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If there was one thing a lot of us had in common as we grew up – it was the fascination of this alligator-teeth-like hair clip that our mothers would put into their hair. We’d play with our mums’ claw clips and croc clips over and over again, occasionally getting our fingers stuck in it.

As we grew older we associated it with a ‘mum’ or ‘aunty’ up-do, steering away from it as much as possible. At least that was the case for some of us at Daily Vanity!

But just as snap clips have hit the grounds running, its siblings in the accessories family are coming in hot too. Long story short, the ’80s and ‘90s accessories are making a huge comeback, and they’re looking like they’re here to stay.

Besides the excitement of finally getting to be our own Rachel Green, croc clips and claw clips are actually a great alternative to hair ties.

Why? Because they provide way less stress on your tresses and scalp, as compared to hair ties or thin scrunchies. So buckle up and steal your mum’s hair accessories – or check out the ones we’ve picked. We’re showing you how to make it tres chic.

Do a messy twisted bun with claw clips

Bring it low

This one’s great if you only have a small claw clip on hand! All you need to do is gather your hair into a low loose pony, tightly twist it so that it forms a nice circle, and clip the end of your pony.

Bring It Low


Or higher up, AKA the OG croc clip hairdo

Gathering your hair, hold it pointing up to the sky and twist it upwards. Depending on your hair length, you can clip it here, making sure that the claw teeth are slightly in contact with your scalp. If your hair’s a bit longer, bring half of your twisted pony down and clip it.

Or Higher Up Aka The Og Croc Clip Hairdo


Claw clip ponytail is basic, try it with a half ponytail

This one means you’re out of the door in less than a minute! Simply gather half of your hair into a half ponytail and secure it with the claw clip for an easy-breezy laid-back look.

Gather A Half Ponytail

Source | Source | Source

Or twist some strands into a half ‘do

Grab and loosely twist small sections of hair from both sides of your head – sections above the ear, or near the top of your head. After they’re twisted, easily clip the strands together with your claw clip. Voila!

Or Twist Some Strands Into A Half Do


Do a relaxed, low claw clip ponytail

Like the low bun, tightly gather and twist your hair. Instead of going all the way around, circle it once then clip it, letting the rest of your tresses flow down. Note: You’ll need a bigger clip for this!

Do A Relaxed Low Ponytail


Where to get the claw clip

Now you know how to pull off the trend, so here are some clips you’ll love!

Where To Buy Clips

1. Glamorous Exclusive Light Blue Encrusted Hair Claw, SGD11  | 2. Glamorous Maybe Pink Resin Hair Claw, SGD8 | 3. Orelia Exclusive 3-pack Pearlescent Resin Embellished Hair Claws, SGD12 | 4. Margherita Tortoishell Cat Hair Claw, SGD18 | 5. ASOS DESIGN 6-pack Medium Hair Claws, SGD8 | 6. ASOS DESIGN 4-pack Mini Hair Claws with Pearl Detail in Gold Tone, SGD10 | 7. Kitsch Gold Octo Claw Clip, SGD28 | 8. 5-Piece Multicolored Claw Hair Clip Set, USD13 | 9. Square Cutout Claw Hair Clip, USD13 | 10. 6-Piece Mini Rectangle Hair Clip Set, USD10  | 11. Rectangular Claw Hair Clip, USD10 | 12. Hollow Triangle Hair Claw Clip, USD12 | 13. Round Claw Hair Clip, USD9 | 14. Gold Hollow Semicircle Clip, SGD5  | 15. Resin Claw Clip, SGD5 | 16. Gold Hollow Shell, SGD5 | 17. Candy Claw Clip, SGD4