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Before hair serums and hair oils became popular, most people were using hair tonics, which were typically formulated to make the hair look glossier, as it was commonly viewed by many people as a sign of healthy hair.

These days, the best hair tonics also come with other benefits such as moisturising dry hair, lubricating dry scalp, reducing split ends and broken hair, and even helping to control dandruff!

Looking for hair tonic for hair growth? Read on for our recommendations.

How to use hair tonic?

Simply pour a little hair tonic onto your palm, warm it up by rubbing your hands together. Then, apply onto your hair and scalp. On your scalp, do a gentle massage to help stimulate circulation, which helps promote scalp health.

Best hair tonics for hair growth to try

New to hair tonics and want to find out which are the best hair tonics for hair growth to invest in? You’re on the right article!