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We think that every bride exudes that unmistakable, natural bridal glow on her wedding day. However, that doesn’t mean that you should just stick to your daily makeup routine or even go entirely makeup-free.

Remember, your wedding will last for hours, long enough for your forehead to become shiny and your eyes to look tired. Your wedding day requires makeup products and styles that are completely different from what you use every day. Instead of simply covering up your face, the right wedding makeup should enhance your natural beauty and make you look flawless both in person and in your wedding photos.

They say that mistakes are the best teachers in life, so you should learn from these bridal beauty blunders to avoid making the same mishaps on your big day.

1. Wearing too much makeup

Overly heavy makeup will crack after a while, and it’s surely not a flattering look, especially in your wedding photographs. Don’t cover your face with layers of fake eyelashes or dramatic contouring only to regret them when you look at your photographs years after the wedding.

2. Forcing yourself to try all the latest trends

The latest trends aren’t always the best ones. They might not even be suitable for you, because every person has different features. Being pretty is not about keeping up with every single beauty trend, it’s about understanding which look suits you the most.

3. Skipping pre-wedding treatments

Don’t be afraid to spoil yourself every once in a while. Sometimes it’s okay to treat yourself to a series of spa treatments, especially before the special day. These treatments will help you cleanse your body and make your skin glow more than ever.

4. Missing the makeup trial sesh

If you’re an experimental person, this is the chance to try new things. Therefore, it’s important not to miss your wedding makeup trial. Arrange a schedule with your makeup artist and figure out the look that suits you the best.

5. Forgetting to groom the eyebrows

It’s important to also pay attention to your eyebrows. Some brides have thicker eyebrows that need to be professionally shaped or waxed. Try not to draw your eyebrow too thickly or too thinly, because eyebrows can really affect your overall look in an instant.

6. Not preparing emergency makeup kits

Don’t forget to bring your essential makeup kit. Remember, the makeup you put on in the morning won’t last for the whole day. A little touch up such as putting on lipstick or powder on your face will do wonders. You should also remember bring a few bobby pins, a tiny bottle of perfume, and blotting sheets. You’ll thank us later if you face some unexpected beauty emergencies on the big day.

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