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Bacteria on our skin – this thought alone makes us itch. What you may not know is that these microorganisms that live on our skin make up our microbiome, and they’re harmless. In fact, they can fight infections, thwart environmental damage, boost immunity, regulate pH levels, and keep our skin plump and dewy.

A thriving microbiome is known to prevent a whole host of skin issues – from acne to premature ageing – so the greater the variety of bacterial species we have on our skin, the healthier our skin barrier will be. This is why we’ve seen an uptick in probiotic skincare products in recent years.

What’s new in the industry, however, is the use of prebiotics in skincare. Now, how exactly are prebiotics different from probiotics? And how can this pairing benefit our skin?

Ahead, I’ll be answering those questions and share a simple way you can get an instant dose of both probiotics and prebiotics.

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What Probiotics and Prebiotics Can Do for Our Skin

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Although they sound similar, probiotics and prebiotics are two vastly different things with specific functions. Probiotics are living microorganisms that are found both naturally in your body and in food and supplements. When consumed or applied on the skin, they can strengthen your skin’s protective barrier and ease chronic skin conditions.

Prebiotics, on the other hand, aren’t actually alive. These compounds feed existing microorganisms, helping them thrive, so their role is to positively change or preserve the healthy microbiome found on the skin when eaten or applied.

Paired together, they bolster your skin’s protective barrier so that it stands up to external and internal stressors more easily. This is what inspired the W.O.W! Wellness Oneness Wonders Pre+Probiotic Treatment, which I had the pleasure of trying out.

How To Give Your Skin an Instant Dose of Probiotics and Prebiotics

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With W.O.W! Wellness Oneness Wonders’ Pre+Probiotic Treatment, you won’t have to look any further for a solution that delivers both compounds to nourish your skin. The treatment is boosted by antioxidants, clever peptides, and nutrients that are customisable, so it is able to treat various skin conditions, from oily or acne-prone skin, to dry, pigmented, and sensitive complexions.

Brought in directly from South Korea, the W.O.W! Wellness Oneness Wonders Pre+Probiotic Treatment utilises the latest advanced technology to aid the absorption of nutrients. This ensures our skin reaps the full benefits of every step.

After reading up about the facial and hearing my colleague rave about how it’s one of the best extraction facials she’s tried, I was thrilled to give it a go. Here’s how the full treatment went.

W.O.W! Wellness Oneness Wonders Pre+Probiotic Treatment Review: The Process

If you’re looking for a serene sanctuary that’s tucked away in the east, then W.O.W! Wellness Oneness Wonders is the perfect place for you. It’s nestled right outside Roxy Square, opposite the bustling Parkway Parade, so you can have a restful afternoon for some much-deserved me-time.

W.O.W! Wellness Pre+Probiotics Treatment 1

From the moment I set foot into the bright, café-style beauty salon adorned with lush greenery, I felt at ease. The friendly salon manager sat me down and walked me through the Pre+Probiotic Treatment I would be trying. After which, I completed a couple of forms, was introduced to my facial therapist, and slipped into disposable slippers.

W.O.W! Wellness Pre+Probiotics Treatment 2

Then, I was ushered into one of their cosy treatment rooms, where I changed out into a plush spa robe.

W.O.W! Wellness Pre+Probiotics Treatment 3

My therapist began the treatment with a relaxing aromatherapy breathing exercise and a quick shoulder massage to soothe my senses. She then proceeded to give my skin a double cleanse, starting with a cleansing emulsion to remove makeup, sunscreen, and grime, followed by a foaming cleanser to wash away excess sebum and impurities.

W.O.W! Wellness Pre+Probiotics Treatment 4

Once my skin was thoroughly cleansed, she whipped out a handheld device to analyse my skin and show me the underlying concerns, which were mainly dehydration, sensitivity, and clogged pores. After the analysis, she determined a treatment plan for sensitive, acne-prone skin would be best.

W.O.W! Wellness Pre+Probiotics Treatment 5

My therapist then slathered on a clear gommage mask, which used gentle enzymes to slough off dead skin cells. While waiting for the mask to set, she gave me a relaxing shoulder massage to ease any built-up tension.

W.O.W! Wellness Pre+Probiotics Treatment 6

Minutes later, she massaged the mask all over my face and it balled up to remove dry, rough patches and impurities, which prepped my skin perfectly for extraction.

W.O.W! Wellness Pre+Probiotics Treatment 7

With a light hand, my therapist went in and extracted the gunk from my pores, focusing heavily on my T-zone and around my jawline where I was experiencing maskne (mask-induced acne).

W.O.W! Wellness Pre+Probiotics Treatment 8

After the extraction step, patches of my skin appeared really red, which was due to dehydration and sensitivity – factors I had been struggling with for a long time. My therapist applied the first custom serum that’s packed with prebiotics and probiotics as well as hydrating ingredients to rebalance my skin’s moisture barrier.

She then went over my skin with a handheld device to kill bad bacteria, allowing the good bacteria to thrive.

W.O.W! Wellness Pre+Probiotics Treatment 9

Layering on the custom serum once more, she glided a radiofrequency device on my skin. This tool uses energy waves to heat the dermis, stimulating collagen production for firmer, younger-looking skin.

W.O.W! Wellness Pre+Probiotics Treatment 10

To give me a sculpted, lifted look, she gave my skin a deep tissue massage. This brought down any puffiness and sped up the absorption of the serum.

W.O.W! Wellness Pre+Probiotics Treatment 11

Finally, my therapist applied a cooling face mask on to provide my skin with a surge of hydration. It also helped reduce the post-extraction redness and inflammation. After 15 minutes, she peeled off the mask and completed my session with a soothing toner, lightweight moisturiser, and sunscreen.

W.O.W! Wellness Pre+Probiotics Treatment 12

After a quick change, I was served a bottle of Remedy’s kombucha – a holistic way to bring the facial to an end. The refreshing, citrusy drink is loaded with probiotics to enrich my body and skin from the inside out.

W.O.W! Wellness Oneness Wonders Pre+Probiotic Treatment Review: The Results

Right after the treatment, my skin felt softer, smoother, and more hydrated. My complexion appeared slightly brighter as well, and I looked less tired overall. The massage towards the end definitely helped depuff my face to give me a more contoured visage.

I appreciated how attentive and thoughtful my therapist was. She made sure I was comfortable at different points of the treatment, from the shoulder massage to the extraction.

What I particularly liked about the facial was that it’s customised to address my specific skin concerns. So whether you’re battling with a bout of blemishes, pigmentation, or redness, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of this treatment.

Apart from the Pre+Probiotic Treatment, W.O.W! Wellness Oneness Wonders also offers other effective treatments that will help you achieve the skin of your dreams. Here are our top three picks:

  • W.O.W! Meridian Detox Treatment: This treatment uses traditional Chinese techniques from TCM known as Bojin (拨筋). It aims to cleanse the meridian points, which are the body’s pathways for qi and blood flow. This helps to soothe headaches, colds, pain, tension, and inflammation.
  • Purifying Back Treatment: The salon’s most popular body treatment, it cleanses and exfoliates your back to remove impurities. Plus, it’s followed a calming body mask to treat and reduce the appearance of acne.
  • BlemishAway Facial Treatment: This facial kills harmful bacteria, regulates sebum production, speeds up skin keratinisation, and prevents acne from returning altogether. No wonder it picked up the Best Acne Facial award in our most recent Daily Vanity Spa & Hair Awards.

Even better, W.O.W! has also partnered with SP+Pilates|Yoga to offer treatments at special rates for SP+Pilates|Yoga members and W.O.W! customers!

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How To Try W.O.W! Wellness Oneness Wonders Pre+Probiotic Treatment

The 90-minute Pre+Probiotic Treatment is priced at S$268.

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