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Abstract swirl nail designs have absolutely taken over the nail art world. We’re seeing a lot of manicures on our social media feeds flaunting twists, turns, spirals, and bends that look absolutely mesmerising. And of course, we couldn’t let you miss out on this!

If you want to replicate this gorgeous look, watch the video below and follow the instructions to create statement-making swirl nails yourself. We’ve also culled some of the best nail looks to give you some serious nail-spo!


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  1. Start with a clear base coat followed by sheer white polish
  2. Repeat with a second coat of white nail polish. If it looks too thin to you, you can go over it with a third coat.
  3. Paint on the swirls using a detail brush with any colour of your choice
  4. Add a top coat of clear nail polish and you’re done!

1. Shades of green swirls

Photo: @vnails_ on Instagram

These gorgeous green nails will have all your friends feeling green with envy.

2. Pumpkin swirls

Photo: @thegelstudio_ on Instagram

These orange nails are perfect for the Lunar New Year. Elevate them by adding a little hint of gold sparkle.

3. Blue and white swirls

Give your digits a refreshing update with this white-and-dark blue combination.

4. Barbie pink swirls

Photo: @bethantaylorbeauty on Instagram

Channel your inner Barbie with these multi-tonal shades of pink. This gorgeous design will be your friends’ next nail inspo when they see you with these.

5. Creamy neutral brown swirls

Photo: @oceangirl.studio on Instagram

If you want to hop on the trend but aren’t too sure about getting brightly coloured nails, then these nails are just right. This neutral nail design is more natural but still on-trend.

6. Neon rainbow swirls

Photo: @vwnails_ on Instagram

Add a little pop of colour into your everyday look with these neon rainbow swirl nails!

7. Light purple swirls

Photo: @the_beauty_room_ely_ on Instagram

If you want something less brightly coloured but still eye-catching, we’d suggest this beautiful light purple design!

8. Berry red swirls with stars

This super fun nail look will instantly make you the star of the show. Upgrade the classic swirl nail look with some sparkling stars!

9. Bright green swirls

Photo: @naileditbeauty on Instagram

If you don’t want to take it all the way, simply add a few bright green swirls on the tips of your nails.

10. Gold and purple swirls

Photo: @embrace.nails on Instagram

Elevate your next manicure with these simple yet classy sparkly gold and purple nails.

11. Bubblegum swirls

Photo: @vwnails_ on Instagram

Give these super fun bubblegum swirl nails a try at your next manicure appointment! If you’re looking for a unique nail design then this is definitely the one for you.

12. Mean girls pink swirl

Photo: @glamnailsbybev on Instagram

On Wednesdays, we wear pink! Live out your Mean Girls dreams with this bright pink nail design or, even better, get matching nails with your friends!

13. Monochrome swirls

Photo: @nailitmedia on Instagram

If you’re into simpler designs then this elegant monochrome swirl nail look is perfect for you. It’ll elevate all your outfits for sure.

14. Fun swirl tips

Photo: @glammedbyjulia on Instagram

If you’re a fan of French tips, then you may just love this bold swirl nail design. You’re sure to capture everyone’s attention with these vivid swirl nail tips.

15. Ice cream swirl

Photo: @heluviee on Instagram

Get this ice cream-inspired swirl nail design at your next appointment! This abstract design will be grabbing everyone’s attention.