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After Pantone announced Ultra Violet to be 2018’s colour of the year, we’ve been coveting all the ways to wear this mysterious yet bold colour. We’ve previously shared with you the top products that are look beautiful in ultra violet, but we’ve yet to tell you how you can wear it on yourself – on your hair!

Our eyes are on these celebrities who have taken the plunge to transform their look with a head full of ultra violet hair, and we’re digging it!



Known for her unparalleled makeup skils, Pony is arguably one of Asia’s biggest beauty icons. Never one to shy away from bold hair colours, Pony was previously known for her bright pink hair before transiting into ultra violet. We love how the ultra violet hair is paired impeccably with Pony’s flawless, porcelain skin, which adds to the trendy, enigmatic vibe that she gives off.

2. TWICE’s Chou Tzuyu


Listed as one of the most beautiful faces of 2017, Chou Tzuyu originally hails from Taiwan and is known for her angelic looks. Dark violet hair, like the one Tzuyu sports here, is easier to pull off, and can add radiance to your overall complexion.

3. Irene Kim


Irene Kim shot to fame as a model, and is widely known for her bold, high-fashion outfits. The fashionista is also a beauty chameleon, often sporting boldly coloured tresses. We aren’t surprised to see her bangin’ ombre violet hair just a few months before ultra violet was announced the Pantone Colour of the Year.

4. Katy Perry


Katy Perry is never one to shy from bold looks, Katy Perry has been spotted in cotton candy locks to a platinum blonde pixie cut. Katy’s spunky personality really shines through with her long curly dark Ultra Violet locks paired with purple-red lips!

5. Blackpink’s Kim Jisoo


Known as the face of K-pop group Black Pink, Kim Jisoo usually wears her hair in a dark brown shade. But she caught on to the Ultra Violet craze in 2017 and went purple! The allure of the slightly pastel Ultra Violet complements Jisoo’s angelic endearing look!

6. Red Velvet’s Irene


Adding in grey and ash undertones to the purple can provide a softer approach to Ultra Violet hair. We love how Irene’s ashy Ultra Violet hair perfectly frames her baby face and demure features!

7. Sophia Chang


Sophia Chang is a Korean-American beauty and fashion YouTube guru who is known for her polished makeup looks and trendy outfits. She was well ahead of the trend and wore Ultra Violet hair back in 2015! We’re digging Sophia’s take on Ultra Violet hair – her look is equal parts bold and chic!