes (or, your tresses) into this fresh and youthful hair dye style, then keep reading because we share the best ones to inspire a new look, as well as the salons in Singapore to visit for “skirt dye” hair refresh!

Loveliest “skirt dyeing” hair inspirations

Mushroom brown and red hair

hair tail dyeing singapore - (18)

Photo source: 杭州少强发型笔记/Xiao Hong Shu

Even mushroom brown hair can benefit from a slight pop of colour. With red sweeping across the very ends of brown hair, the look transforms from soft and subtle to refreshingly chic.

Beige white and blue hair

hair tail dyeing singapore - (19)

Photo source: 广州七七发型设计/Xiao Hong Shu

If you’re going for a dramatic hair refresh from long to short hair, a “skirt dye” finish is a great way to put the cherry on top of your overall hair transformation.

This hairstyle flaunts angelic beige white tresses with a touch of blue at the end – an almost mystical, fairytale-like style.

Double shades of blue

hair tail dyeing singapore - (19)

Photo source: 杭州少强发型笔记/Xiao Hong Shu

Here’s another way that you can pair a blue “skirt” on your mane – with another shade of blue. Blend a cool silver-blue hair tone with a softer lilac-blue at the ends to triumph over those Monday blues.

Subtle sunny yellow fringe

hair tail dyeing singapore - (21)

Photo source: 杭州少强发型笔记/Xiao Hong Shu

It might be difficult to wear a full yellow mane – you’ll have to pick out a new wardrobe to go with it, as well as make sure it’s okay to sport yellow tresses at work.

But, skirt (pun intended) around the challenges of full yellow tresses with a zesty “skirt dye” style, and you’ll be able to enjoy sunny tresses in a more subtle way!

Platinum blonde and mint hair

hair tail dyeing singapore - (22)

Photo source: 杭州少强发型笔记/Xiao Hong Shu

Blonde with mint is another “skirt dye” style that’s fulfilling our fairy-tale, pixie hair fantasies. The soft white with ethereal green hues come together like a dream – we’re picturing a wonderland forest scape.

Cool ash brown and green hair

hair tail dyeing singapore - (22)

Photo source: 杭州少强发型笔记/Xiao Hong Shu

Not willing to bleach your tresses to such a large extent to achieve pale, white hair? Wear a green “fringe” with an ash brown mane for a more striking, street-style vibe – it really amps up the cool factor.

Two-shade purple hair

hair tail dyeing singapore - (22)

Photo source: 杭州少强发型笔记/Xiao Hong Shu

A tip for bringing different shades of the same colour together for your “skirt dye” style? Combine a shade that has a metallic sheen with one that’s more bold, vibrant, and matte. This one, for instance, blends a silver-lavender shade with a rich purple hue.

Long hair with skirt dye

hair tail dyeing singapore - (22)

Photo source: UNISON造型/Xiao Hong Shu

Should your long hair feel too heavy, a contrasting “skirt dye” colour will help you create an illusion of lighter, less heavy hair.

An arresting contrast to a dirty-blonde mane, the deep red hues bring an exciting splash of colour to the ends of the hair and lighten the look.

Magical blue and pink hair

hair tail dyeing singapore - (26)

Photo source: 艾伦发型设计/Xiao Hong Shu

For a really vibrant, contrasting style, take inspiration from this “skirt dye” style that brings a fantastical blue and sugary pink fringe together. It’s a bold statement, unique from even an already-arresting ombré blue ‘do.

“Skirt dye” paired with Japanese hime cut

hair tail dyeing singapore - (26)

Photo source: 天津3AM世纪都会美发/Xiao Hong Shu

“Skirt dyeing” is an excellent complement to Japanese hairstyles that boast different choppy layers, like these ones here.

Recall the hime cut, the Japanese hairstyle characterised by chunky, face-framing lengths? The similar hairstyles in the pictures use a bright yellow “fringe” to emphasise the stark difference between the hair layers.

Plus, the black and yellow combination is giving us the same vibes as Billie Eilish’s black and neon green hair.

Switch up the “skirt dye”

hair tail dyeing singapore - (28)

Photo source: UNISON造型/Xiao Hong Shu

Speaking of the Japanese hime cut, we’re head over heels in love with this striking orange and brown “skirt dye” style.

The bright orange hues just lightly brush the edges of the cheek-length layer, and the long ends of the hair are soaked generously in the same bright orange shade – a dynamic twist to a typical “skirt dye” style.

Did we also mention that orange copper is the hair colour of the season?

Tiered blonde and pink hair

hair tail dyeing singapore - (29)

Photo source: 艾伦发型设计/Xiao Hong Shu

Since we’re already down the rabbit hole of Japanese hairstyles, this is another one that features stark layers – one bob-length layer that’s high above the rest of the hair.

With a splash of deep pink, the otherwise fully off-white tresses show off a whole new texture.

“Skirt dye” your tresses at these salons in Singapore

Hair Studio Flamingo

hair tail dyeing singapore - hair studio flamingo (1)

Hair Studio Flamingo is a Japanese hair salon that has two outlets in Singapore, one along the culture-steeped streets of Tiong Bahru and another at Tanjong Pagar.

The stylists at Hair Studio Flamingo each have at least 10 years of experience working at hair salons in Japan, so you can trust that they have the skills needed to give your tresses a stunning refresh.

hair tail dyeing singapore - hair studio flamingo

The salon prides itself on designing easy to maintain hairstyles, which means that you won’t be dismayed after the next few washes. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy your colourful tresses with ease.

Hair colouring is priced starting from S$115 at the salon – view the salon’s full menu here.

Tanjong Pagar branch
Address: 7 Neil Road, #01-01, Singapore 088807
Contact: Call, SMS, or WhatsApp 8726 2116
Opening hours: 9.30am – 8.30pm (Mon to Sun)

Tiong Bahru branch
Address: 55 Tiong Bahru Road, #01-55, Singapore 160055
Contact: Call, SMS, or WhatsApp 8332 6617
Opening hours: 9.30am – 8.30pm (Tue to Sun) | Closed on Mondays
Website | Facebook | Instagram


skirt dyeing - itto+lim

Specialising in Japanese haircuts, ITTO+LIM takes artistic expression to the next level with its dynamic, arresting haircuts and styles.

hair tail dyeing singapore - itto+lim

At this salon, even a classic bob can take on a refreshing twist with slight layers framing the face, and a vibrant streak of dye – super subtle, but brand-new too.

Or, you can boast salon cuts that are as bold as an orange Japanese hime cut, complete with dark brown “skirt dye” too.

Colour Style at the salon is priced starting from S$100 for short hair, S$120 for medium hair, and S$150 for long hair. View the full salon menu on their website.

Address: 325 New Bridge Road, #03-00, Singapore 088760
Opening hours: 12pm – 9pm (Tue to Wed, Fri) | 12pm – 6pm (Thu) | 10am – 6pm (Sat to Sun, & PH) | Closed every Mon, first and third Tue, & second and fourth Wed of each month
Contact: 6884 4143
Website | Facebook | Instagram


skirt dyeing singapore - haarattic

The choices of colours seem to never run out at Haarattic! This hair salon in Singapore boasts a stunning range of creative colours that range from cheerful yellow to elegant rose gold.

hair tail dyeing singapore - haarattic

If you’re looking for a truly unique hair refresh, you can also trust hairstylists to come up with a bold haircut and style – the stylists will also give you tips on how to best keep your colours looking salon-fresh.

Address: 18A Keong Saik Road, Level 2, Singapore 089125 | 67A Boat Quay, Level 2, Singapore 049855
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) | 11am – 7pm (Sat) | 11am – 7pm (Sun)Q
Contact: 6835 9811, or 9873 0235 (WhatsApp or SMS only)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Blonde & Pastel Hair Salon

skirt dyeing blonde & pastel hair salon singapore

Blonde & Pastel Hair Salon is known for its beautiful blonde hues that don’t turn into an unsightly brassy colour, as well as its unique pastel tones that other salons might not be able to nail quite as well!

hair tail dyeing - blonde & pastel singapore -

Its range of hair colours is impressive too. The salon has done cool silver-blue shades to lilac greige, which means that the ends of your tresses will wear a particularly vibrant colour for an overall refreshing look.

Easily combine a blonde mane with blue, green, or lilac hues too, like the hair inspirations we’ve shown above.

The salon’s Signature Blonde or Pastel Colouring is priced at S$228, inclusive of unlimited bleaching, cut, colour, and treatment.

Address: 770A North Bridge Road Singapore, Singapore 198738
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon to Sat) | 11am – 6pm (Sun & PH) | Closed on Tue
Contact: 6970 5718
Website | Facebook | Instagram

GC Hairdressing

jennie's orange hair singapore - (5)

A cosy salon that’s just a five-minute walk away from Farrer Park MRT, its size doesn’t match up to the wide array of hair colours and styles that it can create for its clients.


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Show your appointed stylist a picture of your hair inspiration and they will advise you thoroughly on whether it is suitable for your hair type, as well as how much effort you would need to put in to maintain the ‘do. You’re in safe hands at this salon!

Address: 52 Somme Road, #01-01, Singapore 207872 (near Farrer Park MRT)
Opening hours: 9am – 9pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: 9141 1690
Website | Facebook | Instagram