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Founded by Natasha Denona, renowned makeup artist and trendsetter, this namesake brand recently landed at local Sephora stores.

You might have already heard that the brand is well-known for its intensely-pigmented (and expensive) eyeshadow palettes –  we dig deeper to find out which products are truly worth the hype, according to beauty junkies and fans worldwide.

1. Sunset Palette


What it is: An eyeshadow palette with 15 shades in Natasha Denona’s signature matte, duo chrome, metallic, and chroma crystal finishes.

What reviews say: Many customers have sung praises of this palette’s pigmentation and most importantly, colour selection. There are a lot of suggestions that this palette’s warm shades will work better on tanned or darker skin. Also worth noting are the recommendations to use your fingers to apply the shimmery eyeshadows instead of a brush.

Price: USD129 (unfortunately, this frequently sold-out palette is not available in Singapore as of yet, but available from Sephora US)

2. Star Palette


What it is: An eyeshadow palette with 18 shades, including two new textures to the brand.

What reviews say: The eyeshadow has been said to be ‘super soft and smooth’, and all the colours definitely usable for any occasion. Some users commented that the Crystal formula eyeshadows in this palette are not easy to apply, but all have been impressed by the colours and pigmentation offered in this palette.

Price: SGD250 at Sephora.

3. Face Glow Foundation


What it is: A best-selling, lightweight foundation with SPF 15 that offers brilliant staying power and stays looking flawless from day to night.

What reviews say: This long-lasting foundation has won the hearts of many who strongly recommend this for the healthy glow it gives the skin without looking too greasy. It provides medium coverage and works very well for people with dry and combination skin.

Price: SGD62 at Sephora.

4. All Over Glow Face & Body Shimmer Powder


What it is: A hydrating shimmer powder—infused with real crushed pearls—to bring the ultimate glowing, healthy-looking texture to the face and body.

What reviews say: This is a star favourite of makeup artists and highlighter fans worldwide, who have nothing but praise for the subtle, natural glow this product brings to your skin.

Price: SGD56 at Sephora.

5. Blackest Black Eyeshadow


What it is: A highly pigmented ultra-black eyeshadow in a matte or iridescent finish.

What reviews say: It seems that ‘blackest black’ is not an overstatement by the brand when they describe this product. Buildable, pigmented and blendable, users have also recommended the eyeshadow for its value for money.

Price: SGD44 at Sephora.

6. Chroma Crystal Top Coat Eye Primer


What it is: A multi-use new formulation that can be applied on bare lids, on top of eyeshadow, or on top of lipstick for a dazzling effect.

What reviews say: This primer provides a glossy eyelid look with no smudging and creasing. Fans strongly recommend the Peach shade for a highly-pigmented and glittery look.

Price: SGD42 at Sephora.

7. Lip Glaze


What it is: A lip gloss with a high-impact vinyl look.

What reviews say: It’s very telling when the reviews about this product are littered with the word ‘love’, and end with many exclamation marks. Quoting one deeply impressed user, “This lip gloss is incredible. It is light on the lips in terms of texture, but does not come up too easily. It is pigmented just the right amount. What did I do before Natasha Denona!? The more of her products I try, the more I love this brand!”

Price: SGD32 at Sephora.

8. Star Liner Liquid Eyeliner


What it is: A long-lasting, two-step liquid eyeliner with a sparkle finish for brilliantly defined eyes.

What reviews say: Although reviews consistently comment that Step 1 takes quite a while to dry, Step 2 makes up for it with the gorgeous glitter it brings to your eyes.

Price: SGD44 at Sephora.

9. Blush Duo Palette


What it is: A pair of bold and subtle blush hues.

What reviews say: This palette allows you to use two shades instead of the usual one, which fans agree helps to add dimension to the face. Not all reviews of this product are favourable, as one reviewer pointed out, you need to do a little homework to learn how to use Natasha Denona’s products for the best results.

Price: SGD56 at Sephora.

10. Eyeshadow Palette 5


What it is: A palette with five shadows in shades that beautifully pair together on skin for breathtaking eye looks.

What reviews say: If you’re afraid to take the full plunge, but still want to try the brand’s best-selling eyeshadows, this is a smaller palette that packs the same standard of quality you’d find in a bigger palette. Be warned though – some reviews have remarked that the packaging is not as great as they would have liked it to be.

Price: SGD72 at Sephora.