In the era of bouncy, billowing Korean-style waves, we’ve become a little obsessed with everything “perm”. There are digital perms, ceramic perms, root perms, C-curls, and S-curls – just to name a few – in our perm vocabulary that it’s getting hard to figure out what exactly we want.

When it comes to the perm in question, ceramic perms, what you might already guess from its name is that it uses ceramic rollers to reshape your hair into tumbling curls, but that’s not all there is to this classic perm technique.

Before you rush down for your next hair appointment, read on for nine things you need to know about ceramic perms!

It’s a perm technique more than a style

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Ceramic perm. Photo source: 99 Percent Hair Studio

More of a perm technique than a style, a ceramic perm involves using chemicals to break the hair’s bonds and rollers made of ceramic to reshape the strands. Wrapped around the hot ceramic barrels, the hair is shaped into highly-defined curls that last for a longer time.

It creates tighter, defined curls

ceramic perm

Photo source: Spade Hair Studio/Facebook

The ceramic rollers’ high temperature is why ceramic perms allow for tighter curls, and it’s also the reason these perm hairstyles commonly feature long hair with defined S-curls at the ends.

Some stylists describe these as “wet curls” because the definition of each curl creates a “just out of the shower” wet look that you don’t get with looser, billowing curls.

It makes hair shorter and more voluminous

Ceramic perm. Photo source: Spade Hair Studio/Facebook

If there’s anything characteristic of a ceramic perm, it would be the high heat of the ceramic rollers and the tighter, well-defined curls it creates.

And, if there are two things you should consider before you get a ceramic perm, it’s that the defined ringlets can make your hair appear shorter – but also more voluminous – compared to other types of perms.

It’s best for those with thicker hair

Hairstylists share that ceramic perms are better for those with thicker, more resilient strands, as the high temperatures involved during the perming process can cause more heat damage to strands!

Getting a ceramic perm takes about 3 hours

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Photo source: hairengineersby_caden/TikTok

The process of getting a ceramic perm at the salon takes about three hours, depending on your hair’s length.

Usually, a session at the salon begins with discussing the perm style you want – the hairstylist will assess your hair’s condition and advise you on the best perm technique to achieve your desired ‘do.

If a ceramic perm is suitable for you, the hairstylist will proceed with applying chemicals to break your hair’s bonds, wrapping your hair around hot ceramic rollers, and, finally, applying a chemical neutraliser to fix your newly-defined curls into place.

It lasts longer than other perms

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The high heat of ceramic rollers creates curls that last for a longer time – between three to six months, depending on the perm hairstyle and how well you care for your hair.

Modern Korean-style perms that feature long straight hair from the roots to the mid-lengths and S-curls at the ends tend to last for a longer time, as the hair can grow out naturally without changing the shape of the curls at the ends of your hair.

When taking care of your freshly permed waves, you want to condition, condition, and condition! The high heat from a ceramic perm will cause some damage to your strands, and conditioning can help to keep your curls looking healthy instead of frizzy.

You should also avoid blow-drying your hair as the heat can cause your curls to relax, ruining the high-definition of your ceramic perm. If you have to, turn your blow-dryer to the cold or lowest heat setting.

A ceramic perm is not quite the same as a digital perm

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Photo source: aquakhs/Instagram

Hot perms, cold perms, digital perms, ceramic perms – there are so many types of perms to get at the salon that it can be difficult to differentiate between them!

When it comes to the two of the most popular perm techniques, ceramic perms and digital perms, you can think of them as sister perms: they both use similar techniques but achieve different results.

A digital perm uses digital rollers at lower temperatures, resulting in curls that are larger and looser. A ceramic perm, on the other hand, employs high-heat ceramic rollers, which produce curls that are tighter and more defined.

It can be used to create a Korean perm

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Korean-style perm. Photo source: Usfin Atelier

Typically, both digital and ceramic perm techniques are used to create Korean perms, depending on the type of K-perm you’re going for.

However, Korean perms today can feature everything from loose C-curls and relaxed S-curls to defined S-curls, which is why we can’t say what the perm technique is for achieving these trending wavy styles.

Leave it to your hairstylist to advise you on a suitable perm technique for your desired ‘do, and you’ll walk out of the salon with billowing curls that bring volume and texture to your lifeless locks!

You can get it done at these salons in Singapore

A ceramic perm isn’t as popular as a digital perm in Singapore, but you can still get it done on our sunny island. Check out these best salons in Singapore for a ceramic perm!

The Space Korean Hair Salon

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Photo source: The Space Hair Salon/Facebook

Where better to get a Korean ceramic perm than at a Korean salon in Singapore? The Space Korean Hair Salon is a hidden gem at The Cathay, which boasts a minimalistic and clean interior, and offers a lovely escape when you’re getting your hair done in town.

The salon’s Korean hairstylists are known for taking the time to understand the perm style you want and patiently answering your questions, whether at the start or in the middle of the perming process.

ceramic perm (1)

Photo source: thespacehairsalon/Instagram (requesting photo examples of ceramic perms)

Korean perms are achieved using either digital or ceramic perm, depending on your hair type and the ‘do of your dreams!

Korean Digital Perm/Ceramic Perm + Cut is priced at S$270 for long hair. The price ranges between S$240 and S$285, depending on your hair’s length. See the full menu here

Address: 2 Handy Road, The Cathay, #04-06, Singapore 229233
Opening hours:
10.30am – 8.30pm (Mon to Sun) 
6737 0406, or 8411 6561
Website | Facebook | Instagram

99 Percent Hair Studio

Hair Salons Perm 99 Percent Hair Studio Outlet

Photo source: 99 Percent Hair Studio

Overwhelmed by the many types of perms? Take a raincheck and leave your perm to the pros at 99 Percent Hair Studio!

Instead of fretting over the perm technique you want, simply share several reference photos with your hairstylist, who will help you to sport the look with whatever perm techniques it takes – whether it’s a digital or ceramic perm.

ceramic perm (4)

Photo source: 99percenthairstudio/Instagram

Even request that the hairstylist walk you through the perm techniques they’ll perform on your tresses to achieve your desired ‘do and share your concerns, should you need a little more assurance before you dive in.

Hairstylists will recommend S-curls, C-curls, or a special volume perm to suit your face shape and compliment your features, so all you have to do is relax in your salon chair and let them work their magic.

Perms are priced between S$189 to S$339, depending on hair length. See the salon’s full menu here

Address: Click here to view all three outlets
Opening hours:
11am – 9pm (Mon to Sun) 
Click here to view contact details for each outlet
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Aqua Hair Korean Salon

ceramic perm singapore

Photo source: Aqua Hair Korean Salon

Aqua Hair Korean Salon specialises in doing S-curl and C-curl perms, which are often featured in trending Korean perms today! The hairstylists at this salon have all had stints at salons in South Korea before, which means you’ll enjoy an authentic Korean perm when you visit.

ceramic perm singapore (1)

We phoned the salon to ask if it offers ceramic perms; the staff explained that customers can share their desired hairstyle with their stylist, and the hairstylist will use the suitable perm techniques – ceramic perm included – to re-create customers’ dream ‘dos.

Perms are priced at S$280, S$330, and S$380, depending on hair length. See the full menu here

Address: 402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard, #02-11/#03-16, Singapore 238876
Opening hours:
10am – 7.30pm (Mon to Fri) | 11am – 6pm (Sat to Sun)
6732 8011
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Team Salon

ceramic perm (5)

Photo source: Team Salon

Established in 1985, Team Salon has many accolades under its belt, including being the official hair salon for Miss Singapore International from 2003 to date. Best known for its creative cuts and colours, Team Salon also can’t be missed for its perm services.

The salon offers wave perms, texture perms, digital perms, and ceramic perms – and if you’re not sure what’s best to achieve the style you want, ask the friendly hairstylists who’ll take the time to work out what’s ideal for you.

C-curls. Photo source: Team Salon

Bonus? Lots of reviewers express that they love the super satisfying hair washes and head massages that they get with any hair service at the salon.

Ceramic Perm is priced starting from S$295, depending on your hair length and stylist of choice. See the full menu here

Address: Click here to view all outlets
Opening hours:
Click here to view the opening hours for each outlet
Click here to view contact details for each outlet
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Chez Vous Hair Salon

ceramic perm (3)

Photo source: Chez Vous

If you want to enjoy a VIP experience when getting your hair permed, look no further than Chez Vous Hair Salon!

This luxe hair salon at Ngee Ann City seriously indulges every customer who steps into the salon, even serving refreshing drinks and snacks to tide you through your session.

digital perm

Chez Vous Movement Perm. Photo source: Chez Vous

Even though this salon doesn’t offer ceramic perms, hear us out. Chez Vous’ hairstylists are experts at creating digital perms ‘dos that feature big, bouncy curls, which add movement and texture to flat-looking tresses.

If a bounce is what you’re searching for with a ceramic perm, it’s what you’ll be able to achieve nonetheless with a digital perm here at Chez Vous!

Digital Perm is priced at S$365 for armpit-length hair, and prices depend on your hair’s length. See the salon’s full menu here

Address: 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Podium,#05-05, Singapore 238872
Opening hours:
11am – 8.30pm (Mon to Fri) | 10.30am – 7pm (Sat) | 11am – 6pm (Sun)
6732 9388
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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Featured image credit: 99 Percent Hair Studio, IVY Omotesando/Hot Pepper Beauty

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