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TikTok isn’t only a gold mine for gorgeous new makeup looks and beauty hacks, but it’s also where many fresh, creative hairstyles have made their debut.

From wolf cuts to two-toned hairstyles and everything in between, users on TikTok are not afraid to go wild with their tresses – and the results are attractive, new looks that celebrities are also sporting (check out Hailey Bieber’s take on Y2K hair feathers).

But do these hairstyles work in Singapore and for Asian hair? To help you hop onto the trendiest TikTok hairstyles, we speak to hairstylist and co-owner of GC Hairdressing in Singapore, Gary Lau, for tips on how to best recreate these cuts for your tresses!

Half-and-half hairstyle

Half-and-half, also called “split hair”, is a bold and vibrant look that many Gen Zs are going for on TikTok. Instead of regular highlights or full-coloured hair, this style uses two bright and contrasting colours split down vertically down the centre of the head.


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♬ Hood Baby – Kbfr

We’ve seen colour combinations like striking pink and purple, yellow and green, as well as blue and blonde show up on our FYP (For You Page) – really, anything goes.

Half-and-half hair might look great on your TikTok reels, however, there are some things to take note of before you decide to go for it in Singapore.

Because of the vibrant colours that are featured in half-and-half cuts, creating that hairstyle will likely involve bleaching your entire hair. That’s why it’s important to first consider the health of your hair.

Hair that has been bleached before or undergone heat styling like a perm might not benefit from a half-and-half hairstyle. The bleaching process will likely dry out your hair and cause you to suffer brittle locks for a long time after.

trending tik tok hairstyles singapore - peekaboo highlights (1)

Peekaboo highlights, also known as tuck-in highlights. Photo source: GC Hairdressing

Instead, Gary recommends either face-framing highlights or a tuck-in style, also known as peek-a-boo highlights. These are coloured locks that fall around your face or are hidden underneath the top layer of the hair, and they’re also popular in Singapore.

Subtle dye styles like these brighten your complexion and are personalised to complement your face shape – all while giving you the pop of colour that you’re looking for.

Wolf-cut hairstyle

Characterised by choppy layers and a heavy fringe, this trending hairstyle was first inspired by pop singer Billie Eilish (who rocks this style as much as she rocks her 2021 top-of-the-charts album, Happier Than Ever). TikTokers are wearing this style naturally for a wild and untamed look, or styled for a softer and more romantic take.


had a breakdown so i got a wolf cut #wolfcut #mullet #haircut

♬ good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

Gary notes that Asian hair textures are different from Caucasian tresses. Plus, the weather in Singapore also makes this look difficult to replicate.

The wolf-cut hairstyle works only if you love a messy style. Gary advises that your haircut might look similar to how you pictured it as you walk out of the salon – but it won’t remain in place naturally. You’ll have to use styling tools like a straightener and hairspray to replicate the look on a daily basis.

Or, you can go for much fewer layers so that your hair has a tousled but tame look.

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Curtain bangs hairstyle

Curtain bangs are not only popular on TikTok, but it’s also embraced by celebrities around the world (think Madison Beer and Jisoo from BlackPink). These bangs typically end below the eyebrows and are cut with a slant so that they are shorter in the centre but longer at the sides.


your most requested video I hope it helped! :D #foryou

♬ Finesse Challenge – 🕺🏼Hoodie fam🌏

If you’re feeling discouraged about the first two hairdos on this list, you’ll be relieved by how versatile and flattering curtain bangs look on everyone!

There are also different ways that you can style these bangs to bring out your facial features. Gary suggests that anyone can flip their curtain bangs to the side for a softer look.

trending tik tok hairstyles singapore - curtain bangs

Curtain bangs. Photo source: GC Hairdressing (left), Jisoo @sooyaaa__ on Instagram (right)

Chang, another hairstylist at GC Hairdressing, also shares that oval face shapes will do well with either long or short curtain bangs; whereas rounder or more squarish face shapes can opt for longer curtain bangs to cover the sides of their face for a more flattering style.

To achieve the wavy outward curl of curtain bangs, you’ll also need a small flat iron and some setting spray to keep your hair in place throughout the day.

Classic bob hairstyle

The classic bob hairstyle is called classic for a reason. It dates back to Victoria Beckham and is now still flaunted by the likes of Karlie Kloss – the bob is a timeless hairdo that will never lose its charm.


CLASSIC BOB CUT #hairtok #haircut #fyp #satisfying #hairchallenge

♬ Anomaly – Anieszka

Gary agrees that this is an excellent style that is not only enduring but also easy to maintain. Simply keep your hair soft and silky with the right shampoos as well as hair treatments, and your bob will look as chic as ever.

trending tik tok hairstyles singapore - classic bob

Classic bob cut. Photo source: GC Hairdressing (left), Singaporean actress Ya Hui @yahuiyh on Instagram (right)

Asian hairlines, however, tend to be higher and make the classic bob style look heavy at the back. Instead of a straight cut, Gary suggests cutting the back of the bob shorter to enjoy a light and lifted look.

Those with thick hair can also take a tip out of his book, which is to get highlights so that the hair appears more textured and less heavy too.

Farah Fawcett hairstyle

Farah Fawcett’s iconic hairstyle is making waves (pun intended) on TikTok. TikTokers are using round brushes to create upward curls at the ends of their hair, then flipping their hair back and forth to finally create an ultra-bouncy Farah Fawcett hairdo.


Little bit of that hair brush #fyp #70s #80s #bighair

♬ I Wonder If I Take You Home (with Full Force) – Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam

The Farah Fawcett hairstyle may be fun to imitate for a TikTok reel but it’s not a very popular hairstyle in Singapore, according to Gary. Rather, soft waves that are also long-lasting are the trending style in Singapore today, achieved through an acidic wave perm.

trending tik tok hairstyles singapore - acidic wave perm

Acidic wave perm. Photo source: GC Hairdressing

An acidic wave perm uses a chemical that has a pH of 4.5 to seven and heat to create curls that are looser and softer than those produced by a traditional perm (where hair is wrapped in rollers and heat is applied).

Gentle perm styles are not just gorgeous, but they also are easier to maintain than straightened hairdos. Even as your hair grows, you can hide them in with your billowing locks and look just as fresh in your permed ‘do!

All in all

TikTok has certainly made the way for brand-new, refreshing hairstyles but it’s good to remember that Asian hair textures are different from Caucasians’, which is why the hairdos you request from your hairstylist don’t always turn out the way you want them.

With a few adjustments to suit Asian hair and styles, you’ll find yourself – even days after your haircut – owning a hairstyle that you love.

trending tik tok hairstyles singapore - GC hairdressing

GC Hairdressing is a hair salon in Singapore that is dedicated to creating hairstyles that don’t just look great on TikTok, but are perfect just for you. By understanding how you maintain your tresses and the condition of your hair, the stylists cut, colour, and style hairdos that you’ll be happy with for a long time after.

You’ll also enjoy more than a haircut at GC Hairdressing – instead, with essential oils and soothing tunes in the background, you’ll appreciate a whole pampering experience at every appointment!

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