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We all know our famous Western and Korean beauty Youtubers, but did you know that even though Singapore may be a small country, but we certainly don’t lack talent as well! Singaporean beauty vloggers understand the pains and concerns that come with living in this hot weather, and offer beauty tips that are better suited for our skin concerns. Plus, they tend to recommend products or services that are found locally, as compared to overseas vloggers.

We have compiled a list of some of the best beauty vloggers in Singapore, each of them offering a unique set of videos for different makeup and skincare preferences.

1. Roseanne Tang

Roseanne is a professional and certified makeup artist who trained at the prestigious London School of Beauty & Makeup. One of the most famous beauty vloggers in Singapore, she has been featured on countless magazines and newspapers.

The founder of brushes brand BloomKIT also teaches makeup classes at her personal makeup school. Being a teacher, it is little wonder that her channel heavily focuses on makeup tutorials, which are very popular with her subscribers. Her channel also features the occasional product reviews and personal vlogs.

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2. Mongchin Yeoh

Mongchin, commonly known by her online moniker Mongabong, is famous for sharing her love for beauty, fashion, and travel on her social media. Having more than 60,000 subscribers and easily hitting 10,000 views on most of her uploads, it is safe to say that you will enjoy Mongchin’s bubbly videos.

The Singapore Management University Accountancy graduate’s channel has a good mix of videos, including tutorials, hauls and swatches. Her Korean celebrity-inspired makeup tutorials are a must-watch if you want to pick up tips on how to look like your favourite actresses!

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3. Karman

You know you definitely have to check out a vlogger whose channel’s description boldly writes that her viewers say she makes some of the best beauty tutorials.

If you love learning how to do a Japanese or Korean look, Karman’s YouTube channel has tutorials made just for you. Her reviews and tutorials focus mainly on quality drugstore products, making her channel very accessible to all budgets. If you are more comfortable with Chinese, you are in luck: Karman’s videos come with Chinese subtitles, and she also has a separate channel for her Chinese videos.

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4. Adlina Anis

A graduate of design school from Temasek Polytechnic, Adlina Anis is not just famous for being a fashion designer and stylist, but also a beauty guru. Besides her popular hijab tutorials, she also shares truthful product reviews on her channel, and is not afraid to let viewers know whether certain brands are worth the hype.

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5. Soh Pei Shi

Pei Shi is well-known for being part of the pioneer blogger community, and has now grown to become a famous beauty influencer with more than 131 000 Youtube subscribers. In fact, she is on her way to establishing herself well beyond the shores of Singapore, having been selected to feature on Korean channel JTBC4’s popular beauty variety show. Together with the Korean celebrity crew and four other beauty influencers, Pei Shi will share the latest beauty trends in the region.

Her skincare routines and makeup tutorials are especially popular among viewers. Check out her channel if you enjoy doing the Korean no-makeup makeup and the girl-next-door looks.

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6. Xiaxue

Arguably one of the most famous OG bloggers, ask any Singaporean and no one would not know Xiaxue. Well-known for her provocative nature, the beauty of Xiaxue’s videos lies in the fact that she is not afraid to speak her mind, try unconventional things, and laugh at herself.

Xiaxue’s beauty videos are an eclectic mix; her most popular (& unusual) ones  include those where she openly shows her plastic surgery recovery process, learn how to do drag makeup from a drag queen, and do her makeup with her feet.

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7. Cinddie

We love a good video aesthetic, and Cinddie’s videos are definitely irresistible in that aspect! An up-and-coming beauty influencer, Cinddie focuses on Korean makeup looks in tutorials that are easy to follow. Her swatch videos are also a must-watch, thanks to her quirky editing.

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8. Brenda Tan

This beauty vlogger is passionate about a variety of things, making her Youtube channel an interesting myriad of videos. On the beauty side, she makes videos spanning from hauls, to reviews and vlogs. Brenda also creates educational content to discuss personal or social issues, making her a truly versatile creative who is not afraid to speak her mind on things. We also love her cheerful and fun-loving personality which shines through in her videos, and you’ll be sure to love it too.

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9. Nicole Changmin

The NTU Visual Communications graduate started making videos because she did not have any sisters to play with, and wanted to contribute to the online makeup community. Her following eventually grew, and currently boasts more than 25,000 subscribers on her channel – proof that people love her honest product reviews and useful makeup tutorials.

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10. Dayang Anisa

As a freelance makeup artist, Dayang enjoys sharing her favourite beauty products and reviewing them on her Youtube channel, with the occasional beauty tutorials. Although she has a smaller Youtube following, it is clear that her subscribers are big fans of hers and love her videos.

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