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Perhaps the most underrated services at the salon, hair treatments have just as much power as a cut, colour, or perm to switch up your style and make you feel oh-so-good about your mane for months to come.

If you thought getting a treatment was but a luxurious conditioning session at the salon, you’re wrong. Choosing the right ones will drastically transform your dull, unruly, and frizzy mane into hair that’s shiny, smooth, and soft as silk – and keep it like that for up to half a year.

Type of Hair Treatments in Singapore

There are so many types to take your pick from, such as keratin, Botox, and Tokio Inkarami treatments, each of which “fixes” dull strands with a different cocktail of ingredients.

Keratin treatments use a keratin-rich solution to replenish proteins in the hair, sealing the cuticle for intense shine and even locking in colour right after a dye job.

Botox treatments rely on proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants to replenish and rehydrate strands, boosting hair’s shine, softness, and silkiness in just one session.

Tokio Inkarami treatments, on the other hand, are designed to improve the condition of damaged hair by repairing and strengthening the hair fibres.

Searching for the best hair treatments to turn your unruly mane around? Here is a list of everything from K-gloss, keratin, hair Botox, to Tokio Inkarami treatments in Singapore for smoother and silkier hair.

Best Hair Treatments in Singapore

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