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Astringent toners of the past were notorious for being harsh and alcohol-filled, but these days more toners are formulated for use on sensitive skin, thanks in part to K-beauty that popularised gentle toners that hydrate and balance your skin.

While many of us have thought of investing in a good cleanser for sensitive skin, few have considered the best toners for sensitive skin as part of their routine.

Not only do these toners’ specialised formulas help your other products absorb better, but they also contain skin-soothing ingredients like rose water, hyaluronic acid, and aloe.

If you have sensitive skin, take note to avoid toners with alcohol and artificial fragrances as they will leave your skin feeling tight and irritated. There is also a special method for applying a toner when you have sensitive skin: instead of using a cotton pad, warm a few drops of the product between your palms, then gently tap and press your hands into your skin.