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Staying up to date with brands that are well-loved and understanding Korean beauty trends are parts of my job as the editor of Daily Vanity. This was how I got to know about su:m37˚, even before the brand finally made its way to Singapore.

While su:m37˚ isn’t a brand that riles up a lot of fanfare, but those who have tried the products swear by them and stay loyal to the su:m37˚ regime. This is certainly a nod to the efficacy of the products.

The brand has opened its first counter in Singapore at Tangs VivoCity, and will be opening its second counter at Tangs Orchard from 21 July.

What you need to know about su:m37˚

The word “su:m” (pronounced “soom”) in su:m37˚means “breathe” in Korean – a tribute to the brand’s philosophy of letting nature take its own course, and savouring every part of your life.

This philosophy of letting nature takes its course is evident even in the way the products from su:m37˚ is produced.

Its products are manufactured in su:m37˚’s very own Natural Fermentation Research Institute (NFRI); it’s the only Korean skincare brand that has a dedicated facility like this.

The institute is located in Gangwon-do, a pristine mountainous and forested province located in north-eastern part of South Korea, that is free of commercial activities in its 10km radius. This is why the air, water, and soil in the area is clean and pure, and this is where all the products by su:m37˚ is produced.

What makes the su:m37˚ Secret Essence iconic?

While su:m37˚may offer many different products, the star product that is most raved about by all users is definitely the su:m37˚Secret Essence.

The essence is derived from extracts of more than 80 types of local plant varieties that have been fermented and aged in cedar barrels, under stringent conditions: an optimal temperature of 37˚C and humidity for at least 365 days. Yes, good things are worth waiting for.

Besides being derived from a proprietary and traditional natural fermentation process, the iconic su:m37˚ essence is also able to enhance the natural healing power of the skin without the use of preservatives, artificial colour, and fragrance.

The Secret Essence contains a high concentration of the exclusively patented ferulic acid that comes from su:m37˚’s unique fermentation process, and it activates the key ingredient in the essence, Cytosis®. Cytosis® is able to rebuild the foundation of good skin, and strengthen it against external pollutants and aggressors. These are benefits that women living in cities will definitely appreciate.

The Secret Essence promises to improve the skin’s tone, brilliance, firmness, texture, and hydration after just two weeks of use.

I decided to try the su:m37˚ Secret Essence for myself to see if it lives up to its claims.

Su:m37˚ Secret Essence: Does it work?

I use the su:m37˚ Secret Essence day and night after toning and before moisturiser. Its usage is simple: Pour a few drops onto palms, and then gently press it onto every part of the face. I usually begin with my cheeks, followed by my forehead and chin, and then my nose area.

If you, like me, enjoy lightweight products that feels refreshing, this product will be a hit for you. The texture of the Secret Essence feels like water and has one of the best absorption I’ve seen among the products I’ve ever tried.

I also enjoy the subtle scent of lavender in the product, which helps calm me down in the morning before I begin a busy day, and soothe my senses in the evening before I head to bed. Think of it as a form of aromatherapy!

The result of the su:m37˚ Secret Essence may be gradual, but definitely obvious. The one change that stood out to me most was how hydrated my skin became. It feels firmer, more bouncy, and very smooth to touch. Most importantly, my complexion also looked more radiant over time.

My makeup routine can now afford to be simpler – I feel comfortable skipping foundation and concealer because my skin tone looks more even. You can say that I can definitely take more time to breathe, since morning preparation is less of a mad rush for me now.

Besides the Secret Essence, The Secret range of products also includes the Secret Programming Mask, and Secret Eye Cream.

Saturday is su:m37˚ Sampling Day, so remember to pick up samples and be gifted with exclusive gifts with any purchase at su:m37˚ counters, located at Tangs VivoCity and Tangs Orchard (after 21 July), or click here to redeem samples so you can try them for yourself!