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If you had stumbled upon these four-star rated, much talked about Slip silk scrunchies on Sephora’s page thanks to the VSCO girl trend, you may be not-so-pleasantly surprised by its price tag of SGD60 for just three large scrunchies.


You can usually get scrunchies at SGD20 for a pack of 50 online if you look hard enough, and even the ones that are more intricately designed will only set you back by SGD5 or so.

At SGD20 per scrunchie (broken down from SGD60 for a pack of three), Slip claims that the premium silk (made of the highest grade of mulberry silk, no less!) and specially selected elastic of their scrunchies has many benefits that your regular hair ties don’t, such as less hair damage, fall out, and even leaves none of those annoying ridges in your hair after a long period of use.

Plus, Slip hair ties are favoured my numerous celebrities such as the Kardashians, Ariana Grande, model Lily Aldridge, and even BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Lisa!


Will you spend SGD60 on these scrunchies?

We asked on Instagram, and you responded: most of our readers expressed interest, but only 17% would actually drop SGD60 for these scrunchies, citing reasons such as them being too expensive for just hair ties, and being a little slippery for fine Asian hair.

If you’re sitting on the fence about investing in these good-for-your-hair scrunchies, three writers from Daily Vanity have put the Silk scrunchies to the test, to see if these really live up to the hype and give you better hair days.

Silk scrunchies review: Is it worth its price tag?

Kristen Juliet: If I had used the Silk scrunchie, I wouldn’t have to cut my hair off


There’s little to no hair fallout when I pull off the scrunchie, and I like that I can quickly put it on or off; usually with an elastic band I’d be more careful.

Nonetheless, I didn’t feel it was worth the premium until recently my hair got caught in my regular elastic band when I put my hair into a bun at home. It was so bad that I had to cut my hair off and in that moment, I immediately thought this could have been avoided if I used my Slip scrunchie instead. (In case you’re curious, it was in my bag, which was in the living room, and I was in my bedroom and was too lazy to go fetch it, hence this disaster).

On days when I bun up my hair to do household chores at home but needed to head out for a social gathering, I appreciate that my hair didn’t have the kinks that regular bands would have given me, so it helped me to style my hair more easily.

In addition to less fallout, I observed that the scrunchie held up my hair as well as my regular elastic bands throughout the day, without losing any of its elasticity or shape, which made me reach for it more often, as compared to my other elastic bands.

Vivian: I personally wouldn’t buy it, but I think it’s a very good gifting idea



I really like that there’s much less hair fallout even though the hold of the scrunchie is still as good as my regular hair ties. I would normally yank out a lot of hair together with my hair tie when I’m re-adjusting or removing it, but I’ve seen a maximum of one(!) hair strand whenever I remove the Slip scrunchie, which is super amazing.

I’ve been reaching for the Slip scrunchie a lot more than my other regular hair ties because of this, and also because it holds my hair in place tightly, although it doesn’t leave those annoying ridges, while remaining in perfect condition (the colour of the scrunchie didn’t fade, and there was no loss in elasticity).

Despite the great benefits when using this scrunchies, I still think these scrunchies are pretty expensive at SGD20 each, so I personally wouldn’t buy it, but I think it’s a very good gifting idea (for birthdays, Christmas, or just because), especially if your friend always loses hair ties or complains about hair fallout.

Nicole: I’d highly recommend it to those concerned about hair fallout, or with long or brittle hair


At first I was scoffing at these scrunchies because of its price tag, despite the nice mix of colours that can bring you from work to play, but I soon saw why they were so highly raved about.

Although this silk hair tie lost a little of its shape after the first wear, its elasticity wasn’t compromised, and held my hair in place all day, just like my other hair ties would. In fact, this scrunchie felt much more comfortable, and there wasn’t a headache-inducing, tight and pinching sensation, despite having a firm and long-wearing grip all day even with a high ponytail.

As a person with limp and thin hair strands that are more prone to breakage, I can testify to Slip’s claim that users will experience less fallout and ridges in your hair after wear. Over a week, I noticed a huge improvement in hair fallout whenever I’m adjusting or changing my hair throughout the day, or tying back damp hair, which usually costs me quite a few strands. There were significantly less ridges in my hair too.

Plus, I think these silk scrunchies’ slight sheen looks much cuter than my regular boring hair tie, and can be used as a fun accessory, while remaining office- or school-appropriate. I’d highly recommend it to individuals who are concerned about hair fallout, or those with long, or brittle hair that break easily. SGD60 is quite a sum for just three scrunchies, but I think its a worthy investment for a fuller and healthier head of hair in the long run!

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Silk scrunchies are available on Sephora.sg at SGD60 for three large scrunchies. Not a fan of scrunchies? Try their pack of six skinnies, also at SGD60.