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You’re familiar with these videos: 100 Years of Chinese Beauty Looks, 100 Years of Indian Beauty, and 100 Years of Japanese Makeup. We enjoyed these videos but can’t help but wonder when we’ll be represented in one of them.

Instead of waiting for them to be produced, we decided to create our own. We celebrate the nation’s 52nd birthday with a video that shows you how makeup that Singaporean women wear have evolved through our 50+ years of independence. Watch it now:

The looks were created based on inspirations taken from several sources, including covers of old Singapore magazines, pictures of previous Miss Singapore Universe winners, and Singapore TV programmes:

• 1960s: There’s a good chance that if your mother or grandmother was leading the style pack in the ‘60s, she will be sporting a quirky cut crease, and glossy lips. You’ll probably see this trendy look on several record covers you find in an old, treasured stash – just like we did.

• 1970s: Hippie-chic is in – just look at the women magazine covers in the ‘70s! Women wore flares and embroidery for fashion, and for makeup, they go for thin eyebrows and bronze eyeshadow.

• 1980s: Probably the most colourful period we’re looking at – and we’re not just talking about the popularity of colour television broadcasts. The trendiest women in Singapore such as Zoe Tay, Aileen Tan, and Jazreel Low (from Star Search 1988), were seen with eye-catching makeup looks. They were generous with pink blush on their cheeks, and complete their looks with pink eyeshadow and red lips.

• 1990s: Some of us may remember being the cool kids in this period, or maybe seen our sister sporting the latest makeup looks when she head out to meet her friends. The ‘90s is known for the metallic lips, which has taken over from the disco-craze of the ‘80s as the new glitz in town.

• 2000s: Remember when Fiona Xie was every guy’s dream girl? You may remember her and other It girls in the 2000s wearing peachy shades on their cheeks and the shiniest lip gloss on their lips.

• Now: We’re split into two camps: 1. The Korean beauty fanatics who are all about straight brows, dewy skin, and two-toned gradient lips; 2. Those who look up to Kylie Jenner and Instagram trends, and find pouty lips created with an MLBB (my lips but better) shade of liquid lipstick lit.