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Friends come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life and – most relevant to the Christmas season – with a wide range of tastes and preferences. How does one decide what Christmas gifts to give to everyone in their clique that will not only suit their lifestyle, but also make everyone feel equally special?

Kinohimitsu has the perfect answer for you this holiday season. Choose from four different Christmas gift sets that you can give to that foodie friend who keeps dragging you all to the newest cafes in town, that beauty junkie who can’t shut up about makeup and skincare, the night owl or party animal that could club till the sun rises, and lastly, the one you love the most.

Beauty is not just skin-deep. These Christmas gift sets have health and beauty supplements that taste good and make you and your friends feel good and look good inside and out. Oh, and stay till the end of the article to check out a giveaway that they have hosted just for you.

For the one who can’t stop eating

Kinohimitsu After Indulgence Kit

kinohimitsu christmas special after indulgence kit

Fellow foodies out there can relate: Christmas and upcoming Chinese New Year are very, very dangerous festive seasons. Who could resist all these tasty temptations? Who wants to?!

But fellow foodies out there can also relate with the sickening feeling after a night of gluttony. You inevitably feel like you’re way too full, bloated, and uncomfortable for the whole of the next day.

The Kinohimitsu After Indulgence Kit consists of their most popular detox formulas:

  • Kinohimitsu Detox Plum Juice: Helps your gastrointestinal tract move better to relieve that feeling of bloatedness
  • Kinohimitsu Detox Enzyme: A concentrated blend of digestive enzymes made from 75 different fruits and vegetables, it aids in digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Kinohimitsu Detox Tea (Peppermint and Ginger): A caffeine-free blend that gently rejuvenates the body and promotes digestive health

Kinohimitsu After Indulgence Kit retails for SGD19.90 at Kinohimitsu outlets at OG and BHG department stores, Waterway Point, and on sg.kinohimitsu.com.

For the one that can’t shut up about beauty

Kinohimitsu Get That Glow Kit

kinohimitsu christmas special get that glow kit

The year-end season is unfortunately also one of the busiest for most working adults, so your beauty junkie friend may be lamenting that she hasn’t had time to do all the skincare she wants lately.

Since we aren’t able to give her more than 24 hours in a day, why not give her something that would at least do double time in helping her skin glow even when she doesn’t have time to take care of it?

The Kinohitmisu Get That Glow Kit contains:

  • Kinohimitsu UV-Bright Drink: Said to provide instant UV protection for up to 9 hours, it’ll protect your skin from UV damage to help you achieve brighter, clearer skin in less than six days
  • Kinohimitsu ProWhite: Made from superberries, it also contains glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that fights off ageing and pesky pigmentation

Kinohimitsu Get That Glow Indulgence Kit retails for SGD29.90 at Kinohimitsu outlets at OG and BHG department stores, Waterway Point, and on sg.kinohimitsu.com.

For the one who stays out all night

Kinohimitsu Nightlife Survival Kit

kinohimitsu christmas special nightlife survival kit

Some of our friends seem to have inexhaustible stamina and can stay out partying all night – but they often feel the after-effects of it the day after and have to beg off your clique gatherings.

Give them the Kinohimitsu Nightlife Survival Kit, which alleviates hangovers, protects the liver (ahem, do remind them to go easy on the alcohol), and support skin rejuvenation. They have no more excuses standing your clique up the day after a party!

The Nightlife Survival Kit consists of:

  • Kinohimitsu Be Liva: Made with potent liver-protecting ingredients such as turmeric and schisandra extracts, it fights off hangovers and aids with liver detoxification
  • Kinohimitsu Collagen Men Drink: Moisturises skin from within with cactus and perilla seed extracts, so all that liquor doesn’t dry you out

Kinohimitsu Nightlife Survival Kit retails for SGD29.90 at Kinohimitsu outlets at OG and BHG department stores, Waterway Point, and on sg.kinohimitsu.com.

For the one you can’t help but pamper

Kinohimitsu Cell Rejuvenating Set

kinohimitsu christmas special cell rejuvenating set

They could be busy juggling a ton of things in their lives, or they may not have the means to pamper themselves very often. If you have a friend like that, whom you just can’t help but want to take them under your wings, this is the gift set you should be looking for.

It’s the priciest gift set of the lot, but it’s also the one with the most potent rejuvenating factors that will truly make your friend look better and feel better inside.

The Kinohimitsu Cell Rejuvenating Set consists of:

  • Stem Cell Collagen: Using Snow Lotus Stem Cells, DNA and RNA that are rich in flavonoids (antioxidants), this rejuvenates and repair cells from inside out, and promises to wind back the hands of time to “un-age” you as much as 5.2 years

Kinohimitsu Cell Rejuvenating Set retails for SGD49.90 at Kinohimitsu outlets at OG and BHG department stores, and at their beauty counter at Waterway Point. This product is sold exclusively at retail outlets.

This article is brought to you by Kinohimitsu.