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No matter how old you are, unicorn nails are sure to add fun to your daily look, and are sure to make you the centre of attention. We’ve curated 21 of the prettiest and attractive unicorn nail art for you to try!

1. Classic Unicorn Nails

Simple but eye-catching, this basic unicorn horn nail art is one of the hottest trends of the moment, and will find favour with all unicorn lovers. If you’re attempting this nail design on your own for the first time, perhaps go for a simple white design that would be easier to pull off.

2. Half and Half

Make the unicorn horn an accent instead of embellish every nail with it to avoid looking to over the top. You can also consider adding jewels for a more glamorous look.

3. Go holographic

If long nails are not your thing but you still want a funky look, try this nail design. Holographic shades and unicorns make a great pair and will make your nail look appears even more magical.

4. Pastel and Soft Ombre

A post shared by Alejandra (@ales.nailart) on Apr 6, 2017 at 10:03pm PDT

Are the previous inspirations too psychedelic for you? Here’s a softer nail design that still looks cute.

5. Sophisticated

Want something more sophisticated? This design is a great option. You can consider this as a fun look to wear to work.

6. Baby unicorn

This adorable look reminds of how a baby unicorn would look like.

7. Glitter and Pastel

This is one of our favourite looks because the shades chosen make it easy to look good on any skin tones.

8. Mauve unicorn nail look

The neutral mauve colour also ensures that your nails won’t stick out like sore thumbs (pun intended). This colour and design are suitable for those who prefer a more timeless look.

9. Ice Queen

This nail design gives off the White Witch (from Narnia) vibe. If you like to wear white, this nail design will certainly add more glam to your outfit.

10. Neon and loud

This is perhaps the most eye-catching of all the looks we’ve featured. The bling, neon green and unicorn prints will make you stand out anywhere.

11. Unicorn meets mermaid


Its pretty colours remind us of mermaids, so if you can’t decide if you’re more into unicorns or mermaids, this may be a great compromise.

12. Tangerine unicorn nail look

You don’t always have to stick to holographic, pink, and rainbow shades for the unicorn look. This tangerine-themed one looks edgy.

13. Teal unicorn nail look

Teal is a classy but funky colour that goes well with white and black. So, if you love monochrome colours but are in for a change, try this teal unicorn look and pair it with your favourite black dress.

14. Marble unicorn nail look

A post shared by Style by Sue (@style_by_sue) on Apr 6, 2017 at 3:19pm PDT

Mix two hottest nail trends: unicorn-inspired and marble, and you’ll get this!

15. Ombre unicorn nail look

This design is perfect for those who have cool skin tones.

16. Unicorn Tears

This unicorn design reminds us of the popular Too Faced Unicorn Tears lipstick. If you’re upset that you couldn’t get the Unicorn Tears lipstick, wearing this nail design may give you some consolation.

17. Bronze unicorn nail look

This nail design looks sleek but still funky.

18. Glamorous unicorn nail look


Want a va-va-voom glamorous look? This is the one to go for.

19. Barbie meets Unicorn

A post shared by Rebecka (@beckawahlen) on Apr 6, 2017 at 8:05am PDT

If pink if your favourite colour, then you have to try this look! Furthermore, girly and fun, this nail design is for anyone who wants a feminine look.

20. Rainbow unicorn nail look

You can safely say that you are a part of the Unicorn fandom with this look. Be sure to layer the colours according to the rainbow sequence so that you get accurately capture this design.

If you’re thinking of trying these nail designs out yourself, the nail tutorial below by Dazzle Glam Nails may help.