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When #foodtok meets #beautytok, we get an oddly delicious-looking new trend—putting a block of cheese on your lips.

Okay, not a literal block, but it may just appear to curious onlookers that you’re applying cheese on your lips when you’re using the viral Magic Casa Cheese Lip Balm.

Hey, at least it’s not cake…right?

Beauty TikTokers have put it to the test


LIPBALM TINT KEJU? Kalo kalian lagi nyari cute lipbalm, Soft dan buttery abis bentuk lucu tapi juga efektif dan bagus bakalan suka sama tinted lipbalm ini! Weird but unique lip product! #beauty #makeup #tiktokindonesia #fyp Cr: @blublubli


Garnering quite the buzz on the social media platform as of late, this cheese-shaped lip balm has been getting “oohs” and “aahs” from various users for its adorable appearance and colour-changing abilities.

Enclosed in a miniature clear casing, the yellow version looks like it came straight out of an episode of Tom and Jerry.

They each come with a handy lip brush as well, so you’ll be able to scoop up the product easily and apply it on your lips.

Credit: Aliexpress.com

Besides the classic Swiss cheese yellow, the lip balm is also available in bright red and muted purple shades. We’re guessing these are meant to resemble fruit cheeses.

What’s the actual colour payoff like?

As seen on user @javelin.h, the yellow cheese block doesn’t literally show up as that cartoonish yellow on your lips. For that, you’ll probably have to rely on sipping on your cheese foam bubble teas all day instead.

Upon initial application on lighter lips, it shows up as a coral shade that’s more akin to the colour of a grapefruit. Over time, it could change to a pinker tone depending on your skin.

How does it change colours, exactly?

Contrary to some marketing claims, colour-changing lipsticks don’t alter throughout the day based on your mood. So, what’s the science behind it?

According to makeup artists, their colour changes in response to the pH (acidity) level of your skin, which varies slightly from individual to individual. Our lips typically have a pH level that’s higher than lipsticks, so a chemical reaction is triggered upon application.

The main ingredient in a product with colour-changing properties is Red 27, which has undergone tests to be safe for use on human skin. When this cosmetic dye comes into contact with moisture, its solubility and pH level change, producing a brighter colour.

Other factors which affect our skin’s pH levels include physiological things like physical activity and hormonal fluctuations. This is why the final colour of the lip balm may appear slighter darker or lighter on different individuals.

As with all lip products, the precise tint of the lip balm will also be greatly influenced by your lip’s natural base colour.

If you’re into novelty items, then this affordable cheese lip balm definitely deserves a spot on your vanity.

Magic Casa Cheese Lip Balm retails for S$1.67 and is available on Shopee.

Featured image credit: one beautiful bean/ Xiao Hong Shu and @jameline.h/ TikTok