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She has gone from not daring to wear miniskirts to being able to flaunt an S or XS figure. When she was at the young age of 11 years old, she even weighed between 70 and 80kg. Not being able to keep her weight in check has been a problem that has followed the currently 23 years old Joavince from childhood all the way to young adulthood, before she finally found a way to solve this issue for good.

dorra joavince

Measurements as of time of interview

Having heard about her experiences, and her subsequent triumph over them, we had to find out what her secrets were.

You look great now, it’s hard to imagine that you once struggled with your body image. For how long did you have problems with your weight?

Weight problems accompanied me through most of my younger years. When I was growing up, my family liked to cook my favourite dishes in big portions every day, as they thought that eating more meant I would be able to grow up healthily.

dorra joavince 1

Instead, all that excessive food caused my tummy to bulge and my thighs to become so chunky that I dared not wear any shorts or miniskirts. When I was Primary 5, my weight even reached 70 to 80kg! Starting from then, my weight problems persisted with me throughout my teenage years.

How did you feel about yourself because of that?

Because of my size, I lost a lot of confidence in myself. I’d walk with my head bowed down, not daring to meet anyone in the eyes. I only wore black or dark coloured clothing so I could hide my bulky areas.

When it came to taking photos, I always had to make sure I stood behind others to hide my figure, and sometimes I wouldn’t even dare to attend my friends’ birthday celebrations because I’d dread how I looked in their photos.

dorra joavince 2

There was even a time when a boy shouted down at me from an upper level of our school building, “You, fat girl!” when I was at the ground floor. The insult hit me hard and almost had me in tears but all I could do was to act nonchalant and walk off.

In short, my life was greatly affected by my weight problems. I had to put up with being teased by schoolmates and dealing with nasty comments even from strangers.

Those sound like terrible experiences. How did you deal with it?

To lose weight, I had tried almost every method I’ve heard of. I tried to run consistently for about half a year but I gave up as my weight placed too much stress on my knees. I tried dieting but also stopped after I realised that the lack of energy was affecting my work performance.

For a month, I tried out drinking detox tea but that caused my weight to increase instead. I even wasted money on slimming powders, sprays, and so on but there were no visible results!

What did you do in the end?

I was about to resign to fate until I heard about dorra on UFM100.3FM. I felt like this was my last ray of hope! I visited dorra for my trial session and was greeted by their friendly consultant who proceeded with a body-fat analysis and analysed the causes behind my weight problems. My weight gain was confirmed to be due to my nutritional habits.

dorra slimming joavince

Along the way, dorra’s consultant also shared with me some useful weight loss knowledge. After the first session of the Bye Bye Fat Treatment, I could actually see a decrease in my measurements and my weight had also gone down. I was so excited, and started to look forward to the results I could get with dorra.

Wow! How long did it take before you saw those results?

After just five months of treatment, my weight dropped from 60.5kg to 47.7kg – that is a total of 12.8kg lost! I was so surprised, but so happy at the same time. My tummy became flat and the marks also disappeared.

I could now see curves only at the right places, and even my legs were noticeably slimmer! With an S-size figure, I feel like I am a changed person.  From a XL or even XXL size, I can wear S or even XS clothes these days.

How has your new figure changed your life?

With my weight problems gone, I no longer pant or feel tired when I walk around. At work, I feel like my movements are also more agile. When choosing clothes, I can fit into the pretty designs I’ve always wanted to wear, and I feel proud to wear shorts or miniskirts now too!

dorra joavince

Measurements as of time of interview

Colleagues, friends and family members have all commented that my figure has gotten better and praised me for it. There was even a customer from my work place who said to me, “You are really beautiful. Can I have a photo with you?”

All these wonderful moments in life that I would never have imagined I could experience came only after visiting dorra. I’m so thankful to dorra for changing my life and letting me experience how it feels like to be a confident and happy woman.

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