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If your goal is to achieve a brighter, smoother, and a more even skin tone, serums are the ideal solution. This skincare product comes in various formulations, each with its own unique combination of ingredients. These ingredients play a crucial role in determining the benefits and effectiveness of the serum.

Some serums are formulated with specific active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and retinol, while others may focus on natural ingredients like aloe vera, jojoba oil, green tea extract, almond oil, and more.

The diverse array of ingredients in serums allows you to choose the best to address your skin concerns.  One particular brand that stands out for its outstanding ingredients in their serum is Somethinc. Their Diamond Phyto Stem Cell Serum is formulated with powerful ingredients that can address all your top skincare woes.

To find out if Diamond Phyto Stem Cell Serum lives up to its claims, Daily Vanity invited five readers to try the serum for four weeks!

About Somethinc Diamond Phyto Stem Cell Serum

Somethinc was born out of a genuine desire to cater to a diverse range of skin problems. With a focus on Southeast Asian skin types and concerns, the brand is committed to providing effective personalised skincare products that allow everyone to achieve their desired skin goals without much hassle.

Whether you struggle with acne-prone, oily, dry, or combination skin, there’s always “somethinc” for you. One of their standout products is the Diamond Phyto Stem Cell Serum. It offers remarkable benefits such as reducing redness, smoothing skin texture, and promoting a brighter complexion.

This serum contains key ingredients like Diamond Molecule, which smoothens skin texture while also bringing out the skin’s natural radiance. The Swiss Alps Stem Cell found in the serum effectively accelerates the skin renewal process for healthier skin.

But the benefits don’t stop there! This powerful serum also includes 4-MSK, an ingredient known for its brightening properties, and Guaiazulene, which soothes redness and prevents signs of premature ageing.

How to use Somethinc Diamond Phyto Stem Cell Serum

The brand highly recommends incorporating the Diamond Serum into your daily skincare routine, both day and night, to maximise its benefits and achieve optimal results.

Begin by applying three to five pumps of the serum onto your palm, and gently massage it on your face and neck area. Allow the serum to fully absorb into your skin for one to three minutes before proceeding with the rest of your skincare routine.

Additionally, you can use it to prep your skin before applying makeup for a more flawless finish. The serum’s nourishing properties will create a smooth and hydrated canvas, so your makeup can look impeccable for longer.

Diamond Phyto Stem Cell Serum retails for (20ml) S$18 and (40ml) S$30 on Shopee and their website.

Somethinc Diamond Phyto Stem Cell Serum reviews: 5 readers share their honest opinions

Somethinc Diamond Phyto Stem Cell Serum


All of our readers praised the Somethinc Diamond Phyto Stem Cell Serum for its exceptional qualities. They specifically highlighted the serum’s lightweight texture that effortlessly absorbed into their skin, leaving no sticky or greasy residue.

Notably, upon application, they experienced an immediate sense of refreshment and hydration.

A few of our readers also noticed a visible reduction in redness and highly valued the serum’s effectiveness in preventing pore congestion and breakouts. Remarkably, even readers with sensitive skin commended the serum’s gentle nature, as it caused no irritation.

Overall, the Somethinc Diamond Phyto Stem Cell Serum has shown effectiveness in hydrating the skin, and improving overall skin health.

Jacqueline Goh, 31

Skin type: Combination-dry
Skin concerns: Dull skin, visible/enlarged pores, blackheads/whiteheads, acne/blemishes, textured skin (e.g. small, rough bumps)

I was amazed by the incredible lightweight feel of the Somethinc Diamond Phyto Stem Cell Serum! Its velvety, gel-like texture effortlessly absorbed into my skin, leaving no trace of stickiness.

I was especially grateful for its quick absorption, taking less than 30 seconds, which proved to be a time-saving benefit during my busy days.

Initially, I didn’t notice any immediate changes, but my skin did feel instantly refreshed after applying the serum, making me eager to continue using it. To my delight, my skin never felt suffocated or irritated.

After consistently using the serum for about four weeks, I witnessed improvements in my skin’s texture and radiance. Existing pimples, blemishes, and pigmentation appeared visibly reduced after the trial.

One notable effect was that my skin appeared less red, and it remained well-hydrated throughout the day, avoiding any dryness.

Overall, I am genuinely pleased with the results from using this serum.

Rina Lui, 27

Skin type: Combination-dry, Sensitive
Skin concerns: Dull skin, uneven skin tone, dehydrated skin, fine lines/wrinkles, textured skin (e.g. small, rough bumps)

I tried the Somethinc Diamond Phyto Stem Cell Serum for four weeks, and I was pleasantly surprised by the results I achieved.

Right from the start, I noticed that my complexion appeared noticeably brighter after incorporating the serum into my daily skincare routine. With just a light tapping of two drops onto my face and neck, the serum has worked wonders.

The serum had a unique gel-like texture that initially felt watery and slightly sticky. However, it absorbed effortlessly into my skin in less than two minutes, leaving no residue behind. What impressed me the most was how incredibly soft, supple, and moisturised my skin felt after application.

I was relieved to find that the serum did not clog my pores at all, and I experienced no irritation or breakouts, which is a huge relief because I have sensitive skin.

As I consistently used the serum for weeks, I observed significant improvements in my skin’s hydration level and overall brightness.

The redness I often experienced seemed visibly reduced, and my complexion had a noticeable boost in radiance. It was impressive to see how quickly the serum delivered visible effects and maintained them for a longer duration.

Cherrie Anwar, 28

Skin type: Combination-dry, Sensitive
Skin concerns: Uneven skin tone, dry skin, textured skin (e.g. small, rough bumps)

I have always been on the hunt for an effective serum that addresses my skin concerns, including uneven skin tone, texture issues, and dryness. Thankfully, the serum from Somethinc has been a game-changer for me, delivering noticeable results within just three to four days of use.

Unlike other serums I’ve tried in the past, this particular one effectively hydrates and brightens my skin, which has been a welcome change.

Initially, I was slightly put off by the texture of the serum, as it felt a bit heavy on my skin. However, to my surprise, the serum felt significantly lighter when I continued using it the next day. Upon application, I experienced a pleasant tightening sensation, which I truly enjoyed.

The serum’s gel-like consistency absorbs quickly, leaving behind a non-sticky and non-greasy finish that I truly appreciate.

After using the serum consistently for just one week, my skin feels noticeably softer. The serum improved its texture and provided the much-needed hydration my skin craved. I didn’t experience any irritation from the product, and it has worked exceptionally well for my specific skin type.

Throughout the day, my skin remains moisturised without feeling greasy, and I have even noticed a beautiful glow during daytime.

Brenda Tan, 31

Skin type: Oily
Skin concerns: Dull skin, uneven skin tone, dry skin, visible/enlarged pores, blackheads/whiteheads, acne/blemishes

I found the Somethinc Diamond Phyto Stem Cell Serum to be incredibly easy to use, and I appreciate its brightening effects. Its fuss-free application process and quick absorption within seconds were perfect to use on days when I’m in rush mode.

The scent of the serum was pleasantly light and not overwhelming to the nose.

After a single use, I didn’t notice any significant difference, but I did notice visible brightening effects on my skin after several days of usage. What impressed me even more was that the serum didn’t leave any oily or sticky residue after application.

I did notice that the effects didn’t last all day, which was a slight drawback. Despite that, the serum has effectively reduced redness, lightened pigmentation, and made my skin appear brighter and more radiant. Plus, I didn’t experience any sort of skin irritation.

After consistently using the serum for four weeks, I noticed significant improvements. My skin looked noticeably more radiant and felt softer to the touch.

Afi Zuraidah, 26

Skin type: Dry
Skin concerns: Dull skin, uneven skin tone, dehydrated skin, dry skin, fine lines/wrinkles, visible/enlarged pores, blackheads/whiteheads, textured skin (e.g. small, rough bumps)

I found the scent of the Somethinc Diamond Phyto Stem Cell Serum quite pleasant. Its silky texture feels lightweight and has a non-sticky texture, which I appreciated.

I incorporated the serum into my daily skincare routine, both morning and night. For each application, I dispensed two pumps of the serum and gently applied it to my face and neck.

The serum quickly absorbed into my skin, which was great, but my skin did feel slightly tighter after use. Despite that, I was relieved that it did not cause any skin irritation.

After using it for weeks, I did appreciate the fact that it helped my moisturiser absorb well into my skin, but I didn’t notice any other significant differences.

This article is brought to you by Somethinc.