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After star badminton player Pusarla Venkata Sindhu (or PV Sindhu) shared a photo of her Olympic-inspired nail art on Instagram, it created a buzz among Indian sport fans.

But Sindhu isn’t the only one sporting pretty nail looks at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Here are the ones that caught our eyes and that you can consider asking your manicurist to replicate as a support for your favourite athlete or just to get in on the Olympics frenzy!

Pusarala Venkata Sindhu’s nails

pv sindhu olympic nails

Taken from @pvsindhu1 / Instagram

This is the Instagram photo Sindhu posted that got everyone talking. The photo has already received almost 157k likes at the time of writing.

Manika Batra’s nails

manika batra olympic nails

Taken from @manikabatra_TT / Twitter

Indian table tennis player Manika Batra shows her love for her country with this nail look.

Nevin Harrison’s nails

nevin harrison olympic nails

Canoeist Nevin Harrison shows off her Olympic-inspired nails on Instagram. We love how the teen superstar’s nail look is so understated, it goes with practically any getup.

Suni Lee’s nails

sunisa lee nails 2

sunisa lee olympic nail 1

Gold medalist Suni Lee was praised for her stunning performance as well as the fashion statement she made with her nails.

Jordan Chiles’ nails

jordan chiles olympic nails

Lee wasn’t the only gymnast who sported pretty nails. Team USA’s Jordan Chiles also attracted attention with her Olympic-inspired look.

Regan Smith’s nails

regan smith olympic nails

For something striking, turn to Regan Smith for her neon French tips look.

Katie Ledecky’s nails

katie ledecky olympic nails

Katie Ledecky flaunted patriotic nails as she met her competitors at the swimming pool.

But it’s not all just patriotic and Olympic-inspired looks we saw at Tokyo 2020. Many athletes were seen with other pretty nail looks that we love.

Yang Qian’s nails

yang qian olympic nails

Chinese shooter Yang Qian’s duck hair clip has become a hot retail product in China after she won two gold medals. Her dainty, pearlescent nails also caught the eyes of the netizens.

Sha’carri Richardson’s nails

Sha carri Richardson olympic nails

American sprinter Sha’carri Richardson’s hair (and performance, of course) isn’t the only thing that floored the audience. Her striking long nails shared the limelight too.

Liu Shiwen’s nails

liu shiwen nails

Chinese paddler Liu Shiwen went for a calming blue-themed nail look as she competed at the Olympics.

Emma Weyant’s nails

emma weyant olympic nails

While American swimmer Emma Weyant may have just missed the gold medal, her white-and-gold nail look still left a lasting impression nonetheless.