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Velvet is quickly becoming one of 2021’s hottest trends, and it’s taking over everything from clothes to furniture. Now, the beauty industry is welcoming this plush fabric, with many replicating its fuzzy texture on manicures.

These manicures are achieved by painting on shimmery, semi-metallic nail polishes that look just like the soft fabric in the right light. Some nail artists have taken it up a notch with French tips and unique designs, but when it comes to velvet nails, we believe simplicity is key.

Ahead, we’ve compiled some lovely shades that range from mysterious deep blues to simple blush pinks for you to save as inspo for your next nail appointment.

1. Metallic purple velvet

velvet nails metallic purple

Credit: @overglowedit on Instagram

For fans of cool-toned nails who want something more understated, this will definitely be your top pick!

2. Pink ombré velvet

velvet nails pink ombre

Credit: @gellygirlnails on Instagram

Love the colour pink but always have trouble picking your favourite shade? Go for an ombré look at your next appointment for a little variety in your manicure.

3. Mint velvet

velvet nails mint

Credit: @leeann_nails on Instagram

We promise this look will make your manicure the star of the show! Give your velvet manicure a subtle upgrade with these gorgeous star and moon designs that complement the metallic green perfectly.

4. Champagne satin

velvet nails champagne satin

Credit: @kouklamounails on Instagram

Say hello to a little shimmer in your next set with these gorgeous champagne satin velvet nails. This versatile and understated shade will definitely go with any and all outfits!

5. Indigo velvet


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A post shared by Cirque Colors (@cirquecolors)

If you like your nails to make a statement in a darker shade, we know this stunning indigo velvet manicure will be perfect for you.

6. Matcha latte velvet

velvet nails matcha latte velvet

Credit: @catinailedit on Instagram

Sage green is quickly becoming an increasingly popular outfit colour, so why not integrate it into your nails too? Spicing up the uniform velvet texture with some little designs will definitely elevate your manicure.

7. Pale pink velvet

velvet nails pale pink

Credit: @amyytran on Instagram

Elevate your manicure with this abstract design. The unique curved design will definitely be your friends’ next nail inspo when they see you with these!

8. Pink and green velvet

Velvet Nails (pink Green)

Try out some complementary colours for your next manicure! This adorable springtime-themed colour scheme is sure to bring you lots of cheer!

9. Iridescent blue velvet

velvet nails iridescent blue

Credit: @amyytran on Instagram

This shade of vibrant blue is definitely the go-to if you’re looking for something that will make a statement.

10. Velvet French tips

Velvet Nails (french Tips)

If simple designs are your thing, this might be the perfect manicure for you. A simple French tip with a little velvet texture is versatile, understated and goes well with anything.

11. Blue and silver velvet

velvet nails blue silver

Credit: @lolo.nailedit

Nothing helps to cool you off in this humid Singapore weather like a perfect ice blue and silver combination. Spice up this combination with a velvety texture, and we promise this might be your favourite manicure yet.

12. Purple and silver velvet

Velvet Nails (purple Silver)

Add little rhinestones to your nails for extra sparkle and give your luxurious velvet nails the upgrade it deserves!

13. Midnight blue velvet

velvet nails midnight blue

Credit: @nailpromagazine

Go for a jewel-toned look at your next nail appointment – this sapphire blue shade is guaranteed to be a showstopper!

14. Mauve velvet


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A post shared by GEORGIA RAE (@raelondonnails)

If you want something less brightly coloured but want your digits to be noticed by all your friends, this lovely mauve shade strikes the perfect balance.

15. Olive green velvet

This olive green colour complements the texture of velvet perfectly, giving you a lush, luxurious look that goes well with any outfit.

16. Bright blue velvet

Velvet Nails (bright Blue)

There will be no more Monday blues after getting these during your nail appointment during the weekend!

17. Rainbow velvet

Velvet Nails (rainbow)

Add little pops of colour into your everyday outfit with these colourful velvet nails that definitely exude charm and happiness.

18. Taupe brown velvet

Velvet Nails (taupe Brown)

Want to hop on the trend but not sure if you want flashy colours? This neutral taupe brown shade is understated, yet gives you the same luxurious velvety finish!

19. Pink and green velvet French tips

velvet nails pink green french tips

Credit: @evemeetsnails

If you’re looking to spice things up even more, you can even opt for alternating colours on each hand!

20. Velvet snowflakes

velvet nails snowflakes

Credit: @amyytran

You can definitely keep it icy even in sunny Singapore with a gorgeous velvet snowflake manicure.