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Think Cara Delevingne and “brows on fleek” comes to mind. The face of London makeup brand Rimmel isn’t just blessed with beautiful brows, she also uses the right products and techniques to make sure she always puts her best brows forward.

Daily Vanity found out from the Rimmel team that the Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder is Cara’s go-to product to achieve her daily brow look. We put the product to the test to see if it can work its magic on mere mortals like us.

Rimmel Shake Filling Powder review

Zoe from the DV team is more familiar with using a brow pencil for her daily brow look, but is usually unable to achieve ultra-full brows a la Cara Delevingne. We let her try the Rimmel Shake Filling Powder and she shares her thoughts.

“This is a super-soft powder that’s also highly pigmented, so it helps fill in sparse areas on the brows easily, and quickly. I probably can fill in my brows completely with it in less than one minute!” Zoe says.

She says that the product allows her to create brow looks that can be as full as she wants, but still look very natural.

“The Shake Filling Powder will be great for beginners because it’s easy to use and easy to clean off if you make any mistake. This being said, it is extremely long-lasting and didn’t fade throughout the day,” she comments.

Because of how bold the pigment is, Zoe suggests that you pick a lighter shade than what you might usually go for; the Rimmel Brow Shake Filling Powder comes in three shades.

“Also remember to scrape the applicator against the opening of the container first, and then tap off excess powder before application,” she suggests.

“You should also use a light hand to lightly brush the pigment and gradually build it up to desired intensity. This will ensure that you can get a clean, natural look”

Here’s how Zoe looks after using the Rimmel Shake Filling Powder:

How to use the Rimmel Shake Filling Powder

1. Shake the Rimmel Shake Filling Powder

2. Scrape applicator against opening of container and then tap off excess

3. Use short, light strokes to apply along your natural brow, filling in sparse areas

Watch the video to find out how to achieve Cara’s look!