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Many of us are familiar with a makeup rut – this is when you do the same old makeup look every day, such that makeup doesn’t inspire you anymore, and you’re feeling bored.

Here’s the jolt that you need! We have created three wearable but distinctive looks using products from Korean beauty brand TheFaceShop, including the new Flat Velvet Lipstick and Flat Glossy Lipstick. Hopefully this inspires you to try out something new this week!

Girl-next-door Korean makeup look tutorial

You want to look sweet but not like you haven’t graduated from secondary school. If this describes you, then the following tutorial will help you thread the fine line perfectly.

Sultry Korean makeup look tutorial

Looking sultry is all about having the right attitude – and makeup. Here’s how to look incredibly irresistible without needing to show skin.

Edgy Korean makeup look tutorial

If “rebel” is your middle name, then this edgy makeup look is going to be your drug. The bold look isn’t as difficult as you think it is to achieve!

All products mentioned can be found at all TheFaceShop stores.