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Anything but slobbish, the “Slob” haircut isn’t what you might imagine just by hearing its name. The complete opposite. It’s a mashup of “sleek” and “bob”, a modern girl’s take on a classic bob hairstyle.

Unlike the feathery, layered ‘dos that were trending a moment ago, the “Slob” boasts a single length, straight hair, and sleek shine. Since short hairstyles are making their ultimate comeback this year, the “Slob” is one cut you surely have to add to your inspo board.

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Photo source: am.ton_yeonhui/Instagram

Racking up popularity amongst Korean and Western celebrities alike, the “Slob” says fresh, classy, and out-of-bed chic. How could we go wrong with that?

What is the “Slob” haircut?

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Photo source: evachen212/Instagram

The “Slob” is a one-length cut that’s sleek, straight, and with a silky-smooth shine. It’s the timeless bob – rid of layers, texturising, face-framing fringes, asymmetrical edges, or any of the works that a hairstylist might use to stylise a simple ‘do.

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Photo source: haileybieber/Instagram

“Hair-check” celebrities like Hailey Bieber, royalty like Princess Maria-Olympia, and Korean stars like Hwasa, and you’ll discover that the “Slob” is worn with a middle part so that the hair frames the face in perfect symmetry and at a chin-grazing (or, sometimes, just over the chin) length.

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South Korean singer, Hwasa. Photo source: _mariahwasa/Instagram

If you’re looking to wear a bob, but with classier, sleeker style, the “Slob” haircut’s your BFF for the summer.

How to ask for the “Slob” haircut

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Photo source: am.ton_yeonhui/Instagram

When you’re at the salon, show your hairstylist a reference photo of the “Slob” haircut and ask for a bob haircut that doesn’t have face-framing pieces, layering, or require texturising. The emphasis is on wearing a simple, single-length, short hairstyle, with no frills involved.

However, there are also ways that you can make a “Slob” haircut flatter you best. Those with thicker hair can ask for internal layers to lighten the look of the “Slob”, which, otherwise, might look heavy or puffy.

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Princess Maria-Olympia. Photo source: georgenorthwood/Instagram

Internal layers are also called “ghost layers” for a reason: they’re hidden on the underside of the hair so that your “Slob” cut still boasts that straight, single-length look that makes it what it is.

Even though the “Slob” is a one-length haircut, it doesn’t mean that you should only wear it with a blunt edge. Should the high-fashion blunt-edged look be too precise for you, you can also ask your hairstylist to add some feathering to the very ends of the hair, so you’re left with a subtly airy, undone style.

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Photo source: boutique_soyeon__/Instagram

More often than not, feathery ends – though less choppy than other recent bob styles, not blunt edges, are definitive of the trending “Slob” haircut.

Is a “Slob” haircut easy to wear?

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Photo source: am.ton_yeonhui/Instagram

One thing to note before you swing by the salon is, although a “Slob” cut looks effortlessly chic and fresh, it requires quite a bit of upkeep to stay this way.

You’ll need to book an appointment about every six to eight weeks to maintain its length. Those without naturally straight and silky-smooth hair will also have to make an effort to style their mane before they head out, as a sleek finish isn’t always easy to achieve.

How to style the “Slob” haircut at home?

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Photo source: georgenorthwood/Instagram

To achieve a “Slob” cut at home, hairstylists recommend either air drying or rough drying your hair, which means using your fingers to rake through your hair as you use the blow-dryer.

Since the “Slob” haircut is all about smooth shine, you can straighten it out with a straightening iron or get rid of the frizz with a styling cream or hair oil, said celebrity hairstylist George Northwood in a phone interview with Vogue.

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“Slob” haircut by hairstylist George Northwood. Photo source: lucyalston_/Instagram

He’s the person behind the A-list London-based hair salon that bears his name, the George Northwood Salon, and the hairstylist responsible for the precise “Slob” cuts on celebrities like Princess Maria-Olympia.

Instead of straightening your so that it lies flat against your face, turn your straightening iron slightly so that you create a gentle, face-framing curve.

“I just cut a slob in for one of my clients today, and used a tong to create a very slight bend in her hair – just so it looks like it has been tucked behind the ear,” he shared with Vogue.

Hair oils to use for a “Slob”-worthy shine

Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil

The Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil is a styling oil that’s formulated to immediately reduce flyaways and frizz, to give your hair visible shine!

Made with fermented green tea oil to replenish the hair, this oil’s hero ingredient – also used in all Olaplex hair products, is the bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate. This patented ingredient repairs the disulfide bonds to give you hair that’s stronger, healthier, and shinier.

This lightweight hair oil’s perfect for, really, all hair types and doesn’t weigh down even thinner strands.

Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil retails for S$51 on Sephora

OUAI Hair Oil

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OUAI Hair Oil will give your strands the high-shine finish you need when styling your chic “Slob” cut!

Almost weightless on the hair, this hair oil doesn’t fail to intensely nourish the strands with nutrient-rich borage oil. You’ll wind up with hair that’s so much softer, shinier, and stronger.

Since a “Slob” cut usually requires heat styling, the OUAI Hair Oil will double up as a heat protectant, as it effectively shields the hair from temperatures of up to 232°C.

OUAI Hair Oil retails for S$26 on Sephora

Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil

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A luxurious hair oil for a luxe “Slob” cut, the Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil quickly imparts a sleek, shiny finish to all types of hair.

The nourishing blend of sandalwood extract, shea butter, and argan oil, to name a few, conditions and strengthens the hair. Of course, the Oribe Signature Complex protects the hair from oxidative damage, preserving its lustrous shine over time.

Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil retails for S$82.28 on Amazon

Find the best hair oils for every hair type

Best salons to go for a “Slob” haircut

Black Hair Salon

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Photo source: Black Hair Salon

When you pair your “Slob” haircut with this salon’s Signature StraightBond service, you won’t have to worry about straightening and styling your strands every morning before you head out.

Not your typical rebonding service, Black Hair Salon’s Signature StraightBond taps on deep-conditioning hair treatment, the Care+ hair booster, to nourish and strengthen the strands – even as they’re being straightened.


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Rather than achieve pin-straight hair, the Signature StraightBond lets you wear a more natural-looking, feathery ‘do by adding an optional curve-in at the ends of the hair. It’s just what you need to wear the “Slob” haircut with ease.

Black Hair Salon Signature StraightBond is priced starting at S$369. 
Ladies’ Cut is priced starting at S$65. See the salon’s full menu here

Address: 13 Stamford Road, Capitol Singapore, #B2-44, Singapore 178905
Opening hours: 11am – 8.30pm (Mon to Fri) | 11am – 8pm (Sat) | 11am – 7pm (Sun)
Contact: Call 6835 9976, or WhatsApp 8893 9593
Website | Facebook | Instagram


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Photo source: HaarAttic

Hoping to nail a trending hairstyle like the “Slob”? You’re in good hands at Haarattic.

The hairstylists at this salon are known for having their finger on the pulse of popular hairstyles, which is why the hair salon’s Instagram page is peppered with photos of customers in trendy wolf cuts, handpainted hair, and blunt baby bangs.

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Photo source: HaarAttic

They’ll take time to understand your needs and advise you on a style – or version of the style you desire – that best suits you.

Address: Click here to view all two outlets
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) | 11am – 7pm (Sat to Sun)
Contact: Call 6835 9811, or WhatsApp/SMS 9873 0235
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Find hair salons to get a “Slob” cut here:

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