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The attraction of the no-makeup look lies in its ability to allow one to look fresh and beautiful without looking like much effort was put into it. However, the biggest struggle of creating this look is that when we start putting on makeup, somehow we just end up with a full-face makeup that look heavier than desired.

If you are new to makeup, the no-makeup look will be a good starting point as it does not require complicated steps of face contouring, highlighting and winged eyeliners. You can start with products that have a slightly more sheer pigment and neutral colours so that it’s easier for you to layer and build on.

Makeup does not necessary have to be expensive. In fact, you will be surprised at how some of the drugstore brands or even cosmetics sold at Daiso could work just as well as the high-end brands. We wish we could create a whole makeup look with less than S$20 but for now, here is how you can create a no-makeup makeup look with products that come with a less than SGD20 each!

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The key to the no-makeup look is in creating flawless skin while enhancing your features in a soft and subtle manner. Besides hiding all blemishes and uneven skin tone, it is important to give your face the glass skin effect – the dewy and hydrated look to give an impression of a naturally healthy complexion. Foundation and concealers are necessary for covering up but powder and matte type of base products may not be as effective as they tend to give a more dry and cakey finishing.

DV Tip: Use liquid type foundation that is the closest to your natural skin colour for a natural makeup look. If you are unsure of how to check for the right shade, try using a BB cream or BB cushion as they often come in only one or two shades and tend to blend in to match your skin tone naturally. Spread all over your face with a foundation brush or beauty sponge, remember to cover areas like your eyelids and chin to ensure that the entire face is covered evenly.

DV Recommends: For a BB cream under SGD20, ZA Total Hydration BB Cream UV is worth the buy. It comes with SPF30 so you can save on sunscreen. The hydrating formula also prevents skin from drying and gives the brightening effect that we hope to achieve for the glass skin look.

ZA Total Hydration BB Cream is available at Watsons and retails for SGD15.90.

Under 20 Za


After setting the BB cream, you may find that certain areas of the face are still reddish or dark. For red spots, dark spots, acne scars or pimples, use a liquid concealer. Liquid concealers tend to have higher coverage and are easier to blend as compared to stick or cream concealers.

DV Tip: Choose a concealer shade that matches your natural skin or go a shade lighter for brightening effect.

DV Recommends: The best news is that with less than SGD20, you can still get a high end concealer from Sephora! The highly raved NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is now available in mini size at less than half the price of the full-sized product.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is available at Sephora and retails for SGD19.

Under 20 - Nars


Rosy cheeks signify healthy complexion and cannot be missed in daily makeup. The struggle with most blushers is that the pigmentation may turn out differently on your face as compared to the back of your hand when you were testing out the product. Some sheer and natural-looking blush shades may not even show up on certain skin tones.

Essence Satin Touch Blusher is a slightly more pigmented blusher and it comes with a satin-like texture that makes the blush look softer as compared to matte and shimmer blushers. The blusher adds glow to your cheeks with just one sweep and comes in two natural blush shades – Satin Coral and Satin Love (a rose pink colour).

DV Tip: For a natural blush look, go for blushers that are more coral or peachy in colour and apply them from the centre of your cheekbones outwards. If you are unsure, start by swiping just a little of the product across your cheek to check out the pigmentation before layering.

DV Recommends: Essence Satin Touch Blusher in Satin Coral for a more everyday orangey youthful look and Essence Satin Touch Blusher in Satin Love for a more everyday muted pink look.

Essence Satin Touch Blusher is available at selected Guardian retail stores and retails for SGD4.90.

Under 20 Essence


Eye makeup can be tricky for the no-makeup look especially the eyeliner. The rule is to drop the wing eyeliner look and line your waterline instead. Using eyeliner on your waterline may sound a little intimidating as it can be slightly uncomfortable for first-timers. It could also smudge more easily due to the moisture in your eyes so be sure to use a waterproof liner.

Kate Eye Shade Marker will be an easy eyeliner for starters as it comes with a cushion tip that is designed to make it comfortable for drawing on the lashline. For more tips on how to create the line-less eyeliner look, read our review on Kate Eye Shade Marker!

DV Tip: For a more natural look, choose brown eyeliners instead of black. The latter often makes your eyes look bolder and harsher. Pen or brush tip liquid eyeliners also tend to be more effective as the sharp tip offers greater drawing precision.

Kate Eye Shade Marker is available at Watsons and Sasa retail stores and retails for SGD17.

Kate Cushion Eyeliner 1

Mascara is another tool that could help to enhance the eyes in a subtle manner. However, you may not wish to look like you are wearing falsies or have those eyelash extensions in a no-makeup look. The secret in choosing the right mascara for the no-makeup look lies in the type of wand that you use. A micro wand is the best in giving definition and allows for layering without the mascara clumping up on the lashes.

DV Tip: If you are using a thick brush wand mascara, skip the lower lashes to prevent the voluminous look. If you wish to have the natural look with additional length, choose mascaras with comb bristled wands.

DV Recommends: Innisfree Skinny Microcara. The thin micro brush effectively separates the lashes to give a clean and full coverage rather than a dramatic cat eye look. Having a micro wand also means greater control during application, making it less messy and easy for beginners.

Innisfree Skinny Microcara is available at Innisfree and retails for SGD15.

Under 20 Innisfree



The eyebrow is an important feature as it frames your eyes and shapes your face. You may not have noticed, but a properly trimmed and filled eyebrow could make you look fresher and neater. Most importantly, the shape of your eyebrows can help to give an illusion of a balanced, symmetrical and smaller face if they are well-structured and maintained.

DV Tip: For the no-makeup look, choose an eyebrow pencil that matches the colour of your hair but a softer intensity. For example, if you have black hair, go for grey colours instead of ebony or black. If you have brown hair, go for medium or light brown instead of dark brown. Slim eyebrow pencils are also easier for drawing straight brows and filling in gaps.

DV Recommends: Etude House Drawing Eyebrow in Grey Brown for a natural look. Use the eyebrow brush on the other end to brush your brows lightly after applying for a softer effect.

Drawing Eyebrow Pencil is available at Shopee and retails for SGD7.90.

Under 20 Etude House


MLBB lip colour is a must-have in a no-makeup look. After all, the term “MLBB” (My Lips But Better) means the lipstick is close to the natural shade of your lips but accentuate your lips even more. As MLBB lipsticks are usually in the range of neutral and nudes, they are usually very wearable and you don’t have to worry about your lip colour being too loud or clashing with your eyeshadows and blushers.

DV Tip: MLBB lipsticks tend to come in matte or creamy formula that could make your lips look dry and creased. Apply a thin layer of lip balm before putting on the lipstick to preserve the matte look without drying out your lips. If you want a slightly glossier and healthier look, apply the lip balm after the lipstick.

DV Recommends: Mamonde Creamy Tint Colour Balm in #23 Brick Rose. The lipstick comes in four other different shades and has a velvety texture which is less dry and clumpy than full matte lipsticks.

Creamy Tint Colour Balm is available on Lazada and selected Mamonde retail stores and retails for SGD16.

Under 20 Mamonde