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We’re certainly spoiled for choices when it comes to beauty salons in Singapore – a quick search on Google already throws up more than 20 pages of search results for “best salons in Singapore”! So how can we as consumers find out which one is the best without having to try all of them?

As the #1 beauty media in Singapore, Daily Vanity has stepped up to make life easier for our readers by curating only the best beauty salons in Singapore that you can trust.

This is why the Daily Vanity Spa & Hair Awards 2019 was organised. This is the second year the award is held, and this year we enlisted the help of even more of our readers, who are huge beauty enthusiasts and honest reviewers – to vote for their favourite beauty treatments across seven categories. These categories include:

  • Best facials
  • Best massages
  • Best body treatments
  • Best nail services
  • Best hair salons
  • Best hair treatment centres
  • And even aesthetic treatments preferred by our readers

We have everything covered, be it facial and body care, hairstyling, or other grooming services. You now have a comprehensive list of salons that you know you can count on!

The winners are picked out based on the votes casted by over 2,000 readers. who shared with us which salons they would recommend, based on their personal experiences.

The results are finally out and we are glad to tell you that you can view all the winners that are awarded the best salons in Singapore. Psst, you’ll also be able to grab exclusive perks that these best salons have to offer to Daily Vanity readers to thank you for your votes!

As a sneak preview, here are some of the outstanding award winners:


Erabelle Dvsha 2019

Source: Jemma Wei

Erabelle clinched many awards in last year’s edition for their facial treatment, and they’ve continued their winning streak this year.

Our readers love their ambience so much that they’ve voted Erabelle as the facial salon with best ambience for the second year running – even we are impressed! You can read our review here to see exactly why this salon is so well-loved by their customers.

My Cozy Room

Extraction Facials Singapore My Cozy Room 4

A facial is the fastest solution to clearing a terrible breakout right before your big day. If you’ve ever wondered which one you should book in times of emergencies, our readers have revealed their answers with their vote: My Cozy Room’s Premium Anti-Acne LED treatment and Premium Pore Extraction Facial Treatment.

Specially designed for blemished and problematic skin, these treatments can effectively treat blemished skin, as well as help to inhibit the spread of bacteria and fungal infections. Our readers were left with instantly clear and pure skin after the facials – no wonder it’s won the hearts of so many!

The Clifford Clinic

The Clifford Clinic Dvsha 2019

This established aesthetics clinic has received highest votes from our readers for not just one category, but TWO this year in DVSHA for their Lifting/Firming Treatment, as well as Botox Treatment.

Our readers have voted for them due to their experienced doctors, safe medical practices, and best-quality skincare products used in each treatment. If you are looking to book an aesthetic treatment with low downtime, be sure to keep this clinic in mind.

Allure Beauty Saloon

Allure Beauty Saloon Dvsha 2019

You’ll never have to worry about terrible brows at Allure Beauty Saloon, according to all the readers who voted them in as the winners of Best Brow Embroidery!

They use a unique golden ratio technique in order to shape your brows, and each embroidery session can give you perfect brows that last up to 2-3 years with no downtime. Their professionalism and fantastic results certainly hit the right note with their customers.

Glower Hair Care

Glower Hair Care Review Consultation 2

Damaged hair requires a little more professional help, and Glower Hair Care has been voted as the salon to head to if you want the Best Treatment for Damaged Hair.

This treatment combines European & Chinese herbs, Laser & Ozone therapy, and restorative massage to restore both your scalp and hair back to good health. Our reader, Pei Wen, reported less hair fall and cleaner scalp after just one treatment – you can read more about it in her review here.

Japan IPL Express

Japan Ipl Express Dvsha 2019

Our readers love Japan IPL Express for their affordable, no-fuss & no-frills beauty services: if you dislike having to buy packages and book appointments, you can just walk into Japan IPL Express and get an IPL treatment done on any area, at any time, and at any outlet.

It is not surprising that they have clinched the title of Best IPL Salon in 2019: be sure to check them out if you haven’t tried their IPL treatment before.

Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions

Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions Dvsha 2019

You may have heard of, or even consume organic food regularly in your life, but did you know that you can also opt for this healthier alternative when it comes to your hair care?

Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions’ Age Reversal Scalp Treatment ticks all the right boxes with the customers who have tried it before. We are sure you will also love this chemical-free solution that reverses loss of elasticity, greying hair and weakening follicles!

TK TrichoKare


As you age, you may face hair thinning (less dense and smaller diameter of each hair strand) due to hormonal changes. There’s no need to panic if you notice the onset of hair thinning, because there are salons offering effective solutions to the problem.

DV readers highly recommend TK TrichoKare for their Advanced Age Defying Hair Treatment, which has clinched the title of Best Treatment for Hair Thinning this year. This treatment offers customised herbal remedies that promote hair growth and strengthen hair follicles, so that you can boast a luxurious mane again.

Dr Steven Ang Aesthetics

Laser Facials In Singapore Dr Steven Aesthetics And Laser Clinic

Dr Steven Ang Aesthetics is widely-acknowledged to be a professional clinic that uses top quality products and also offers cost-effective alternatives, and our voters will concur.

Fillers and scar removal treatments are their forte, so it’s also little surprise that the aesthetic clinic has managed to bag two awards for these treatments in this year’s DVSHA.

Healing Touch Spa

Healing Touch Spa Dvsha 2019

Massages are good, but not all of them are great. For a massage that can really relieve the stresses of everyday life, our readers will have you know that Healing Touch Spa provides the best deep tissue massage you can find in Singapore.

Their famous Deep Tissue Abdominal Massage incorporates slower pressure and deeper movements to realign deep layers of muscles and connective tissue – this helps to relieve tension in contracted areas so that the chronic ache disappears. It sounds like a lovely way to unwind after work, doesn’t it?


Bottomslim Dvsha 2019

If you gain weight easily in the bottom half of your body and can’t seem to get rid of it no matter how much you exercise, BottomSlim offers a slimming treatment that is loved by DVSHA voters. Their Tummy, Hip & Thighs Trim utilises muscular electro-stimulation to activate fat digesting enzymes so that you get a more toned and firmer bottom.

Curious to know if it is as effective as our readers say? You can try the body treatment and find out for yourself!