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Dyeing your hair in vibrant shades is all the rage these days — with everything from bright blue to rose gold constantly appearing on the popular pages of our Instagram feed. Finding a salon that does these shades well and without damaging your hair, though, is a real feat.

After all, it seems that getting brightly coloured locks always comes at the expense of your hair health, right?

Wrong! Ultimately, it depends on the salon and colouring service you opt for. Have no idea where to start, or what shade to dye? Don’t worry, Daily Vanity is here to help.

Here are several of the best salons for vibrant coloured hair in Singapore, and some of the hottest new shades from the #WhatsYourMuse campaign to try. Trust us, your dream hair is just within reach!

1. EX Style Sculpture

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Ex Sculpture Salon Final

Don’t be fooled by the uber stylish and modern decor — EX Style Sculpture provides quality service that is still affordable. They are primarily located in heartland areas — such as Jurong and Tampines — offering a wide variety of services alongside dyeing. Think oh-so-trendy Korean and digital perms, too!

Plus, EX Style Sculpture also uses Shiseido Professional Colormuse to dye their customer’s locks. A colouring service that offers highly vivid dyes while giving strength and moisturising hair, it is also specially designed for Asian hair, allowing for limitless and creative creations.

Yup, you read that right! It means you’re getting a bright, vibrant shade without requiring bleach whatsoever. Way to get the best of both worlds!

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Green Short Hair

Want something with a hint of edgy cool without going too OTT? Opt for brightly coloured streaks instead of doing a full head of dye. Blue and greens work on most skin tones, so alternate between both to add some depth and shape to your locks.

For a full list of EX Style Sculpture outlets, click here.

EX Style Sculpture:

Address: 1 Jurong West Central 2, #03-06D, Jurong Point Shopping Centre, Singapore 648886

Tel: +65 6252 8814

2. Hair Inn

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Hair Inn Final

Promising effortless style, substance, and impeccable service, Hair Inn is the salon to head to if you’re looking to get a vibrant head of hair without bleaching. This is due to the fact that they have a variety of dyeing options under their belt, including Shiseido Professional Colormuse, which allows for vibrant hues without the need for bleach whatsoever. Score!

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Smoky Blue

A smoky ash grey is all the rage these days. Known to be a more subtle take on brighter hues that still help one stand out from the crowd, this shade works for both work and play.

For a full list of Hair Inn outlets, click here.

Hair Inn: 

Address: AMK Hub, #B1-37/38, 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Singapore 569933.

Tel: +65 6853 4609/0823

3. Hair Vintage

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Hair Vintage

Both the head stylist has already clinched several prestigious awards under their belt, including the prestigious Shiseido Professional Beauty Innovator Award in both 2016 and 2017 for the Total Creation Category, so you know you’re in good hands over at Hair Vintage! Seriously, you can expect freshly dyed, vibrant locks that are still silky smooth to touch after.

Worried because your locks are pretty dry and brittle? Don’t worry, you can always opt for the Color Cure service offered at the salon, which tops up your dye job with a pre & post treatment to ensure longer lasting colour and smoother tresses.

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Mermaid Hair

Go bold or go home, right? Channel your favourite mermaid by going for shades of blue, green, and purple. What’s more, these complementary shades look even better when done with an ombré effect. Request it from your stylist, and make sure to take a few snaps of your mermaid-worthy locks for the ‘gram!

Address: Blk 443 #01-69,Clementi Avenue 3, Clementi Central, Singapore 120443

Tel: +65 6778 5002

4. Itto + LIM

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Itto Lim Salon Final

Step into Itto + Lim and you’ll feel immediately transported to a serene Japanese tea room, with their minimalist furniture, white walls, and beautiful art work. With knowledgeable stylists that have more than several years of experience under their belt as well as tip-top equipment, you just know that Itto + LIM is one of the best salons for vibrant coloured hair in Singapore.

Plus, their prices are pretty reasonable, too! A dye job begins from SGD90 for short tresses.

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Bright Purple Hair

A shade that is both bright yet not too overpowering? Purple. Besides, this hue is known to suit almost all Asian skin tones, so it’s a safe option especially when it comes to first-timers looking for a vibrant new shade to try out.

For a full list of Itto + Lim outlets, click here.

Address: 325 New Bridge Road, #03-00 Singapore 088760

Tel: +65 6884 4143

5. Walking On Sunshine

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Walking On Sunshine Salon Final

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Walking On Sunshine Salon 2

Known to be both a salon and cafe, Walking On Sunshine is a haven for the hair obsessed, and those who love colouring their locks. Not only is it prime Instagram fodder, but they also provide services such as the Shiseido Professional Color Addict, especially for those who have dyed their hair all shades of the rainbow.

With this service, you can make colour changes for every other salon visit, at no expense of your hair health! Say what?! Yup, you really don’t have to sacrifice style for the need of practicality with these colouring services around. One of the best salons for vibrant coloured hair in Singapore? Most definitely!

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Pink Hair Influencer

Looking for something charmingly, bubbly, and oh-so-kawaii? Pink is the one for you then! Opt for something a little different by asking for slight variations in each pink hue, interspersing it with a darker base shade or even streaks of lilac in it.

Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #03-07/08/09, Singapore 238896

Tel: +65 8877 8800

6. M NATURE Hair Salon

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair M Nature Hair Salon Final

You can look forward to professional and efficient service from M NATURE hair salon, with their calming backdrop of lush greenery relaxing you even further. Not only are they considered to be one of the best salons for vibrant coloured hair in Singapore – they also provide a great aftercare system, where you can purchase a Shiseido Professional’s Colormuse Shampoo and Treatment to maintain the colour of your freshly-dyed locks after.

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Bright Blue Streaks

A darker base colour with bright streaks is not only on-trend, but it’s relatively easy to maintain as well! Go for something in electric blue to add a hint of punk edge to your look.

For a full list of M NATURE hair salon outlets, click here.

Address: 2 Tampines Central 5, #05-07 Century Square Singapore 529509

Tel: +65 6785 4844

7. M Plus Hair Salon

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair M Plus

Looking to get a bright, vivid shade, but with a darker base such as brown and black? It’s 100% possible with one of the best salons for vibrant coloured hair in Singapore. M Plus Hair Salon can actually customise your hair colour to your liking with the use of both Shiseido Professional Colormuse dyes and Shiseido Professional Primience dyes. That means pretty much no colour is impossible to achieve, including the elusive rose gold (which, we’re told, is actually a specialty of M Plus Hair Salon). Nice!

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Champagne Hair

Soft, gorgeous rose gold isn’t going anywhere, considering how it is donning everything from iPhones to your favourite makeup products. So why shouldn’t it go on your hair too, right? Trust us, this versatile champagne shade will have everyone ooh-ing and aah-ing over your tresses.

Address: 10 Tampines Central 1, #05-26 Singapore 506947

Tel: +65 6481 4044

8. Salon Orient

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Salon Orient

The hallmark of a good dye job? Emerging with smooth, shiny tresses after, which is what dyeing your hair at Salon Orient is going to give you. The secret, apparently, lies in the colour service and dyes they use! Using Shiseido Professional’s Colormuse and Primience colour dyes, both ranges contain hyaluronic acid, which is normally used in skincare products to intensely moisturise and hydrate.

Plus, the stylists here are known to have innovative, out-of-the-box hair techniques that will leave you with a look that is sure to get heads turning. So, if you want a look that is 100% original and unique, Salon Orient is the place for you!

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Pixel Hair

Pixel hair?! It’s more possible than you think with the help of Shiseido Professional’s Colormuse and Primience dyes. Opt for a darker base colour so as to allow the brighter shades to show up more distinctly, or do it on the inside of your hair for a peek-a-boo effect whenever you tie it up.

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-217 Marina Square, Singapore 039594

Tel: +65 6336 3250

9. Shinka

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Shinka Salon Final

Known to be one of the best salons to get vibrant coloured hair in Singapore, Shinka’s success can be credited to their expert stylists, amazing ambience, and top quality dyes used for each customer. They use Shiseido Professional Colormuse dyes, which contains anti-red colour pigments that help neutralise the red undertones in Asian hair. Considering how said pigments are actually notorious for making it exceedingly difficult for brighter dyes to penetrate into the hair shaft, this means that obtaining bright, vibrant shades are pretty much a non-issue, now. Score!

Trust us, dyeing your locks to the hair of your dreams will be a breeze with them.

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Purple Locks

Want a look that is girly, but with a hint of edge? Go for a brighter shade of pink mixed with purple instead! This combination of fuchsia and violet works great on Asian skin tones. Plus, you can go for a darker base, letting your roots peek ever so slightly for an on-trend look that everyone is clamouring for.

For a full list of Shinka outlets, click here.

Address: 53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #02-27 AMK Hub, Singapore 569933

Tel: +65 6481 5929

10. Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Shunji Matsuo

First time dyeing your locks? Well, you have nothing to fear with Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio. They only use the highest quality products and latest technology when it comes to hair care, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re not going to emerge with a full head of straw after your appointment.

Opt for their Color Cure service if you’re still feeling apprehensive — the addition of a hair treatment will surely soften even the driest, frizziest of locks, taming it effortlessly!

Best Salons For Vibrant Coloured Hair Bright Red Hair

Trust us, fiery rose red is a classic hue that never goes out of style. If you’re feeling unsure, you can always try it out in ombré— transitioning from darker roots to a vivid shade for an unforgettable look that is natural yet bold!

For a full list of Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio outlets, click here.

Address: 391 Orchard Road, #05-23 Ngee Ann City, Podium B, Singapore 238872

Tel: +65 6238 1514/22

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