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Hair is undoubtedly the first feature that people notice about you. It reflects your personality, and molds the impression that other people get of you. If you have naturally curly hair and grew up trying to tame it into straightness, it’s time to start embracing it. For all us girls with naturally wavy or curly hair, here are 13 hairstyles you can try your hands at!

1. Layered Pixie


Tired of styling your long locks? You might want to consider this pixie cut. You can skip all the hassle from styling your hair and even save some time!

2. Short bob with bangs


This is something different from your regular bob. This bob style falls slightly above your chin, accompanied with bangs.

To make your curls stand out in this style, use a diffuser instead of a hair dryer. Not only does it keep the frizz at bay, it also helps to retain the pattern of your curls. Check out this video for a more detailed tutorial on how to achieve this look!

3. Loose top knot


For this style, make sure you have a lot of long bobby pins on hand. Flip your head upside down and gently gather your hair at the top of head. Tie your hair into a knot and use bobby pins to secure.

Don’t worry: bobby pins will not leave any dent on your curls! If you prefer your top knot to be more secure, you may choose to use a hair tie. Use your preferred styling product for better control.

4. Braided top knot


You’ll need to first get your hair into a loose top knot (see the above entry) first, but remember to leave a good sized section of hair out. When your top knot is in place, braid this section of hair before wrapping it around the knot. Secure with bobby pins.

5. High ponytail


Gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure with a hair tie. To prevent the ponytail from slipping downwards, secure with bobby pins.

6. Slick Back


This glamorous style is not off limits to wavy and curly hair! With a styling gel, work through the front section of your hair and simply brush back to keep hair off your face.

7. Low side bun


Tie your hair into a low side ponytail. Divide the ponytail into two sections and wrap them around each other, creating a twist. Wrap the twisted section into a low bun and secure with bobby pins.

8. Dutch braid


Brush through curls to reduce amount of tension required when braiding. Divide hair into two sections and proceed to do a French braid on each section until you reach the preferred length. Secure it with hair tie.

Fancy braids like the Dutch braid or the French braid are actually where those with natural waves in their hair can shine, because braids hold best with that kind of hair texture.

9. Classic French braid


Detangle your hair with a fine-toothed comb. For this style, you will be parting your hair down the middle. Portion three sections at the top of your scalp and start braiding with alternate sections. As you braid, insert sections from remaining hair and complete until desired length. Lastly, secure with a hair tie.

10. Low French braid bun


Instead of parting down the middle, divide hair into two sections and begin french braiding as per previous hairstyle. After securing both ends with hair ties, wrap both sections into a low bun and secure with bobby pins.

11. Fishtail braid


Detangle your hair so that it’s easier to work with. Pull hair into a ponytail and divide into two sections. Separate a small section from outside of the left ponytail and place it across the right ponytail. Do the same with the right ponytail and place the section across the left ponytail. Repeat steps until the desired length. Secure with a hair tie.

Check out this video tutorial to see how it’s done!

12. Crown braid


Take your fringe and separate it into two equal sections. With each section, divide it into three sections and begin braiding. You can choose to pin both sections together, on top of your hair or underneath, with bobby pins.

13. Half bun, Half down


This is similar to the top knot, except halved. Pull the top half of your hair into a ponytail. From there, wrap the ponytail into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. You may adjust how loose or tight you want the bun to be to match the look you are going for.

By the way, if you don’t have natural curls, you can create them! Here’s a complete guide to creating curls that you can follow.