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Nothing gets Singaporeans more excited than the food we grow up with. This is why we decided to celebrate National Day with old school snacks; the team used them in place of makeup to see if it’s possible to create a look with them.

Watch the full video here:

The 4-minute video features the following food items:

• Three Legs Cooling Water: Known traditionally as the drink our mums force down of throats to alleviate “heatiness” in our body, this drink is used in the video to wet makeup brushes (0:29) and also as a great setting spray (3:30).

• Milo powder: Nathan Hartono isn’t the only Milo fan – the Daily Vanity team too! But other than serving as the de facto comfort beverage for us, we find it useful as an emergency brow powder (0:36), eyeshadow for the crease (0:51), and eyeliner (1:47). Perfect for (makeup) champions!

• Super Rings: You may call it the inferior cousin of Cheezos, but nothing can take away our memories of snacking on Super Rings while watching our favourite cartoons on TV. The Daily Vanity team crushed up a few Super Rings to use them as eyeshadow (1:11). Unfortunately, we don’t really recommend it as emergency makeup after our trial – it’s definitely better for eating.

• Apollo Chocolate Wafer: These can be found in every goodie bag given out at birthday parties when we were in primary school. Who knew that the delicious snack also works well as a contouring bar (2:13)!

• F&N Rose Syrup: We don’t care how much sugar this may contain, it’s certainly a treat when we get to drink it. The Daily Vanity team finds that the rose syrup works as a perfect cheek stain (2:41) and lip stain (3:22), especially if you’re going for a natural, effortless look. Here’s a bonus: It smells great too!

• Butter on Yakun toast: Kaya or butter? We’ll take both on our toast but just the butter on our face. The butter from our iconic toast works well as a subtle highlighter (2:52) – who would have guessed?

• Horlicks powder: “Baking” your makeup is a beauty trend made popular by makeup enthusiasts on Instagram, and is said to help leave your makeup looking flawless. We do it the Singaporean way – with Horlicks (3:00).
• Push Pop: Remember how Push Pop ads in the ‘90s make us feel like kids who snack on them were the coolest kids on the block? We use the candy-everyone-loves as a lip gloss (3:17). While it didn’t offer us a vibrant tint we were looking for, the candy definitely made our lips look juicier.

• Biscuit Piring Wafer: These colourful snacks were great for sharing with our friends when we were kids, and when it comes to our makeup routine now, it performs as a fantastic fan (3:37) to help dry down our setting spray quickly.