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There’s no need to wait until the Circuit Breaker is over to change your hair colour: all you need is some coloured tissue paper, warm water, and a pinch of salt!

By the way, coloured tissue paper is also sometimes called “crepe paper”, and you can find them easily on e-commerce stores such as Shopee.



This video from The Ingham Family shows you how to get vibrant hair in any shade you like as long as you have craft tissue paper in the respective colour.

While the vlog only shows “Harley Quinn” style hair in blue and pink, feel free to go crazy with colours- the dyes come off in a few washes so you can experiment at home without anyone judging!


The trend is fairly simple and safe on children, since it’s non-permanent. Tear your desired colour of tissue paper into thin strips, and submerge it in hot water with a generous pinch of salt. Dip sections of your hair into the pigmented solution and wait for about ten minutes, although darker hair may require a longer time. Lastly, rinse the solution off with cold water to seal in the colour, which should last up to a week.

Note that the hair dye is probably more vivid on bleached or lightened hair, so if your hair is very dark, the colour may not show up in an obvious way.

Here are a few styles to take inspiration from



Popularised by K-pop girl groups like Red Velvet and f(x), this style adds a bold splash of colour to otherwise ordinary looking hair. Plus, you’ll get to try out different colours of the dip-dye look and find which one really suits you since the dye is temporary!

For this look, you’ll only need to dip half of the length of your hair into the solution, although splitting your hair into two sections may make it easier to manage.

Mermaid ombre



If the dip-dye is too “out there” for you, try a gradient with fun colours like bright red, green, or blue instead!

To achieve this fantastical look, try dipping the paper strips into the warm salt water instead of soaking them inside, then wrap it around the ends of your hair with a rubber band. After 10 minutes, simply take out the paper strips and rinse your hair under cold water.

Colour accents



Bring back the early 2000’s Avril Lavigne rock-and-roll spirit with bright coloured accents! If bright pink streaks are too OTT for you, why not try subtler shades like dark red or blue for dark hair and yellow or green for lighter hair?

Similar to the above look, tie a wet strip of the tissue paper around the desired section with a hair tie for several minutes before washing it out.