Innisfree has launched a new anti-ageing range with products that include – wait for it – the technology of a popular medical patch in Korea. The collection is called Lifting Science, and it includes four bands for different areas of concern. Use these bands with the new Wrinkle Science products that tap into the benefits of Jeju seaweed and you’ll get a new approach to anti-aging that you’ve never seen before!

The DV team is always on the lookout for quirky products with unique technology so this collection of new products is certainly up our alley. Watch this video as we share with you how the products work and tell you what we thought of them after getting four of our team members to try these products for themselves.

Innisfree Wrinkle Science & Lifting Science products review: The bands look like koyok!

innisfree has launched a new skincare collection that reminds us of koyok (medical patch)! Find out what these quirky products do and watch the DV team put them to the test.

Posted by Daily Vanity on Wednesday, October 16, 2019