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While some of us can turn to our partners to give us a wind-down head massage at the end of a hectic day, most of us have to pick up the pampering ourselves, which is where a scalp massager comes in handy.

A scalp massager can be an electric device with rotating knobs or a manual brush-like tool that you use in circular motions on the back of your head. Either way, a scalp massager helps to release the tensions behind our ears and bring us gently into a state of relaxation.

Take your cue from Blackpink’s Jennie who recently posted a video on YouTube revealing her close-to-heart self-care routines. She shared that one important way that she keeps her stresses at bay is by using an electronic scalp massager, paired with a few drops of essential oil for an elevated soothing experience.

Read on, because we share everything you need to know about scalp massagers, as well as 14 of the best ones to get in Singapore!

Scalp massager benefits

scalp massager

Photo source: Pexels

Besides relaxation, a scalp massager brings a host of other benefits too.

When you massage your scalp, you’re also loosening the dead skin cells and build-up of dirt, hair products, or oils at the roots of your tresses. Using a massager helps to exfoliate the scalp so that it feels cleaner and fresher, as well as becomes a healthier environment for hair to grow.

scalp massager

Photo source: Breo

At the same time, a scalp massage boosts blood circulation. The blood vessels in your skin will dilate, which helps your skin to absorb the scalp products that you use more effectively. The hair follicles also receive more nutrients and oxygen as a result of better circulation, allowing your hair to grow more healthily.

A tool that pampers and stimulates healthier hair growth? It’s certainly one that we count a must-have at home.

Best electric scalp massagers

OSIM uScalp 2 Handheld Massager

scalp massager

OSIM is the brand that we trust when it comes to electronic massage, and it’s no different with its scalp massagers.

The uScalp 2 Handheld Massager is a waterproof scalp massager that uses a special Flexi-Grip massage motion, similar to hand-grip massage. The silicone bristles are able to reach deep, through the tresses and to the scalp, so you enjoy an oh-so-satisfying kneading sensation.

With its three modes, Strong, Gentle, and Combination, this scalp massager can either lull you gently to a state of relaxation or really nip that headache in the bud before you go to bed.

OSIM uScalp 2 Handheld Massager retails for S$179 on OSIM.

ReFa Grace Head Spa

scalp massager

Blackpink’s Jennie using the ReFa Grace Head Spa

While we’re taking a leaf out of Jennie Kim’s book when it comes to scalp massagers, why not also go for the very one that she uses: the ReFa Grace Head Spa?

The ReFa Grace Head Spa is an electric scalp massager, designed with Quatro 3D Electric Rollers that mimic the circular thumb-kneading of a professional therapist. It’s water-resistant too, so you can safely use it in the shower.

ReFa Grace Head Spa retails for S$688 on Shopee.

Breo Scalp Mini Pro

scalp massager

Breo’s one-of-a-kind scalp massager doesn’t just deliver a soothing massage, but it also uses infrared technology, directed at the scalp, to encourage healthier hair growth.

Infrared is known to help increase blood circulation and be anti-inflammatory, which are both important for stronger, healthier locks. So, when you couple the comfortable kneading of the scalp with infrared technology, you’re one step closer to a more luscious head of hair.

Breo Scalp Mini Pro retails for S$149.99 on Amazon.

ANLAN Waterproof Scalp Massager

scalp massager

If the other electric scalp massagers have price tags that are too steep, then consider ANLAN’s Waterproof Scalp Massager, which offers a worthy head massage but at a more affordable price.

First off, the scalp massager has such a comfortable colour palette. The navy blue and orange colours come with a matte finish. Paired with the simple silhouette, it’s a device that looks and feels great in your hands too.

This scalp massager also doubles as a face and body massager. You can switch out the four nodes with pointed silicone bristles (for a good scalp massage) with the ones that have gentler, rounded protrusions.

With these ones, you’ll be able to massage your face – it’s a wonderful alternative to your everyday gua sha.

ANLAN Waterproof Scalp Massager retails for S$53.90 instead of S$199 on Shopee Mall.

LATME Electric Scalp Massager

scalp massager

Don’t underestimate the LATME Electric Scalp Massager because of its simple grey and white design.

The rotating paws carry a total of 112 rounded nodes to really press into the scalp and give it a thorough massage. Besides, you can choose from four different modes, switching it up from a clockwise kneading sensation to an anti-clockwise massage, as well as high or low speeds.

LATME Electric Scalp Massager retails for S$98.68 on Amazon.

Tenswa Electric Scalp Massager

scalp massager

We’d say that this scalp massager is a one-up on the LATME Electric Scalp Massager as it offers not four but six types of ultra-comfortable massage modes.

The settings include Open (the device spreads the tensions outwards), Close (nodes roll in an inwards direction), Push, Pull, Knead, and Claw, so you’re certain to find the perfect pick-me-up for your scalp.

The Tenswa Electric Scalp Massager is also super lightweight and with long-lasting battery life, so you can hold it up to your scalp for a long time and even let it soothe you to sleep.

Simply satisfying on the scalp, this scalp massager is one we’d love to bring with us wherever we go.

Tenswa Electric Scalp Massager retails for S$113.82 on Amazon.

Comfier Cordless Hair Scalp Massager

scalp massager

If a design is as important to you as comfort, then Comfier will bring you just the right amount of both with its Cordless Hair Scalp Massager.

The scalp massager comes in three colour palettes, a glossy navy blue with grey trimmings, plain white and grey, and cool silver-white.

The four rotating knobs on this massager are equipped with 21 nodes each. Turn the speed setting low to enjoy a strong and slow kneading that eases out the tensions in your scalp and knots on your body, or high for a more invigorating head massage.

The scalp massager also comes with elegant light indicators to let you know whether it’s on high or low speed, charging, as well as the massage mode you’re using.

Comfier Cordless Hair Scalp Massager retails for S$120.06 on Amazon.

Best manual scalp massagers

Virtue Labs Scalp & Hair Treatment Kit

scalp massager

We’re starting this list with the Virtue Labs Scalp & Hair Treatment Kit, even though it features a scalp massager alongside other scalp and hair products.

Why? Using a scalp massager on your head before you use scalp products like a serum or treatment will help your skin to absorb the product better. The massage dilates the blood vessels and promotes circulation, so your skin is more than ready to start taking in all that scalp-loving formulations.

Virtue Lab’s scalp massager comes with thick silicone bristles that are gentler on thin or curly hair (fewer tangles), and a cord so that it’s easily in reach on a hook in your bathroom.

The treatment kit’s Nourish Nightly Virtue Topical Scalp Supplement unpacks a whole load of nutrients onto your scalp; the Virtue Exfoliating Scalp Treatment sloughs away dead skin cells whilst balancing the scalp’s PH.

Customers have praised the Virtue Labs Scalp & Hair Treatment Kit for working wonders on their dry and flakey scalps – it’s your turn to experience scalp rejuvenation too!

Virtue Labs Scalp & Hair Treatment Kit retails for S$129 on Sephora.

Giovanni Scalp Massager & Shampoo Brush

scalp massager

Massaging your scalp daily doesn’t have to come at a huge price on your wallet, as proven by Giovanni’s Scalp Massager & Shampoo Brush.

This simple manual scalp massager has wide silicone bristles and is moderately hard, so it kneads at your scalp with satisfying pressure yet doesn’t scratch at or injure it.

Priced under S$10, this little tool makes a big difference to your everyday pampering and haircare routine!

Giovanni Scalp Massager & Shampoo Brush retails for S$9.68 on iHerb.

Grace & Stella Scalp Massaging Brush

scalp massager

Cut down on the number of plastic products you own with the Grace & Stella Scalp Massaging Brush that’s made from natural wood and varnished so that you can use it in the shower.

This easy-on-the-eyes, comfortable-to-use scalp massager also has thick silicone bristles that are gentler and cause fewer tangles than thinner, harder ones. Bring it to your scalp and brush through in circular motions to dislodge dead skin cells and relish (every day) in a massage that’s just heavenly.

Grace & Stella Scalp Massaging Brush retails for S$11.26 on iHerb.

Tangle Teezer Scalp Exfoliator & Massager 2-in-1 Brush

scalp massager

Tangle Teezer’s unique design lets you slip your fingers to fit against the back of the scalp massager, with the two folds on the sides holding it in place. That means you don’t have to grip this light tool when you’re massaging your head in the shower.

Since its bristles are thin, this multi-tasking scalp massager packs a real punch when it comes to exfoliation too. Use it in circular motions on your scalp and it’ll slough away dead skin cells, product build-up, and other impurities, so your head feels more refreshed than ever!

Pssst! This scalp massager comes in three lovely colours, Lavender Lite, Mint Green, and Pretty Pink too.

Tangle Teezer Scalp Exfoliator & Massager 2-in-1 Brush retails for S$22 on Sephora.

Manta Hairbrush

scalp massager

The Manta Hairbrush was created by professional hairstylist Tim Binnington for his wife whose hair was growing back again for the first time after a life-threatening illness.

Manta’s Hairbrush is specially designed to take gentle care of hair, whether it’s hair that’s fine, fragile, thick, or curly. At the same time, the bristles thoroughly cleanse and massage the scalp so that you feel more relaxed each time you use it in the shower.

Available in pink or white with rose gold detail, and black with gold trimmings, the Manta Hairbrush retails for S$46.90 on Amazon.

Mount Lai The Jade Massaging Comb

scalp massager

If you’re ready to splurge on your purchase, then put Mount Lai’s The Jade Massaging Comb in your narrowed-down list of the best scalp massagers for stress relief.

Designed with gentle curves on one edge and pointed teeth on the other, this massaging comb can be used either to softly scrape at your scalp or gradually detangle your hair. The jade material feels cool and refreshing on the scalp – you can think of it almost as a gua sha for your scalp (instead of the face)!

Mount Lai The Jade Massaging Comb retails for S$79 on Sephora.

Briogeo Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager

scalp massager

Briogeo’s Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager can be used wet and dry, with or without products – all without damaging or tangling your tresses.

The bristles on this bestselling scalp massager are nice and sturdy, yet not too sharp so that they hurt the scalp. Instead of using it in large circular motions, apply pressure in small circles on your head, which will help to prevent tangles.

Briogeo Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager retails for S$31.70 on Amazon

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