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Ponytails are the most basic hairstyle that anyone can easily do, but let’s admit it – not everyone can pull it off as well as celebs do.




If you’ve ever wondered why your favourite celebrities rock this simple hairstyle much better than you do, the secret may lie in a formula that you’ve never heard of – not until today!

According to a famous Japanese hairstylist, there is a ‘golden ratio for ponytails’ that will not only ensure that your ponytail looks great on you, but also make your face look slimmer!

As strange as this may sound, the golden ratio is actually a very simple rule where you align these three points – chin, ears, and ponytail – such that you can easily draw one straight line across.

This affects the height at which your ponytail starts, as well as how tightly it is tied: a loose and low ponytail is recommended for those whose golden ratio’s gradient is less steep, whereas you can opt for tighter ponytails that start at the top of your head if the gradient is steeper.

See below for a visual representation of the golden ratio!


Japanese hairstyles are all about subtle loose and messy waves – even if you don’t have wavy hair or a fringe, you can simply tuck out a few strands of hair and let them fall naturally to frame your face or keep them tied up to give your ponytail a more voluminous look:


Other tips to get a perfect ponytail

Although the golden ratio is easy to follow for a well-balanced ponytail look, there are still other things to take note of if you want a sleek and beautiful hairstyle:

1. Don’t tie a ponytail while your hair is still wet


Wet hair is far weaker than dry hair, being more susceptible to breakage and damage even from things as simple as pulling your hair back into a ponytail.

If you want to get your hair done ASAP after your shower, squeeze out excess water with your hands and use low heat to dry your hair before tying it up into a ponytail.

Check out our list of best hairdryers if you need one that can dry your hair well without the need for extreme heat that damages your hair.

2. Try not to tie ponytails everyday


We know you might be tempted to sport a ponytail everyday after mastering the golden ratio, especially since it’s so effortless and chic.

However, consistently tying your hair in the same spot can weaken the hair shaft and result in breakage of your hair strands. A tight ponytail also tends to pull on the skin on your hair as well, which can lead to your skin sagging over time – yikes!

Instead of always pulling your hair back into a ponytail, try to switch things up often: a high ponytail one day, a low one the next, a braid over here, a bun over there, or simply just let your hair down if you’re really hard-pressed for time.

3. Don’t use rubber bands to tie your hair


Those who have tied their hair with rubber bands before can attest to the pain faced while trying to remove them – you’ll never be able to do so without yanking out a good chunk of your hair as well.

Even if you have nothing else on hand to tie your hair with, never ever use rubber bands from your office’s stationery supplies. They can stick to the hair fibre or get tangled up the strands and break them, causing your ponytail to look thinner and thinner over time with increased hair loss.

Consider fabric hair ties instead – see how to tie your hair with ribbonsusing fabric to tie ponytails, and best ways to use scrunchies!

4. Don’t go to sleep with a ponytail


Sleeping with your hair up in a ponytail may seem harmless, but the tension from having your hair up for several hours can put a strain on your scalp and lead to eventual hair damage.

If you can’t stand having your long hair all over your face while you sleep, consider tying it into braids instead to save your ends from excessive breakage that occurs when your hair rubs against your pillow.