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Asian skin is known for its hydrated youthfulness and radiance but did you know that it is also more prone to pigmentation issues? Studies show that in comparison to our Caucasian counterpart, we are more prone to pigmentation issues such as dark spots, melasma (dark patches on the skin), and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), and general unevenness of the skin tone.

More often than not, our approach towards pigmentation only arises when dark spots start to visibly surface, forgetting that prevention is better than cure when it comes to this skin concern. Identifying and understanding your pigmentation type is undoubtedly the key to effective treatment, as you’d be able to reverse the effects in a much shorter time than if the problem has already presented itself.

Some of the preventative measures that we can turn into daily skincare habits include applying sunscreen with at least SPF 30 PA++ daily whether you’re indoors or outdoors, using skincare with vitamins C and E for brightening benefits, and keeping your skin moisturised to boost cell regeneration and reduce skin’s natural melanin production.

If you ask any expert, they’ll tell you that delay in alleviating skin pigmentation concerns is not ideal as it’ll often only make your skin look worse. In fact, you may end up spending more on supplements in addition to facial treatments as dark spots and skin discolouration can be very stubborn to treat once they have set in.

Already struggling with stubborn pigmentation that’s settled on your skin for a long time? Don’t give up just yet, because there’s a unique facial that’s designed as a professional solution for pigmentation concerns in Asian skin – keep reading to find out what it is!

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment: What’s special about this facial

As briefly mentioned above, Shakura’s Miroko™ Whitening Treatment is a customisable facial that can address pigmentation troubles in Asian skin. Aside from being a pampering treat for your skin, here’s what’s unique about the treatment.

It leaves skin looking clearer and brighter in just 90 minutes*

shakura miroko whitening treatment before after jade

Shakura’s Miroko™ Whitening Treatment starts with a professional one-to-one consultation and detailed skin analysis to determine your pigmentation and skin type.

From there, a treatment is customised to visibly lighten dark spots and brighten dull skin for a spotless and luminous complexion.

According to an internal survey conducted on 240 first-time customers in Singapore, 95% of them saw noticeable improvements after just one session.

It also offers anti-ageing benefits

roselle flower photo source montatip lilitsanong unsplash

Photo source: Montatip Lilitsanong/Unsplash

Wait, isn’t this a whitening facial targeting pigmentation, you ask? Well, this is where the Miroko™ Whitening Treatment truly stands out as it not only brightens the skin but also repairs, hydrates, and nourishes from deep within to restore a youthful glow.

It’s all thanks to a special ingredient called roselle, known for its anti-ageing properties and is also naturally enriched with vitamin C and amino acids.

Combined with a skin-hydrating milk essence to create the unique Shakura Active Formula, it effectively treats pigmentation like freckles, age spots, melasma and acne marks, brightens dull complexions and uneven skin tone, improving skin texture and promoting blood circulation.

With regular treatments, the Miroko™ Whitening Treatment will leave you with a smooth, radiant, and luminous complexion that’s free from dark spots.

It is a painless treatment that’s suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Shakura Active Formula 1

Another plus point of the Miroko™ Whitening Treatment? There are no invasive techniques or tools involved, so the treatment does not leave the skin with any redness. This means that even sensitive skin can try it with peace of mind!

The treatment begins with a soothing deep cleanse and a simple extraction process to remove blackheads and unclog pores for better absorption of the Shakura Active Formula.

The next step is where the treatment truly begins: An ampoule with the Shakura Active Formula (pictured above) is applied generously to the skin, while you relax and let the concentrated serum work its magic in ridding the skin of pigmentation markers while brightening the overall complexion.

Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment Review Green Mask

Your skin will then be treated to a double-layered face mask which locks in much-needed nutrients while also hydrating and nourishing the skin from deep within to restore a youthful, radiant complexion.

*Individual results may vary.

What people are saying about Shakura Miroko™ Whitening Treatment

shakura miroko whitening treatment chong ai ling crop

The Miroko™ Whitening Treatment is one of Shakura’s signature facials, and it’s not surprising to see why once you’ve read Shakura’s loyal customer, Ai Ling’s story.

shakura miroko whitening treatment before after chong ai ling

Plagued with melasma and freckles most of her life, Ai Ling started seeing signs of pigmentation as young as the age of five. Her participation in school activities required her to be under the sun frequently, making matters worse.

It wasn’t until she discovered Shakura that she began seeing visible improvements on her skin that lasts. Just take a look at her transformation!

shakura miroko whitening treatment before after alice

Besides Ai Ling, there are also many other Shakura customers like Alice (pictured above) who saw a noticeable reduction in stubborn pigmentation spots after continuous sessions of Shakura’s Miroko™ Whitening Treatment.

One Daily Vanity team member has also tried the Miroko™ Whitening Treatment for herself – check out her in-depth review here! Oh, and did we mention that Shakura’s Miroko™ Whitening Treatment is a top favourite amongst celebrities like Ya Hui and Lawrence Wong too?

To ensure quality service and proven, visible results, Shakura has recently implemented the WeCare programme which allows customers to share their experiences with the team via SMS after each session. With the WeCare programme in place, treatment progress and feedback are closely monitored for customer satisfaction.

Shakura Miroko™ Whitening Treatment: Prices & where to find

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Shakura Miroko™ Whitening Treatment retails at S$428 per session, but there’s a special first-trial promotion just for Daily Vanity readers – you can enjoy the skin-brightening facial for just S$48 nett!

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Contact: 6312 1212 (hotline), or view the full list of contact numbers here
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Try the Shakura Miroko™ Whitening Treatment for the first time at only S$48!

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