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If you’re planning to get a perm, this is the trend you may want to check out: the Teddy Bear Curls. Korean women are all asking for this look from their stylist and we can totally get why.

Teddy Bear Curls don’t just give your hair extra volume, it is also easy to style for your day-to-day look. Put it into a ponytail, wear a headband, or let it loose – Teddy Bear Curls make you look polished, no matter which style you prefer.

What is Teddy Bear Curls?

You know how soft, brown fur on teddy bears look like? This perm is exactly it – tight and small curls from the crown of your head all the way to the ends, giving you a soft and fluffy look that makes everyone want to cuddle you!

Teddy Bear Curls

Photos: (G)I-DLE & Twice Official Instagram

We love how versatile these curls are! Check out the ways you can style them:

Dye your hair brown

Teddy Bear Curls Brown

This look is all about looking ‘cute like a fluffy animal’, dye your hair brown to make your curls look more like a teddy bear’s. The perm looks good with both warm and cool toned brown curls.

DV Tip: Avoid getting this perm with black hair if you’re afraid it might look outdated.

Dye a light hair colour

Teddy Bear Curls Lee Sungkyung

Photos: Lee Sungkyung Instagram

Light brown hair and Teddy Bear Curls are the best match! Spice up your eye look or wear coloured contact lenses and you’ll look just like a character from a fairy-tale. We love how Lee Sungkyung looks totally like a fairy in Teddy Bear Curls!

Braid them

Teddy Bear Curl Braid

Photos: (G)-IDLE Instagram

Wear them in Fishtail braid for a sweet and girly look like how Yuqi from (G)I-DLE does. Leave some wavy strands to contour your face shape and also to look more feminine.

Dv Tip: Girls with chubbier faces might want to avoid perming tight curls, ask your stylist to curl them looser.

Wear them in a ponytail

Teddy Bear Curls Ponytail

Photos: Pinterest

Whether you’ll be wearing them in a high or low ponytail, these curls are so versatile that they look good and classy on any type of ponytail.

Go bold with your makeup

Teddy Bear Curls Makeup

Photos: Marie Claire Korea & Pinterest

To avoid looking too “young”, take a leaf out of Yuna Kim’s style book and consider a bold makeup look.

DV Tip: We recommend to pair it with mauve or red eye shadows and nude rose lip colour to look extra stylish.

Get above eyebrow bangs

Teddy Bear Curls Bangs

Photos: Pinterest

Don’t worry if your hair isn’t long enough for the above styles, mid-length hair with above eyebrow bangs make a chic combination too.

DV Tip: Since the curls already have volume, remember to tell your stylist to keep the bangs light. Above the brow bangs will complement this look best.

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