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Fans of popular Chinese drama Yanxi Palace are certainly familiar with Charmaine Sheh, one of the leading ladies in the drama series.

The 43-year-old actress had recently launched a new line of lipsticks, which she said she first thought to develop while filming Yanxi Palace.


Sheh said during interviews that she was unable to find the right shade of lipstick for her character’s transition from consort to empress and had to mix several lipstick colours to achieve the vibrant shade she liked.

This inspired her to create her own line of lipsticks and she recently launched them with the introduction of Sh, her cosmetics label.

Charmaine Sheh Sh Lipsticks

Sheh said that lipsticks are what make someone look more fresh and awake. Quoting famous novelist Eileen Chang (Chang Ai-ling), Sheh said that you can go without foundation must lipstick is an essential tor you to appear more radiant.

Sheh’s line of products includes 12 of her favourite shades of red lipstick.

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