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Look, we’ve got nothing against lash extensions or a good pair of falsies. But if you have no time to see a pro to get your extensions done or don’t want to deal with the sticky mess that traditional adhesive false lashes leave behind, magnetic eyelashes are probably the perfect alternative.

Magnetic Eyelashes Opener Source Kim Carpenter Unsplash

Source: Kim Carpenter/Unsplash

Just like our good ol’ falsies, magnetic eyelashes instantly give a more dramatic eye-opening effect – minus the tricky application (and removal!) since no lash glue is involved. Instead, this innovation stick to your lashes using – you’ve guessed it – magnets, tiny ones in fact.

Intrigued by magnetic lashes? Want to know if they are safe for prolonged wear on the eyes? You’ve landed on the right article! Keep on reading to get the 411 on magnetic lashes, including our round-up of eight brands currently available in Singapore that you can check out.

What are magnetic eyelashes?

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, magnetic eyelashes are exactly what it says in the name – think of it as false eyelashes without the hassle of dealing with lash glue or pulling out a lash or two of your own during removal.

Magnetic eyelashes come in a few different styles, but they’re categorised by the way they attach to the eyelid and so far, they are two types that exist on the market.

Generally, the lash strips have magnets along the base. The difference is that one type is applied via a magnetic eyeliner, while the other requires you to position a second magnetic strip of lashes underneath your own lashes so that the two strips can snap together.

In other words, you’re basically sandwiching your natural lashes between two magnetic strips for the second option.

Because no adhesive is required, all you need to do is pop the magnetic eyelashes on whenever you want a little extra fluttery lash and gently pull them off when you’re done – it’s as simple as that!

Are magnetic eyelashes safe?

Now that you know how easy magnetic eyelashes are to apply, we don’t blame you for wanting to wear them every single day. Unfortunately, you might want to hold that thought – especially with the second option that has two magnetic lash strips sandwiching your own natural lashes.

That’s because it might potentially cause lash damage and traction alopecia – a medical term for hair loss that’s resulted from repeated pulling or tugging of your hair.

With this in mind, the magnetic eyelash with magnetised eyeliner is likely safer in terms of risk of developing traction alopecia, since the falsies are being supported by the lid more than by your natural lash strands. This means that the lashes are essentially just sticking to the magnetised eyeliner instead of weighing down your natural lashes entirely.

False Eyelashes Falsies With Pink Background Source Nadia Dolce Pexels

Source: Nadia Dolce/Pexels

And like most eye makeup products, you might want to avoid trying the magnetised eyeliner for the first time right before a big event, since there’s always the potential for you to develop contact dermatitis or have an allergy to the product itself. If that happens, stop using the product immediately and seek medical help ASAP!

Our advice? Try magnetic eyelashes at least a week or two before your big event, so that you can have time to see a medical professional to remedy the problem – should you face one – and also recover.

Other than that, magnetic eyelashes are pretty much similar to conventional falsies in terms of materials and ingredients, which are all safe for use on human skin.

As for application and removal, you’ll want to be nice and gentle all the time since your lash strands are pretty delicate. If you do need a little help growing your natural lashes, our recommended list of eyelash serums might just be what you need.

Magnetic eyelashes to try in Singapore

Below, our list of recommendations for your shopping consideration.


Magnetic Eyelashes Ardell Sephora

Falsie-wearers are probably no strangers to Ardell, one of the mainstay brands of fake eyelashes.

It has, however, expanded to the magnetic eyelash category with its Magnetic False Eyelashes that are made from real human hair, so you can expect light and wispy lashes that won’t weigh down your lids or natural lash strands.

The Ardell Magnetic False Eyelashes retails for S$16 at Sephora.sg, and comes in four different variants. You can get it along with your choice of Magnetic Gel Liner or Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner (S$18 each), also available at Sephora.sg.

Glam by Manicare

Glam By Manicare

Glam By Manicare’s version of magnetic eyelashes uses discreetly placed micro magnets, so that the falsies can stay in place for longer without tugging on your natural lash strands. Simply use it with the Magnetising Eyeliner (S$39.90), so that your lashes can stick!

Glam By Manicare Pro Magnetic Lashes comes in three different styles, and retails for S$15.90 at Watsons.


Magnetic Eyelashes Lashaus

Confused by all the different types of falsies out there? Let Lashaus take away your troubles with its range of Lash Kits. Beginners can go with the Starter Kit (S$59), which comes with your choice of lashes, a magnetised eyeliner, and a bottle of cleansing oil.

Want to flaunt fluttery peepers regularly? Consider the Everyday Kit (S$118), which comes with two magnetised eyeliners and cleansing oils, and lets you choose two different lash styles.

Regular falsie wearers can opt for the Day to Night Lash Kit (S$166), which lets you have all four of Lashaus’ lash styles along with two magnetised eyeliners and cleansing oils.

Lashaus’ range of Lash Kits are priced from S$59 onwards online, but there are promotions taking place at the time of writing.

Luxelash (Closing down sale alert!)


This local brand is where you should shop at if you’d like magnetic eyelashes that are 100% cruelty-free, sustainable, and vegan, as Luxelash promises all of that from their range of products right down to the packaging used.

While some of Luxelash’s offerings are made of man-made fibres that closely resembles mink, we have our eyes on Bea, which is the classic-type lashes that are made out of real human hair. And at just under S$8 a pair, these high-quality magnetic lashes are as affordable as they can get.

However, Luxelash is unfortunately winding down this month and is running a 50% discount on all its remaining stocks at the time of writing. So if you wanna give magnetic lashes a try without breaking the bank, now’s your chance!

The Luxelash magnetic eyelashes retail between S$7.50 and S$16.50, but most are now on 50% off. Remember to pick up the Luxe Liner (S$21.50) too!

Plastic Cosmetics

Plastic Cosmetics Xiaxue

A scroll through the brand’s webpage and you’ll probably know that this is Wendy Cheng’s (a.k.a Xiaxue) latest venture. Plastic Cosmetics offers a handful of faux mink magnetic eyelashes that are said to be waterproof, wind-proof, and can be reused as many times as you like.

To start, you can snag the Black Magic Liner Set which comes with one pigmented magnetic eyeliner, a pair of lashes, and a small pot of makeup glitter packed in an iridescent pouch.

Those who prefer a softer look can opt for the Brown Magic Liner Set instead which is basically the same set, except that it comes with a felt-tip brown liner instead of black.

Both the Black Magic and Brown Magic Liner Sets retail for S$39.90 each online.


Sevich Shopee

Still unsure about magnetic lashes? Well, we have another affordable option for you here that you can try without causing a dent to your bank balance.

Offering a variety of wallet-friendly bundle packs on the official Shopee store, you can try it out for as low as S$9.80 for three pairs of magnetic eyelashes with one waterproof liquid eyeliner and a tweezer. With such a low price point, you’ll barely feel the pinch even if you decide later on that they’re not for you.

Seviche’s magnetic eyelashes are available in bundle sets that are priced between S$9.80 and S$25.80 on Shopee. There’s currently an ongoing promotion at the time of writing, with more than 60% off for certain items.

The Venus Lash

Magnetic Eyelashes The Venus Lash

The Venus Lash’s origin story began when the founder’s friend could no longer wear conventional falsies after completing chemotherapy – they had caused her irritation as well as extreme droopiness of the eyelids.

At a time when magnetic lashes back then didn’t meet their stringent standards, the buddies set out to create their own version that is safe yet beautiful. Currently, The Venus Lash offers 10 different magnetic lash styles that are sold in a pair or in a bundle.

The Venus Lash’s magnetic eyelash collection is priced from approx. S$33.61 (US$24.99) for a pair, but discounts seem to be widely available across the e-store. Worldwide shipping is free with no minimum spend required. Don’t forget to cart out with the Magnetic Eyeliner, approx. S$34.96 (US$25.99)!


Vieve Pixiepax

Found on Pixiepax, the online beauty store started by influencer Rachell Tan, Vieve offers three variants of Magnetic Lash Kit – Natural, Baby Doll, and Glamorous – that feature lashes made of soft premium fibres.

The magnetic lashes by Vieve have even been touted to stay in place even after yoga or Zumba – something gym-goers can certainly appreciate!

The Vieve Magnetic Lash Kit comes in a set of three fake eyelashes plus one eyeliner, and retails for S$45.90 per variant online.