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Over the years, being well-groomed has come to include completely smooth and flawless skin. So it comes as no surprise that in Asia, hair removal is more of a necessity than an indulgence.

There are several cost-saving methods to remove hair – shaving, epilation, and waxing. However, though pocket-friendly, the effects do not last long and they tend to cause side effects like ingrown hair and skin itchiness as well.

If you are looking for more permanent solutions to your hairy woes, you might want to consider going for semi-permanent hair removal treatments at a beauty salon.

Woman Getting Laser Hair Removal

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We compare nine popular hair removal salons so you can choose and decide for yourself which you think is the best. You’re welcome!

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1. Datsumo Labo

Why Datsumo Labo?

Datsumo Labo comes from Japan and prides itself in being a top class hair removal salon, with reasonable prices. It has more than 80 branches globally and each comes equipped with therapists that hold a Full Body Hair Removal License.

This salon uses the Smooth Skin Control (S.S.C.) Hair Removal, a technology that claims to yield better results than IPL; it is safer, less painful and the effects are more long-lasting.

According to the salon, more than 200 Japanese celebrities are their patrons and it is also endorsed by popular local bloggers and influencers.

What do people say about Datsumo Labo? A number of customers pointed out that Datsumo Labo’s pricing is very competitive and affordable for newcomers, and the salon’s appointment booking system is also very convenient to use, which is probably why the salon has an average 4.1-star rating on Google from roughly 33 reviewers.

However, there are quibbles about their less than satisfactory customer service so proceed with caution and make sure you read all the terms stated on Datsumo Labo’s website thoroughly before making a decision.

One client also pointed out that the salon designs are as basic as they come, so you might want to give it a miss if you’re looking for a aesthetically pleasing hair removal salon.

What’s the price and where to get it? You can consider the standard monthly full body hair removal plan, which costs S$249 and includes eight body areas.

There’s also the Perfect Complete Package for 22 areas, which is comes up to about S$498 per session. À la carte prices range from S$38 to S$88, depending on the area you’d like to treat.

Locations: Two outlets in Somerset (Orchard Central) and Tanjong Pagar (Orchid Hotel).

How to make an appointment? Book online here if you’re new to Datsumo Labo.

2. MiracleSally (Get up to 50% off with Salon Finder!)

Best Hair Removal Salons Ipl

Why MiracleSally?

Nestled within a quiet commercial building in the downtown area, MiracleSally is quite the hidden gem on the island, offering mainly hair removal services with a few other body treatments for the ladies.

The hair removal salon is well-known for its value-for-money hair removal service, which includes waxing, IPL or SHR options.

What do people say about MiracleSally? Clients who left reviews after their sessions are generally pleased of the service they received from the salon’s professional and friendly therapists.

In fact, many first-timers who visited MiracleSally loved how the skilled therapists were extremely gentle and patient throughout the session to get all the pesky hair meticulously removed without neglecting customer’s comfort. This has led to many of the new customers converting to loyal regulars after trying MiracleSally’s hair removal services for the first time!

Here’s what one customer has to say about the MiracleSally:

“I have done waxing for years at big salon chains so I was initially skeptical about MiracleSally’s services. Chanced upon it as I was looking for a last-minute appointment at a salon near my workplace. Never regretted since then and I am now a repeated customer!

Sally is extremely patient, knowledgeable, and super experienced. Also, I enjoyed the mask that she applied after waxing, it definitely was something I have not experienced before and I loved how soothing it was.

Will definitely recommend MiracleSally! Don’t let this small salon fool you!”

What’s the price and where to get it? The hair removal parlour offers IPL and SHR services for both men and women, and has a whopping collection of 40 deals on Salon Finder.

Discounted prices start as low as S$30 for an upper or lower lip laser hair removal to S$150 for laser hair removal on full back, full arm or half leg (upper or lower).

If you’d like to level up the effectiveness of your hair removal treatment, MiracleSally even offers treatment bundles such Brazilian + Underarm Super Hair Removal (SHR) for Ladies, which is now priced at just S$128 (U.P. S$248) on Salon Finder.

Locations: 138 Robinson Road, #03-43, Oxley Tower, Singapore 068906

How to make an appointment? View all services by MiracleSally and book an appointment here.

3. Musee Platinum Tokyo

Ipl Hair Removal Musee Platinum Tokyo Store Front

Why Musee Platinum Tokyo?

One of the more well-known hair removal salons in Singapore, Musee Platinum Tokyo is widely considered as the leading industry player in Japan.

The salon credits their success to three reasons: well-trained staff, high customer satisfaction, and the fact that they manage their salons under the Japanese management to maintain consistent and quality service.

For Musee Platinum Tokyo, they also use the S.S.C. Hair Removal method for greatest effort with minimal pain, in the shortest time.

What do people say about Musee Platinum Tokyo?

Where customer service is concerned, there seems to be a mix of good and bad news. Overall, there are complaints about how it’s difficult to make appointments due to an over-subscription of their promotions.

What’s the price and where to get it? The current promotion is S$28 for a six-session plan for the underarms and bikini line. Consultation is free.

Locations: Six outlets island-wide. See the full list of locations on the website.

How to make an appointment? Call 6804 6500 or WhatsApp 9487 4366 (click on the number to send a WhatsApp message. Alternatively, you can book an appointment online here.

4. Pink Parlour


Why Pink Parlour?

Established in 2005, Pink Parlour is an award-winning local beauty salon committed to providing customers with quality service and high treatment standards.

For hair removal, the salon uses ALPHA Light Technology which delivers energy deeper and directly to the melanin in the skin, and permanently damage hair follicles. As compared with IPL, ALPHA Light Technology seems to be more painless, require fewer sessions, has a longer-lasting result, and is more suitable for deeper-rooted hair.

What do people say about Pink Parlour?

Reviews on Google are generally favourable, with the salon’s rating hovering around 4.8 stars out of five. Overall, service and hygiene seem pretty good although it really depends on the outlet you go to and the therapist that you get.

What’s the price and where to get it? IPL at Pink Parlour starts as low as S$32 for the upper lip, while an IPL session for the Brazilian area and the full back could set you back for S$252 and S$302 respectively.

There’s also Boyfriend’s Brazilian available as well, and that’s priced at S$357. Book via Salon Finder for easy convenience!

Locations: Six locations island-wide. See the full list of locations on the website.

How to make an appointment? View all services by Pink Parlour and book an appointment here.

5. Strip

Best Popular Body Treatment Anti Cellulite Treatment Editors Pick Readers Favourite Singapore Strip

Why Strip?

Strip is quite possibly the most well-known hair removal salon in Singapore, and has outlets in Singapore, London, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Manila, and Bangkok. It places a lot of focus on technique and hygiene.

The salon recently introduced AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) Powerpac Hair Removal, dubbed the next generation of IPL treatment technology.

Co-developed with Alma Laser, an expert in light-based hair removal technology, AFT is said to deliver a more targeted and precise treatment thanks to its usage of a narrower wavelength to deliver an even distribution of energy (this is compared to IPL hair removal, which uses a broad wavelength of light to disperse spikes of energy).

What’s more, the AFT machine comes with a built-in cooling system to provide a comfortable and painless hair removal experience.

What do people say about Strip?

The most expensive of the lot, but also the most hygienic. Ratings on Google seem to be really average, and the quality of service is very much dependent on the therapist and outlet. It’s worth nothing that the salon does place a lot of emphasis on punctuality so as to meet each customer’s appointment.

What are the prices?

There are various packages available for different parts for the body. Prices for AFT are all bundled into a six-session package and starts from S$550 for each area of the hands and feet (back of hand and fingers for example are considered two different areas). A Brazilian can cost S$2,250 while full legs will set you back for S$4,650. Boyzilian is available as well, and price starts from S$3,250.

You can give AFT a try at a first-trial price of S$50 by booking online here.

Locations: 16 outlets island-wide. See the full list of locations on the website.

How to make an appointment? You can call the respective outlets (find the full list of contact numbers on the website) or book online here.

6. Glomax Aesthetics (Save 50% with Salon Finder!)

Glomax Aesthetics

Why Glomax Aesthetics?

With a focus on treating skin concerns, Glomax offers a wide variety of skin treatments from face, body to hair. They are committed to using only premium products and award-winning machines, so you can be sure you’re getting the best treatment possible.

What do people say about Glomax Aesthetics? Glomax Aesthetics is generally positively received, with a 4.7-star rating on Facebook. Customers tend to be happy with their skilled and attentive staff, as well as the lack of hard-selling.

What are the prices? IPL hair removal starts from S$180 for the face, but you can book via Salon Finder to to enjoy 50% savings!

Location: 12 Eu Tong Sen Street, #06-168, Soho 2, Singapore 059819

How to make an appointment? View all services by Glomax Aesthetics and book an appointment here.

7. W.O.W. Wellness Oneness Wonders (Enjoy up to 72% off with Salon Finder!)

W.O.W Wellness Oneness Wonders

Why W.O.W Wellness Oneness Wonders?

W.O.W Wellness Oneness Wonders is a beauty spa that was recently established in 2019, providing a variety of facial, body slimming, scalp treatments, and hair removal services.

In case you’re unaware, W.O.W is by far the only salon in Singapore that offers the world’s first-ever customisable microbiome mask as their Signature Treatment! All services at the beauty salon are carried out by professional, highly trained therapists who use only top-quality products and innovative technologies coupled with personalised services.

What do people say about W.O.W Wellness Oneness Wonders?

Satisfied customers all agree that this hair removal parlour really delivers on their promises, using good-quality products and carrying out the treatment in a nicely furnished environment. Many of them walk out feeling like new again after their treatment session at the garden-inspired café-style salon.

What are the prices? There are plenty of Salon Finder promotions on the W.O.W’s SHR service that you can snag, including welcome packs and starter bundles! Discounted prices start from S$68 for a session on the upper lip, underarm or Brazilian (U.P. S$198). Welcome packs and starter bundles are available from S$125 onwards.

Location: 50 East Coast Road, #01-109/102, Roxy Square, Singapore 428769

How to make an appointment? View all services by W.O.W Wellness Oneness Wonders and book an appointment here.

8. Meroskin (Enjoy up to 60% discount on Salon Finder!)

Best Hair Removal Meroskin

Why Meroskin?

Many beauty salons pride themselves for their suite of facial treatments, but Meroskin is probably equally as popular for their hair removal services as they are for their BABOR facials. Considered to be one of the top hair removal salons around, Meroskin offers SHR hair removal services which is said to use gentler pulses of energy at a higher frequency so that the skin is heated gently throughout the session.

What do people say about Meroskin? Customers who have patronised Meroskin all love the salon for their effective treatments, cosy environment, and attentive staff who are not pushy at all.

What are the prices? A session of SHR for the face costs S$22 while one Brazilian SHR treatment will set you back for S$98. You can however book via Salon Finder and enjoy up to 60% discount!

Location: 10 Anson Road, #03-34/35, International Plaza, Singapore 079903

How to make an appointment? View all services by Meroskin and book an appointment here.

9. J Studios

Good And Affordable Hair Salons In Singapore J Studios

Why J Studios?

J Studios offers a wide range of services from facials, hair treatments, makeup service to hair removal, so you can give yourself some TLC from head to toe.

What do people say about J Studios? J Studios boasts a 4.7-star rating on Google. Customers love their friendly staff, professional and attentive beauticians as well as the convenient location.

What are the prices? Prices aren’t stated online, so you’ll have to ring them up to ask for their menu and also current promotions for IPL hair removal treatments.

Location: 31 Haji Lane, Singapore 189224

How to make an appointment? WhatsApp 9182 8565 (click on the number to send a WhatsApp message) or book online here

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