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If your eyelash extensions are falling, stop right there and cancel your next appointment, because we’re about to put you on a trend that might just replace them.

Gone are the days of dramatic, full, and fluffy eyelash looks as a more wispy style takes over to give us natural, separated lashes that some describe as spidery-looking.

But as scary as the name sounds, what we’ve come across on social media, magazine covers, and music videos of Korean stars are quite the opposite. Think ’60s Twiggy lashes but a little more toned down, this modern iteration takes clumping to a whole other level.

What are spidery lashes?

Rather than piling tons of mascara to give you fuzzy tarantula-like eyelashes, this look involves carefully clumping lash hairs together to create bold and smooth strands.


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The reason why fans term them as “spidery” is more so for the length it delivers. Just look at how long Red Velvet’s Yeri’s lashes are!


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While we notice most Korean stars keep their eye makeup rather simple when donning on spidery lashes, you can also give your eyes a little more pizzazz with a simple wing. Take it from our beloved BLACKPINK members — Jisoo and Rosé.


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How to get them

If you want these delicate and fairylike lashes, we found a tutorial that will help you achieve them. But in true Daily Vanity fashion, we’ll break down the steps for you clearly.

  1. Curl lashes with an eyelash curler.
  2. Using a spoolie, carefully brush your lashes in one direction with a zig-zag motion to untangle the strands.
  3. For beginners, use a stainless steel mascara to apply mascara starting from the inner lashes first. Otherwise, a normal mascara wand also works fine.
  4. Before the mascara dries out, quickly use a pointed nail tweezer to clump lashes that are grown in the same direction together. Hold the lashes at the roots and gently slip the tweezer out at the top. DV tip: Use a newer mascara that dries slower so it gives you more time to work.
  5. When you’re done clumping the lashes into little groups, use the tweezer to clean out any mascara clots in between.
  6. EXTRA STEP: Burn a wooden skewer with a lighter and press it gently against your lashes to curl them more. The warm stick will melt the mascara clots and smoothen them out.

The only downside to this technique is that it definitely takes a while to get your lashes right. But if you have a few extra minutes to spare in the morning, we don’t see the harm in trying it out!

Featured Image Credits: @sooyaaa_ and @yerimiese